Sharon Quirk-Silva Says: “Release The Video”

Regrets are like ........
Release the video!

To Fullerton Community Members:

As a member of the Fullerton City Council, and a mother, I am deeply disturbed by this tragic event. I am so sorry that this has happened in the city of Fullerton. I have talked to Mr. Ron Thomas to express my sympathy. I have demanded that all six officers be placed on administrative leave and that we fully investigate this incident.

I have asked for detailed accounts of this event and to see the video and release the video.

As a leader in Fullerton, I know that it is our job to be transparent, accountable, and to serve and protect our citizens.

More than anything, I am committed to finding justice for Kelly Thomas.

As a mother, I can only imagine the sheer pain that the family must be enduring right now. Not only losing a son, but dealing with such a horrifying death.

My thought and prayers are with the Thomas Family and our community at this difficult time.

Councilmember Sharon Quirk- Silva

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  1. I would like to know:
    Who called the police?
    Was there any evidence of tampering with automobiles in the area?
    Have the members of the FPD had Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)?

    1. The caller has been identified and feels embarassed by what Ive heard. He was pacing around near the cars in front of the bar but the real reason may have been that they where trying to shew him off as the manager was coaxing him to leave because he/she thought he was being a nuisance to the customers in front of the establishment. The call may have been an exageration just to get someone there to get him to move on.

      1. If that is the case, I’d feel a little more than embarrassed. While the caller wouldn’t expect Kelly to be beaten to death by FPD’s finest, I think he has a moral obligation to at least contact Kelly’s father with this info. Maybe the caller has done this.

        I don’t believe he stole anything, yet Goodstench or whoever from FPD says there is evidence that Kelly had items that did not belong to him. Where is it?

    1. Smells like politics to me, politician does not have to be too bright or courageous to see which way the winds are blowing,

  2. good thing someone in the city is stepping up!!!

  3. Thank you, Sharon, for both keeping the immediate focus on justice for Kelly Thomas and for your longstanding support of our less fortunate Fullerton citizens.

  4. Yes, Ms. Quirk-Silva has a history of working in neighborhoods that other City Council members do not want to set foot in. She does much more than deliver turkeys on Thanksgiving (Shawn Nelson’s old photo op).

    1. Yeah turn in an attack on Nelson – the guy who called in the FBI when all the Fullerton liberals were collaborating (behind closed doors where it was safe, presumably).

      Quirk was late because she too only does the right thing when pressured. Otherwise it’s all talk and go along with the gang. Still, better late than never. And speaking of never, where has you girlfriend Pam Keller, defendress of the downtrodden, been? She’s quick to join a protest when her paycheck is on the line; nobody’s seen her protesting the murder of a homeless guy.

      1. What are you talking about? Keller made this brave statement on Fullerton Stories:

        Pam Keller on July 25, 2011 at 3:00 pm
        Thanks Davis for a very insightful piece. This is a sad story no matter how you look at it. I agree that we need to let the facts speak for themselves. I know for one that the only info most of us have is what we hear from friends or read on the internet.I am hopeful that justice will be served–what that means at this moment remains to be seen. Watching some individuals (not all involved but a select few)use this tragedy to pump up support for their hatred of the PD is simply sad to me. I am pleased to see so many others who truely care about our homeless community–it is a complex issue and one that Fullerton does a better job addressing than many other communities do (Through our churches, non-profits, individuals, service orgs, schools etc.) Thank you for your balanced reporting Davis and for being brave enough to share such a personal story with your community.

          1. Still, you gotta give her credit for taking such a public and decisive stand on an extremely divisive issue, something not many people in politics are willing to risk . Go Pam!!

      2. And nobody’s seen you working in Fullerton on behalf of the homeless or the mentally ill. Have you or Shawn Nelson ever condemned federal bureaucracies for interfering with state and local government? “Big government is a waste of the taxpayer’s money! We want big government off of our backs!” Isn’t the Federal BUREAU of Investigation one of such cases in point? Wouldn’t they be merely duplicating a county investigation already in process? Thus, a waste of the taxpayer’s money? Do these Feds get paid big salaries and have government pensions? More waste?

        More importantly, can you answer these questions without resorting to slurs, sound-bites, and name-calling? Simple yes or no answers will suffice.

        1. Isn’t the Federal BUREAU of Investigation one of such cases in point? Wouldn’t they be merely duplicating a county investigation already in process? Thus, a waste of the taxpayer’s money? Do these Feds get paid big salaries and have government pensions? …Simple yes or no answers will suffice.


