Whitaker Says “Release the Video!”

FullertonStories.com just published this letter from councilmember Bruce Whitaker, in which he demands that the video and audio recordings of the July 5th police beating of Kelly Thomas be released to the public.

Read the letter

Don’t forget to check out the printed responses of the other councilmembers, including McKinley who says “I disagree with that last sentence about releasing the video.  It isn’t a wise thing to do and is for the authorities to do.”

What does that mean?

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  1. McKinley still hasn’t figured out that the council IS THE AUTHORITY, not the PD.

    It’s sad to see these officials cowering behind procedural bullshit that was invented by the cops to let them keep stuff from the media and the public.

    The public wants transparency.

    1. No, the “procedural bullshit” is what handcuffs our fine police and prevents them from clearing their good names before the public.

      1. Clearing their good names? That’s why your union is having a hack lawyer write letters trying to shut down free speech?

        BTB I wish you would think for yourself.

          1. Maybe, But, in Fullerton guys like that are all too real Vern. Well in Orange County to be exact.

  2. Are cameras in public places only to see “civilians”? Who controls what they see and who can see what they record? Release the recording now or admit that we live in a police state, where only the police have rights to privacy.

  3. Why not release the video??? it will show what really happened and then mabey (yeah right) it will” clear thier good names”

  4. What about the “A Time To Kill” defense, the Grisham movie where in the end he turns the tables.

    You can bet your sweet ass if a FPD officer was killed and there were questionable circumstances, ABC7, NBC and the Register would have slow motion streaming video of “the fallen hero” rolling.

    This is bullshit.

    ” Now Imagine for a minute that little girl was white………”

  5. it’s not surprising that Whitaker doesn’t want the audio or video released. Once a cop, always a cop. And Jones and Bankhead? They have always been about supporting the status quo, so no brainer there.
    Quirk-Silva is definitely the lone rogue element on the council, so kudos to her.
    But Whitaker coming out in favor is a huge surprise.Good for him. Maybe I should have voted for him…

    1. mr. boo, “it’s not surprising that Whitaker doesn’t want the audio or video released. Once a cop, always a cop”. I believe you meant to write “McKinkey”, not Whitaker, correct?

  6. I have no doubt the video will be released after the investigation clears our fine police. I only wish it could be done now to immediately exonerate them!

    Never forget people, these are the brave men and women who keep YOU and YOUR property safe and who defend YOUR homes from the awful onslaught of the Criminal Element of dope peddlers, thieves, and thugs who would do YOU harm.

    Support the Thin Blue Line!

  7. @back the badge, yes i guess they may come into my home to protect,
    but i need to make sure that none of them r on parole or probation, keep any medications & alcohol out sight and locked down, any electronics secured, take my minor kids to safety and hope that the call was not any time of mentally ill situation they may need to be reported by a mandated reporter, that does not comply and more lives to be lost……and u know what officers i am talking about…
    so not sure if calling them is such a good idea, it may be better to deal with all the dope peddlers, theives & thugs…funny those 3 titles are thing that the police officers did…so i guess there is not much difference between th ethin blue line..

  8. Councilmember and former Chief of Police Pat McKinley disagrees. ”I disagree with that last sentence about releasing the video. It isn’t a wise thing to do and is for the authorities to do.”

    Here we see a true leader who understands the role of law enforcement. It is the authorities who must guide on on these matters and not the elected officials.

      1. Without the authorities we would have kaos and I am proud that Chief McKinley is comfortable realizing that it is proper to defer to the police authorities in these matters. He is obviously speaking from long experience as a fine policeman and leader of a fine force.

        This is the kind of leadership that is rare: the leader who is willing to follow!

        1. “I am proud that Chief McKinley…………..the leader who is willing to follow”, BTB, that’s f-ing classic.

  9. @back the badge, ur avoiding the question. how many of those fine fpd officers are on leave? and what for? better do some checking on statements ur making. kaos, mmm lets see, lying, stealing electronics, pill popping, forgeing, grand theft, petty theft, dui,assualt, mandated reporting, sexual misconduct, kid napping,assualt on a minor……..brady officers????? check that stuff out….then get back on those fine fpd officers.

  10. Here’s a comment from Ron Thomas (Kelly’s dad) from Fullerton Stories-

    Ron Thomas on July 24, 2011 at 9:20 pm
    Bruce and his wife have shown great compassion to myself and my family. However, Mayor Jones has not given us the time of day. I can only guess that this is because (as seen in past council meeting videos) he is going to see to it that the downtown area is cleaned up. Well, his goon squad has gone to far this time. I have no doubt that the intention of this “goon/hit squad” was to show the other homeless people that if they don’t leave, they will be next. Well Jones, I’m not going anywhere. I will find justice for my son even if it means your job. I don’t appreciate the fact that you have already had your attorney contact me for an out of court settlement. He felt compelled to degrade my son, and to go as far as saying “Ron, Kelly wasn’t a rocket scientist”. After hearing my son on the video beg and cry out for them to stop they tazed him some more. Then he cryed out “DAD..DAD HELP…..These were the last words of his life as the murderers continued to beat him to death. I will never give up my fight for my sons justice.

    Ron Thomas, Kelly’s Dad

  11. My cousin suffers from the same condition as your son. He lives on the streets somewhere in OC. I have received a head injury. I think that I have a stake in getting a better police force in place also. I will be of any help that I can. This Blog has my contact info and I authorize this blog only to give it to Ron Thomas

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