So How Did Hugh Hewitt Get Onto the OC Children and Families Commission?

Here’s a post we ran last summer. Why is it timely? Beacuse I noticed on Tuesday’s Board of Supervisor’s agenda an item to reappoint all of Supervisor Bill Campbell’s minions on the OC Children and Families Commission – including Hugh Hewitt – who is not legally qualified to be on the Commission in the first place.

Empires of Hypocrisy World Tour

P.S. Apparently you can join Hewitt on a cruise! If you decide to go be sure to ask him to explain the complicity of a “conservative”¬† on a big, liberal tax-redistributionist scheme. Let us know if you get a coherent answer!

– admin

And what useful purpose does he serve there?

According to the State Health and Safety Code, and the County Code that created the “First Five Commissions” (pursuant to liberal activist Rob Reiner’s successful tax and redistribute Prop 10), the commissions are made up of people in the kiddie welfare biz.

Which brings us to Hugh Hewitt, whom Gustavo Arellano has described as a “conservative yakmouth.” We’ll leave aside the conservative tag for a bit and reflect upon the fact that Hewitt is a lawyer, talking head, writer (when not being ghost written for by Matthew J. Cunningham), etc.

Here are the minimum qualifications, per the Code, for the membership category in which Hewitt is enrolled:

A representative of a local child care resource or referral agency, or a local child care coordination group, or a local organization for prevention or early intervention for families at risk, etc…

Say what?

Since Hewitt is clearly not recognizable by the Code’s definition, we are entitled to inquire and speculate about the real reason this ‘pug is on the Commission. Could it be simply to help ratify contracts to his pals and buddies at the behest of Commission Chairman Bill Campbell, the avuncular cipher who represents the 3rd District on the County Board of Supervisors? Campbell appointed him.

That's not a road apple. That's equine feces!

And maybe he is there to help his old friend Cunningham put some sort of conservative polish on this big, liberal road apple.

20 Replies to “So How Did Hugh Hewitt Get Onto the OC Children and Families Commission?”

  1. Don’t forget that Matt “JUBAL” Cunningham included Hugh on his “other” website, as:



    Rumor has it that this was the original vehicle Matt set up to defend Fr. Urell, but it quickly fell flat when parishiners and God fearing folk alike started beating the shit out of his defense of the indefensible.

    …….We wish were Catholic??? HOLY SHIT

  2. When the Commission was established by the Board of Supervisors circa 2000 then County Supervisor Jim Silva recommended/Hewitt as an appointee to the Commission, and the rest of the Supervisors went along. The claim to fame in the world of chidlren was that Hewitt was active in a foundation or support group related to the Irvine School District. Many thought that was a stretch at the time, but no one publicly raised the issue until now, some 10 years later. Perhaps it is time to suggest that a 10 year term limit for Commissioners is in order? Hewitt is not the only one who has been on the Commission that long.

  3. Good ol’ Jim Silva. I don’t remember whether it was Anthony Pignataro or Matt Coker who described Silva as ‘shit for brains’, but whoever you were – yes.

  4. The D.A. releases reports and investigations that do not find any criminal act to Mr. Cunningham to publish at the Red County.

  5. The Executive Director Mike Ruane makes $230K in straight salary, with another $100K worth of benefits tacked on. Yet he has less than 20 employees – half of whom earn $100K a year or more. Some a lot more.

    This commission answers to NOBODY. It has metastasized into ending homelessness and a variety of other boohoo feel good crap sponsored by Cambell and his fellow “conservative” Moorlach.

    Any wonder why Campbell needs yes-votes?

    1. Don’t forget those contracts they still have with Pringle and the White House Writers Group to lobby and promote themselves.

      Somebody should do a public records request to see how much Cunningham has pulled down this year updating facebook.

  6. What’s more interesting is that Hugh just announced he is running for congress in L.A. County.

  7. I went to one of the board meetings last year. Saw Jubal, who didn’t know me from Abraham.

    Taco Bill (campbell) and Hugh had a backslapping ol time.

    These guys are as dishonest as it gets.

    I am wondering why Colony Rabble, Chip Hanlon, and others, like the NAZIS’ at the NOCCC have’nt called Matt out.

    It just goes to show what bullshit the whole “psuedo-republican” thing is.

    1. @Tony Serra, just for the record, “Colony Rabble” is Red County’s new name for the blogpen of writers who may post as the public, over at the new reformatted site. You are welcome to sign in and cover this if you wish.

      It is my belief that Matt lost the contract, was I misinformed? However, I also object to Hugh Hewitt’s apparently unqualified involvement. Sadly, I am stretched to the breaking point for “job” I am not paid for, so there is just so much I can cover. But I agree, where Campbell appoints, graft seems to follow. If I get time, I will look into it. Keep in mind that all of us have lives outside of blogs. Okay, maybe not Bushala ; )

  8. Thanks for the genuine response Cynthia, I had no idea of the change, just the same, I’d prefere not to comment an environment where I am subject to who Red County finds “credible” in order to be “invited” to be published.

    But thanks for the info, I hope you do look into this and ask the fair questions.

    As an aside, I saw this in this mornings Bee:

    1. The link is interesting. If the Commissions are not spending on the items that were intended by voters, as I have heard rumors of, then we may very well be within our rights to have Sac take the money back. I would actually like to see that one go through the courts and let First 5 defend their spending. But yes, in the interest of fairness, I will take the time to look into the Commish here in OC and report on what I find. However, what if i find is that they are in fact spending as dictated by law? I personally did not support formation of the tobacco tax and spend commission. But, whether the Commission exists or not is not up to us, that was determined by voters who approved the Prop for tobacco taxes some years ago. Our duty is merely to determine whether the Commission is spending as the law ordered. I will look into it.

      1. They spend money on all sorts of things that are peripheral, at best, to their mission – including paying for the Community Indicators report and funding Moorlach’s End Homeless 2020 Commission. But when it’s for the children you can rationalize almost anything.

        The ED makes more than his counterpart in LA County yet has only 20 employees, half of whom are in the six figure salary range. Go figure.

        They paid Matthew Cunningham $200 an hour to work out of his house updating facebook and writing op-ed pieces for Democrats across the State.

        Watch the Board meeting yesterday. The re-appointment process of Commissioners was a total farce completely orchestrated by the ED and Bill Campbell so that no one from the public could apply. One member was legally disqualified by missing too many meetings. But he got “re-appointed” anyhow.

        There is zero accountability. And I doubt if a no vote has ever been cast on that Commission.

        1. Joe Camel, did someone more qualified apply and get skipped over? I will watch the meeting…

          1. Cynthia, anybody would be more qualified than Hewitt who doesn’t meet the requirements at all. They never did a solicitation before the March 22nd meeting when the item was first on the agenda. After it was continued ’til April 5th some sort of solicitation was done – for later appointments. Two resumes were attached to the agenda item. I have no idea what for. They were never considered for anything. The appointments nominated by Campbell were the same.

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