          Anyone who’s followed our County’s DA has absolutely no expectation of an honest investigation from him. The FBI has a much more professional reputation and no incestuous connection to the FPD. Plus, someone here mentioned that they actually get paid LESS than Fullerton police officers, so a little bit of envy on that score will help keep them motivated.

        1. I say “Bravo” to her. Shame on you since you’re just a troll who is either with the police or related to someone from the FPD.

      3. yes, lets show how wonderful Nelson is and let us remember how stupid he was to think that the fullerton murals on lemon street would cause kids to turn to gangs…. thats someone you want to hold in high regard???

    2. mariadejesus –

      Would you please inform me of any actual location or neighborhood in Fullerton where any other City Councilmember (i.e. aside from Mrs. Quirk-Silva) would not set foot in?

      Your post suggests that we have “dangerous” areas in this town. I don’t believe that is true.

      A big part of the reason for the outrage over this gang of thug policemen murdering an unarmed mentally ill non-criminal young (homeless?) man, is that there was absolutely zero criminal “fear factor” for the Police who patrol this city.

      To suggest otherwise gives rise to my question. Please tell me where – supposedly – we are supposed to be “afraid” to go in Fullerton?

      1. are you telling me you cant see where more attention is place on certain parts of our city??? tell me why then did that measure to “beautify fullerton” not extend to all areas and was only for valencia street and trustlow???

    3. Thank you!!! she is absolutly right!!! most city council members in fullerton are all about being a politician…. with the exception of sharon and pam…. they really do care about this city!!

  5. thanks sharon-you make me want to run for office-as someone in office needs to step up to the plate (which you have-at last)

    Question-why arent any of your other pardners stepping up too?

    Hope you can get someone to release the names of those animals that beat/killed that poor small defenseless homeless, mentally ill, malnournished man calling out for his daddy to help him and author a bill to stop the police from covering for each other in the event of a crime like this.

      1. I beg to differ, the beating/murder happened on july 5th, why did it take until july29th to do something by any of the council? seems to me this is beyond “too late to be smart”
        Was it because of all the media attention as of that date? just a question.
        This really concerns me. Im glad someone finally did something but not for a month? comeon-the dudes were on the streets in uniform with guns, carrying on as normal-I would think Sylva would want an answer to this as well

        1. It’s like wading into the surf. You gotta know how to time the wave, or it may end up rolling you.

          If Quirk would just practice doing one independent, intelligent thing per meeting she might some day be a good representative. Right now it’s totally hit and mostly miss.

          Still, better late than never.

    1. Sharon might be a liberal but she is standing up when the supposed republicans are hiding behind the authorities. It’s time to remove the 3 blind mice!

      Admin can you post the PDF of the recall petetion so we can print it and get family and friends to sign it?

      1. Johnny Donut :
        We finally found an abuse by a government employee that even 4SD Observer won’t defend. Murder!

        Johnny Donut :
        We finally found an abuse by a government employee that even 4SD Observer won’t defend. Murder!



      2. the 3 blind mice… I love it!!! 🙂 but it doesnt help that Shawn nelson has moved on and is still in a position of power….

  6. Well Done Sharon!!
    Do not expect Councilman McKinley to be a gentleman and step down. This is the result of his choices for FPD as ex Chief.
    Then put him on City Council, Duh.

    1. Maybe McPension is still trying to figure out how he let the FPD become such a disreputable sinkhole.


  7. I’ve been on vacation so I’m late to this topic.

    All I can say is that from what is in the public purview is no one deserves to be beat like this.

    I don’t care if he was homeless, destitute, or mentally ill. I don’t care if his parents had TRO’s against him.

    He is still a human being.

    1. We finally found an abuse by a government employee that even 4SD Observer won’t defend. Murder!

  8. If we were grading our local officials and businessmen in this situation, it would read like this.
    Bruce Whitaker A
    Sharon Quirk-Silva: B (took a little longer than whitaker
    Jones/Bankhead: Dminus
    McKinley, Goodrich, Jeremy Popoff, the fullerton pd: F. (Popoff, the owner of slidebar, is quoted on Fullerton stories that Kelly Thomas scared and intimidated his employees and customers. I work downtown and NEVER saw him agitated or unruly. I wonder if the Slidebar didn’t treat Kelly Thomas like scum and he reacted accordingly…)
    Shawn Nelson: Incomplete. (I’m still not sure this guy didn’t hear about an impending investigation and then made a big deal of sending a letter to the FBI. Less bright politicians have made even more politically timely decisions.
    Friends of Fullerton Future Blog: A Plus.

