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For the sake of fairness and in the interest of full disclosure, here is the full list of Fullerton School District’s highest paid employees, including administrators. Naturally, administrators top the list. As you can see, the list is considerably expanded.

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34 Replies to “The Full List”

  1. What a waste of f**kin money!!!!!!

    These people think they are all high mighty and expects us peons to pay their lifestyle. Screw this. It is getting out of hand!

    Roll back these salaries! Get the pitchfork and take back our government.

    1. Add in 60% of final year pay as his lifetime annual payout in pension, then add lifetime health benefits and we are talking about another $160,000 added to $238,000. That equals about $400,000 in annual Total compensation received currently, per year worked.


    2. Yes, taxpayers do pay into his pension fund. As well as subsidize his lucrative benefit package: car allowance, clothing allowance and etc.


  2. Does this list include the high schools in Fullerton? I don’t see Coach Trigstead or Dr. Lampman from Sunny Hills on here. I had always understood that they drew salaries in the 6-figure range.

    Dr. Lampman is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, by the way. He holds a PhD, teaches AP courses and really did a great job of motivating his students and preparing us for college. Coach Trigstead is…well…a football coach. He teaches a few hours of special ed, then he supervises the football team in the weight room. How these two men are in the same pay grade is beyond me.

    I think the anecdotal examples of Dr. Lampman and Coach Trigstead really illustrate the problem: the pay scale for these teachers seems to reflect seniority more than it reflects a teacher’s actual value. Any goober with a whistle could do Coach Trigstead’s job, but Dr. Lampman is underpaid at any wage if you asked me.

    I don’t see an inherent problem with paying the best teachers high salaries for the outstanding jobs that they do (Thank you, Dr. Lampman!). I do, however, have a real problem with paying a football coach 6 figures just because he’s been there since reptiles ruled the Earth.

  3. I think Michael Brito is the clown in charge of school buses. If he makes $103,090 what does a school bus driver make?

  4. Did you know California has 58 counties?


    Thats the first part of the problem. The second is the outrageous salaries of teachers and staff.

    Theres your answer teacher.

  5. In order to “squeeze” these salaries out of the school budget, I recall they “HAD TO” create and impose a NEW transportation fee of $180.00 per year for each little kid who rode the school bus.

    They could not find “any money” in that “tight” school budget, so they hit all the parents (i.e. those who did not drive their kids, but sent them on the bus may well have been two working parent families, stretching to meet the family budget?) to “contribute” to making these schools so good that they score about 40 to 50 percentile on the various tests, etc.


    Um, Community & Arts? $116K? Really?

    1. She may be raising that money through All the Arts for All the Kids. The board of that organization would be responsible for establishing her salary.

        1. No, it was just speculation. She is head of a foundation that provides arts services to the schools in the district. She operates out of an office at the school district headquarters. The foundation raises money through a high profile fundraiser downtown each year. They probably apply for grant funding from other sources as well. The foundation was originally formed to keep arts in the classrooms when school district funding for the purpose was eliminated decades ago.

  7. So the superintendent makes nearly a quarter of a million dollars a year? I find that much more objectionable than a good teacher making 90k.

    1. TOTAL compensation is close to $400,000 per year! Adding in their pension and health benefits and dividing it among 30 years worked gives us the true cost per year to taxpayers, not the regular salary only. There are way too many school districts that provide an overabundance of superintendents that are sucking the taxpayers dry. Then they demand transportation supplemental fees and emergency food/ school supplies lists for the parents to shop for and turn over to them. Enough is enough!

  8. “Did you know California has 58 counties?

    AND 999 SCHOOL DISTRICTS!!!” this is the real issue, numerous duplication of same services must be ended to restore our state’s budget. consolidate OC’s numerous school districts into 6 districts and the public will only have to pay the salaries of 6 superintendents and other administrators and this will reduce the cost of public education to the taxpayer while freeing up money that would directly flow into the classroom in the form of cutting edge technology and wider array of courses offered to students. our currnt system is a relic from OC’s rural days and it needs to be modernized to reflect today’s values and educational needs. In short, get rid of these useless people by putting pressure on elected officials to reform education.

