The Cop Death Threat: Agent Provocateur or Just Some Nutjob?

The other day some sick individual left this hideous comment attached to a blog post regarding Fullerton police officers:


That’s messed up! Our initial analysis led us to the almost certain conclusion that this rather obvious death threat against Fullerton’s Finest was actually left by a member of Fullerton’s own police union, the FPOA, in an effort to stir up trouble for us bloggers and draw much needed sympathy for their own members. Agent provocateurs is what I believe they call police officers who pretend to join in an otherwise peaceful rally and then incite violence, usually in order to facilitate a brutal police beatdown against pesky protestors.

But, in this post 9-11 world, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Which is why we decided to notify the Fullerton Police Chief and the FBI about this potential threat to officer safety.

Thanks. You never can be too sure.

Is it illegal to call for the death of police officers? I have no idea. But it really is a horrible thing to say, and none of us bloggers here would condone any such sentiment. We should leave it up to our law enforcement specialists to look into it and decide for themselves.

We’ll let you know if we hear of an investigation.

26 Replies to “The Cop Death Threat: Agent Provocateur or Just Some Nutjob?”

  1. Good call, Travis.

    Law enforcement should also look into Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly’s recent notorious threat toward OC Muslims – that her Marine son and other Marine friends of his would gladly send them to “an early meeting in paradise.”

  2. These kops couldn’t bust Roland Chi’s father for theft even though you gave him photographic evidence!

    Of course in this case they can just ask around the squad room. Maybe the perp will ‘fess up!

  3. Statements like this should be taken seriously. I sincerely hope the police department does a thorough investigation and finds out who posted that comment.

    Travis, I think you should send this on to our District Attorney, too.

  4. Yeah, but what happens if the dude really is a Fullerton cop? Can we expect a press release citing the disciplinary action against the malefactor?

    1. No. That personnel stuff is all confidential. You can read about in in the Peace Officer’s Bill of Rights.

      Hey, what about our Bill of Rights?

  5. Bottom line is we can all have fun and we can throw a few dart now and then but threats are a different thing altogether. Good job Travis. We are here to voice opinions and to disagree, even if it is against a sacred establishment. Bullshit threats have no place here and anyone who makes them should be held accountable.

  6. maybe this is why the school district banned the site, this type of language and behavior is very common on 4f. Actually without the usual racist comments it was fairly tame.

  7. Historically, labor spies, hired to infiltrate, monitor, disrupt, or subvert union activities, have used agent provocateur tactics.

  8. tony, your such a goob, this was just a nut follower of yours. It happens, move on, say you dont approve and all those other lies you peddle. You and the crew can wash over it just like everything else. Its not hard, even an idiot like joe can do it!

  9. this isn’t the first itme someone has threatened violence against a group or person. on this blog, last year, a person who called himself joe crow threatened to bitch-slap anyone who criticized ralph kennedy

  10. FFFF is probably blocked at city hall, too. They will have to investigate using the wifi at Winchell’s.

  11. Seems like “compton” is mad the blog is taking a stand. The one piece of ammo that idiot thought he could ACTUALLY cite to rather than just generally reference and you go and call it unacceptable. How is he supposed to maintain the fraud of being a credible poster if you go and take away all his crumbs?

  12. Thank you, I found that comment to be really inappropriate and I am glad you guys are taking it seriously. Or at least hoisting someone by their own petard.

  13. Legally, I think, and this isn’t a researched legal opinion, that it is a crime to threaten to kill anyone, regardless of whether it is a police officer. The crime turns on the intent of the individual and whether they are blowing off steam or 1) have a plan to actually hurt the person, or 2) leave the person with a reasonable fear that you actually intend to commit the act, whether or not you do.

    That question, as this site’s managers properly realize, is one for the police and our system of justice to handle.

    What sets this site apart from blogs at Fox News or the Huffington Post is they call out those who comment on their sites cross the line.

    The views of those who comment should never be attributed to the host. But there is a level of complicity to watch an improper action without comment.


      1. B.S.

        FFFF pushes the envelop, but cross a line? That’s only the phony lines impressed on little minds by our repuglican overseers and public employee dictators who want to milk us dry and who want us to shut up and like it.

        Bravo FFFF. Keep fighting the good fight!

  14. fuck em.Hey little piggy,member when you fucks rolled me at the front desk because i demanded proper follow up to my (stiff-arm to my chest,knocked to ground)complaint.Born here,fuck here,die here

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