    1. An F is too high a grade for Jeremy Popoff. He is a piece of trash, cocaine addict/alcoholic that is known to regularly drive home from his bar drunk. He publicly speaks of how big of a nuisance Kelly Thomas was, when in fact his bar and the patrons of his bar are the biggest nuisance the city has ever seen. The worst thing I ever saw from Red was him asking someone for a light and maybe on a very rare occasion a cigarette. He never begged for money, never tried entering local businesses looking for a handout or to harass patrons for money, as many of the homeless do. I have known Popoff personally for years and for him to come out and basically say that Kelly Thomas got what he deserved is unacceptable! What gets me is the fact that so many people are so concerned and will participate in the rallies at the police station, but so many of those same people will go to the Slide Bar that very same night and give their money to Jeremy Popoff, the man who’s bar made the bogus call that ended in Kelly Thomas losing his life.

      1. Lies lies lies. Kelly begged and harassed all the time. Slide bar had nothing to do with the call. I know who made the call and talked to them. Kelly was on a binge looking for change in open cars. It is what it is.

        1. Hahaha. So, how long have you worked at the Slide Bar Chicken Food?! If you know who made the call, then you know they work at Slide, because a lot of us in DTF know who made the call too. I don’t know how often you’re in DTF, but I highly doubt it is as often as I am, unless of course you work at Slide Bar. I saw Kelly on a regular basis and he did not beg and harass and you should be ashamed of yourself for slandering him after his passing just to have your boy Jeremy’s back. If you don’t work at Slide, you definitely sound as though you are a regular there. Kelly was on a binge?! What kind of binge?! Are you implying Kelly was into drugs/alcohol now?! Sounds like you are the liar. Where are the reports from the people who’s cars were broken into?! Oh, there aren’t any. Get your facts straight and stop trying to back your boy Jeremy. The truth is just that and it always comes out eventually. I noticed you didn’t dispute Jeremy being a coke head and alcoholic…I wonder why?! Maybe because everybody in DTF is already aware of that.

  9. And it’s not just Nelson-bashing to wonder. This is from an NBC report:

    The FBI is looking into whether Kelly Thomas’ civil rights were violated when Fullerton police struggled to arrest him earlier this month, Laura Eimiller of the FBI said.

    The Orange County District Attorney’s Office is also reviewing the circumstances of Thomas’ death to see if any laws were violated. The FBI review will be a parallel investigation, Eimiller said.

    “It’s a separate investigation… it’s independent of any other investigation,” Eimiller said.

    Eimiller declined to say what triggered the investigation or if anyone requested it. It was unclear how long the investigation would take.”

    It’s very interesting that this FBI spokesperson declined to say what triggered the investigation of if anyone requested it. Just saying….–126439953.html

    1. Why not just believe it’s the way it looks – Shawn requested it, and they told him it was already under way. He did the right thing twice – requesting an investigation, and then letting us know that one was under way. What do you have to gripe about?

  10. Regardless of political/party affiliation, I’m happy to see responsible, accountable politicians from across the spectrum step up and demand justice for Kelly Thomas. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

    I was proud of Shawn Nelson and Bruce Whitaker for speaking out and I’ll extend the same thanks to Ms. Quirk-Silva.

  11. the best apology to Kelly Thomas father, Ron Thomas, is for Sharon Quirk-Silva to demand Fullerton Police Chief Sellers immediately resign his position. It is not enough for fullerton’s city council members to issue public apologies and “I’ll look into this matter” pablum our city council uses to deflect concerned residents and business owners of fullerton away from serious issues that directly impact them.

  12. Pending investigations-Have the 6 been suspended or not?

    I know the six are working this site?

    But are they working the streets too?

  13. This case is going federal. The captain screwed up by trying to keep this off the radar and allowing the cops to continue working.
    Since the story broke big in the news, doors have opened and investigations have begun.
    I know the slow process is frustrating for a lot of people but justice will take place.