    1. Nevada has a state law that allows for one school District per county. Now the wealthier enclaves (Henderson and Lake Las Vegas) have tried hard to seperate thier kids from the ilk. But forward thinking lawmakers enacted a clause that required “Two Consecutive” sessions of the state congress to ammend.

      As a result CCSD is mong the nations largest, but also the best run.When it decided to buy computers, it became on of Dell’s biggest customers and as such, got a screaming deal on PC’s.

      OC has 27 districts. Certainly, some of these (centrila) could be merged at a HUGE savings.

      But thats only one side of the coin. As Travis addressed, overblown teacher pay IS THE ONLY WAY TO CREATE MEANINGFUL SAVINGS. Turning off the lights on weekends won’t do it!

      1. Well the LiberalOC site is down so those fellas have to find somewhere to spread their garbage in the mean time.

    1. Chris, Shouldn’t you be at the Health Freedom EXPO in Long Beach this weekend? Or are you too busy working with JUBAL updating the LOC to go statewide?

      Funny, months ago you guys scoffed at working with Matt. But with his diminishing appeal in the OCGOP I guess he’ll take what ever work Dawn can afford!

      1. Wow, you see the LiberalOC guys or Jerbal in every crticial message. Cant you just accept the fact that there are lots of SantaAna residents who think Sean Mill is an assclown? Thin-skinned loosers, all of you

  9. Actually, the consolidation of districts is an interesting question. Much like very centralized government in general, there are significant economies of scale that could potentially be achieved. On the other hand, it’s my experience that the bigger the government, the more impressive the mess. It is also my preference that local communities have greater influence on content, values, etc… The following was pretty enlightening for me about the history of school district consolidation in California. Back in 1932 there were 3,579 school districts in California.

  10. You bullies need to leave “DKMFAN” alone. So what if he is pretending to be someone else, that’s how we roll in our house.

    Not sure what he meant when he called you “loosers”. Does he mean your ass is similar to mine? I’ll have to ask him over drinks with Matt in Suite C.

    Now I am off to get my meds that you suckers have to pay for. The taxpayers are stuck keeping me alive. Thanks!

  11. While (like many) I support and believe in the value of Public Schools, and while myself and our children have been the beneficiaries of a superb public education, the traditional image of the public education professional as underworked and underpaid needs to be put to rest.

    While they (like many) will tell us that their job never ends, that they do indeed take home work after school and work into the night, these administrators are in positions and are paid salaries that I would expect nothing less. Like the owner of a small businesss, or someone in corporate management, principals huge responsibility. However, while it is to our advantage to compensate for jobs that are done professionally and produce results, we do have to look critically and find some balance in what we’re paying them, and if perhaps funds might be used for programs that would benefit the students.

    Take for instance, every August parents are given a list of stuff they need to buy for their kid. The local stores make millions as parents go buy their kids supplies, spending way more than they need. Let’s just say if the principals of each of these schools were to be paid less, then they could buy the supplies in bulk, and not hassle the parents to buy baby wipes, colored pencils, markers and pencil boxes. I just think it’s a rather hideous demand –especially on families that don’t have that much money, when in fact, the principal is pulling in salaries that range between 117-133k per year.

    In regards to the arts and music programs which have been so drastically cut, we have raised a generation that couldn’t tell the difference between a Degas and a Monet, or would care enough to learn about the history of western music, we desperately need these programs back in the schools. But it would seem that what we do is trade one thing for the other. Computers for the arts and humanities. Science and Math for music.

    This is not to scorn any of the programs we currently have, however, when we ignore that programs like the 1:1 computer deal come at the expense of another, balance has CEASED to be a consideration.

  12. And everyone had been bombarding LAUSD teachers. We don’t make a fraction of what these teachers are making AND many of us are staying at schools two or three hours more to tutor kids AND our day doesn’t end when the bell ring. Since I had been teaching, it’s been a 7am-10pm job with prep time, grading, and other district paperwork. Found out after 10 years, I am not the only one with such work hour. And I don’t get half of what they pay Fullerton district teachers…

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