  14. Some of the 5-6 officers involved are getting a bad wrap. At the moment, it looks as though 1 or 2 participated in the abuse. The others just responded to the radio call, as they should have. But the FPD is over due for an attitude adjustment, and I have documented on similar sites where I have not only seen them act unprofessionaly, but where they’ve been unprofessional with me. Sometimes the police need to turn up the heat, the FPD’S problem is they’ve been applying heat when they don’t have to. The Kelly Thomas matter went viral only after the news media got hold of it. I would like to see what the FPD’S internal investigation was saying ‘before’ the media became involved. If the Thomas family reads this I have a friendly suggestion, a lot of kids who age out of foster care become homeless. Give the money to Orangewood Gaurdian Scholars.
    This Kelly Thomas matter has morphed in to a witch hunt against the entire FPD. Ruining the lives of officers who had little to nothing to do with it is wrong. Wherever Kelly is right now I doubt he would want that to happen. And don’t accuse me of making excuses for the FPD because I’ve been all over these sites saying the FPD can be abusive.
    Release the tape. If the police don’t; somehow, someway it will be leaked, and people will then accuse the police of trying to cover their asses by withholding evidence.

  15. I disagree with Mrs. Quirk-Silva’s demand that the Police video be released and that the policemen be placed on administrative leave.

    I think the video evidence should be viewed by the City Council and copies made to ensure it’s availability as trial evidence, but I don’t see the release of that video as necessary for the public to be adequately informed of this incident.

    Secondly, I think the six policemen should be ARRESTED and put in jail (with a proper Court determination regarding bail, etc. on a case by case basis).

    There is plenty of evidence which would have gotten ANYONE arrested who perpetrated the actions of these policemen.

    ONLY by arresting these policemen, will our City avoid giving the inescapable impression that these policemen are going to escape punishment, which is implicit in granting “administrative leave” for such unconscionable actions.

    The ONLY REASON to release the video and not arrest the six policemen involved in this incident is if one actually WANTED to provoke a “mob action” or “TV spectacle” where the citizens “had to” threaten the City government to act in the manner which its citizens demand.

    Are our City government officials really that DUMB?

  16. Hey #42 pull your head out of your @ss. Abusive is me telling you to shut the F*ck up. I don’t give a shit about FPD right now just like I could care less about manson and his followers. Until those 6 goons are named, they all have Kelly’s blood on their hands. This is cold blooded MURDER in the middle of town in front of many witnesses to a homeless man screaming for his life. To add insult to injury, this MURDER was carried out by 6 thugs with a badge on the public’s dime, who now are hiding under the skirt of that coward and poor excuse for a man Chief Michael Sellers who to date has not reached out to the community about this crime, what a coward.

  17. Mark #46, because you don’t like what I said doesn’t mean its not funny. And I do have a problem with what happed to him or I wouldn’t be here. I may have even given him food a couple times. My point is its pretty clear one or more of these officers has a big problem. But while we don’t know if the others did anything wrong, and maybe they did, they are all being crucified in the court of public opinion.


  19. fullerton citizen :

    I am personally nominating john and ken for best radio talk show out there!!!!!!!!!!
    these guys are the best and BRINGING IT!!!!!!!!
    & big ups to FFFF you now have a book mark on my pc.

    fuck the rest
    especially the oc register, they get a big FUCK OFF ..I./

  20. Zieg Heil,
    Nazi Youth have been re-incarnated in Fullerton by the Chief Sellers. The Chief does not take kindly to retarded Jews living in his village. Now move along before you’re next.

  21. Gee! How brave you are, Sharon, to finally express concern to see the video and get the thugs off the streets only AN ENTIRE MONTH after the incident took place. Is it because you are a soldier for righteousness, or is it, perhaps, because you have finally sensed that this inconvenient episode isn’t going to fade away like you had hoped? Please, people! Don’t adorn this hyphenated-woman with accolades simply because she found religion right before the hanging.

  22. Put on administrative leave? Why are they not being charged with murder?!? Are you kidding me? your just as corrupt as them how do you sleep at night?

  23. Here’s an interesting exercise: Find 20 registered Fullerton voters in the lobby, fill out a recall form, and serve it on the three silent council members. It doesn’t have to be the “official” recall, but it should comply with the legal requirements – you could always defer by not publishing the official notice in the newspaper. See how long it will take for them to say something afterwards.

  24. I have gone from fear of the police to complete outrage at the police. Shawn Nelson also needs to be removed from his position. He is crying transparency yet not doing anything about it. Sharon Quirk, thank you for being so bold and standing up to these publicity seeking, do nothing politicians. We need national attention on this so please keep doing what your doing Sharon. I’m sorry if I’m rambling but I am upset off the charts. My child graduated from Troy this past year and even the police directing traffic were absolutely rude and intimidating and verbally abusive to people while directing traffic! Where did these rogue cops come from? Don’t let them get away with murder please.

    1. Hey jerkoff, who do you think called in the Department of Justice? It sure wasn’t Sharon Quirk. It was Shawn Nelson – who hasn’t been on the city council for 14 months.

      Get a clue.

    2. I would offer that BEATING A MAN TO DEATH is a little bit more serious than a traffic cop being rude!

      Keep your eye on the ball.

    1. Kirk SR, “the justice system” had this killing swept under the rug.

      Remember Kelly was: “fighting, breaking into cars, stealing mail, and he broke two police officers bones in the fight”.

      That information was given by one justice system to another justice system. They were all lies!

  25. Sharon and all other “Leaders” in Fullerton should stop using this tragedy as a platform, and keep thier opinions to themselves until a full investigation has been completed. If there was wrongdoinjg, it will come out soon enough. But in the meantime, they should be supportive of the Police THEY EMPLOY.

    As for Mr. Thomas’s father, a retired sheriff already living off the taxpayers, I am sure he wasn’t running around offering to pay for any problems his son caused-interesting he is holding out for MORE THAN A MILLION in taxpayer dollars now that his son is dead.

  26. Gretchen, are you really that juvenile or did you have to study?

    Okay, I’ll sink down to your level and ask you again in your own language.

    Herp a derp, duh derp derp derp?

  27. “If there was wrongdoing” — Are you kidding? Anyone besides a polic officer would be in jail on murder charges.

  28. The problem with the Fullerton police can be traced to an evil communistic policing model which they have embraced called COPS (Community Oriented Policing)–the goals of which are NOT to enforce law, but to subvert law in an effort to transform traditional society. COPS isn’t traditional law enforcement, it’s anarchistic and treasonous. Fullerton has adopted this model and you can read more about it here:

  29. “communistic police model”?

    Gee Charles, having lived my whole life in communist societies – and here in the US – I can inform you will some measure of certitude that this is an AMERICAN police model… but call it whatever made up cuss words you don’t understand if that makes you feel less responsible. Yeah – this kind of police behavior isn’t our fault — it she COMMUNISTS. Thats it.

  30. Nelson and Quirk are only using this issue for political purposes considering how long it took them to comment publicly. Nelson who has done anything for the County since he has been on the board of supevisiors see this as a chance to get some headlines since he is leaving the board after only 2 years to run for antoher office so he needs all the press he can get. Quirk-Silva said last nidht at the council she put out a press statement right after the incident. Just interesting that NO One can find if.

  31. @sta 18,,,, civilians don’t seem to undertsand that most of the officials don’t give crap…. they will say what they need to so the public will view them in a positive light…. re-election…. of course, they like their paychecks…so please the community= a pay check….

  32. Not being from Fullerton,and having read whats been going on.
    I feel if I were approched by a Fpd officer I would fear for my life, it seems it’s kill or be killed, it was for kelly. Someone needs to tell the Fpd, that when you feel your life is truly in danger. Its legal to respond with deadly force, not them us!
    You have the right to bear arms 2nd amendment.

  33. Councilwoman Sharon Quirk- Silva and Blogger Tony Bushala, many thanks to both of you for standing up against this atrocity.

    I’ve been following it with great anger from here after watching the first video. Hearing Kelly Thomas returning to a child state and calling for his dad out of desperation, while the thug cops kept beating on him was a kind of horror I never thought I would witness in our country.

  34. Dear Councilwoman Sharon Quirk- Silva and Tony Bushala;
    You have to bring this serious matter to CA Governor Ed Brown and U.S. President Barack Obama. Never trust Orange County District Office and these enteprise criminal.
    We do not agree with the way Fullerton City Officials, Police Association, and OC District Attorney. Do not allow snakes guarding the hen house.
    Justice for Kelly Thomas.

  35. What I find particularly disturbing about the way this case/investigation is being handled is that we’re being told that investigators are waiting for the results of the autopsy and toxicology studies on the corpse. However, in this case, since Kelly Thomas was alive and under intensive medical care for five days, the results of the autopsy and tox tests are likely meaningless. It’s known with certainty that Kelly Thomas died because he was taken off life support due to a likely irreversible coma. What is usually of interest from an autopsy is the state of the person during the interaction with the police. In this case, the autopsy will tell the state of the person after five days of intensive medical care. The usual playbook in a case like this is for tox test to show some sort of drug or other abnormality and for the police to get an expert witness to say that that’s what contributed to his death. The doctors who treated Kelly for five days know with certainty what the impact of the beating on Kelly’s physical state. No autopsy data can override that. I suspect this is why Ron Thomas is so confident that there is a capital murder case here. He’s holding this data like a trump card.

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