Should the Lemon Park Murals Be Saved?

Neighbors around Lemon Park received a letter from the city inviting them to meetings on 5/31 and 6/28 to discuss the old Lemon Park Murals. The Public Art Committee would like feedback from the community…

1. Is there one or more mural out of the group you feel is/are absolutely essential to keep and restore?

2. Is there  one or more mural out of the group that you feel is/are absolutely essential to remove or replace?

3. Please rank the murals in order of importance to the park and the community. A number 1 would indicate the most important, 12 the least.

Come Back Again and La Adelita Fullerton Clasped Hands
Girl with Car Cross with Crown of Thorns
The Town I Live In and Brown Car
Virgin de Guadalupe La Mujer Latina
Zoot Suit Riots Calle Elm
Los Ninos Del Mundo

4. If we are able to produce a new mural in or around Lemon Park, what subjects/themes would you like to see depicted in the mural.

FFFF will be forwarding all comments to the Fullerton Public Art Committee, the Fullerton Museum Board and the Fullerton City Council.

113 Replies to “Should the Lemon Park Murals Be Saved?”

  1. Anyone who wants to preserve this stuff should take a collection plate around the ‘hood and see how much money they can dredge up for the cause. If the “community” wants it, they’ll pay for it themselves or put in some of their own elbow grease.

    There is no reason to dump tax dollars into these ugly things.

    1. Collection plate? Because the ‘community’ doesn’t pay taxes, right? They don’t contribute to the city budget, right?

      Somehow, magically, the ‘community’ is separate from THE Community…

    2. It’s okay to disagree with wanting to save the murals, but it should be done with class and respect. Obviously you show none and are embarrassed by that fact by using a fake name mister “Johnny Donut”.

      1. I’ll show you “class and respect” when you stop reaching into my pocket to pay for your beloved murals.

        That money would be better spent keeping the libraries open. Think of the children!

        1. If you pay attention to fullertons budget, you will learn that they have spent money on a lot more meaningless things and also learn that they have enough money to build 20 libraries each with there own murals.

          Stop being so bias, before you know it, you will want Fullerton to go back to there ways when the railroad tracks divided the mexicans from the cocasions.

          Think about your children and the direction your parenting it going to take them.

    3. these murals were relivant in there time just as any mural that goes up.they are there for a purpose that was already agreed upon.the reaction some people have twardthe murals is the same reaction people have twrds

      1. come fire me 2619 W orangrthrope .own a business in the city buddy.i was born and raised here in fullerton.i am a proud american and i am proud of my culture. i have no need to hide behind fake names.come to the meeting an express and respect to you all

  2. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily agree that they’re ugly. However, 100% in agreement about community elbow grease vs. tax dollars. If the “local” community wants them (a little barrio looking, but overall not bad), then they can donate their time and materials. No tax dollars!

    1. I was raised in that neighborhood and I know Lots of people who would devote their time and money into keeping those murals up. It wouldn’t take any of your Tax Paying money.

      1. Agree with you 100% Anonymous. Folks, stop looking for government to do everything for us.

        Get some high school and FJC art students, some eager members of the community, the color specs, paint and voila! Start with the oldest, and work your way to the newest.

        Although, I’d recommend changing out the Girl with Car mural to a tribute to something more meaningful like perhaps a quote from the Koran or an image of a walnut tree or nothing at all.

        The local Christian church folks take ownership of the Christian murals.

        Volunteerism is the solution and paint is cheap.

  3. Actual historical fact would greatly inform any such decision-debate.

    I would like to know if the ORIGIN of these paintings was the result of actual citizen petition and subsequent due diligence deliberation and authorization from the public authority, or was it just thuggish pressure and fiat accompli, or some other such craven pandering to the (unverified-undefined-unexamined) “underprivileged” and all that long train of rubbish and “hurt feelings” matriculating into Socialist “property rights.”

    If this was formally authorized, then what was the original maintenance plan and budget as determined for or from the original ordinance?

    Personally, I do not like or want ANY of them.

    1. You can make anything sound bad with words like “thuggish”, so to be fair and appropriate, try using better descriptions.

      I believe these murals were put up before there was such a thing as “ordinance” or they would have been removed the following day. Have confidence those responsible for helping to make Fullerton what it is today.

      Fullerton is unique because of it’s different ethnicities and cultures, you sound like a person who doesn’t like either, therefore maybe Fullerton isn’t the right city for you.

      1. Edmond, you sound thuggish and ignorant to boot; as one for whom “history” began on the day he first turned his attention to any particular problem.

        Actually there have been ordinances for some time now, possibly even before 2008.

    2. Rain since you don’t like the Murals take Harbor instead of Lemon Street. Why do you insist on sounding so Educated. People in the real world don’t even hold conversations in that manner You Goof Ball. You sound Very ignorant.

  4. Since we’re blowing public dollars on pop culture art, I would like to see a Bart Simpson mural up by the Brea Dam. I feel that this character accurately represents my race and my generation.

    1. “Good on ya” – as I would say if I was Australian descent, but my ethnicity actually speak multiple languages and are horrible people to deal with, so my grandparents came here to become Americans. ; – )

        1. I agree, also Rain, stop posting shit because your obviously not from around here. Your just showing everybody what a bias bitch you are.

          Good on ya, good shit on ya!

  5. According to the OC Register Sunday May 29 edition, the entire southern half of Fullerton is designated gang territory. Perhaps this so called art is reflective of that culture. If so, treat it like graffitti and eradicate it.

  6. The Fullerton clasped hands mural originally had Tokers Town painted all nice and artsy just below the clasped hands.

    1. CBAS!!, I don’t believe “Fullerton Tokers Town” was part of the original (late 70’s) Hands Clasped mural. I think the words “Fullerton Tokers Town” were added to the Hands Clasped mural during the period of time when Emidio Vasquez completed La Mujer Latina sometime in the late 80’s early 90’s.

  7. Being raised in the old Communist Czechosloavkia for 22 years, I must strongly urge you folks to save the Lemon Park Murals because they remind me my childhood and my cultural upbringing.

  8. I like the murals and I feel they are a part of our city. But I also feel people in that area should put there time and money into the murals for upkeep. I also dont belive we should allow any more murals in public areas in Fullerton The Town I Live In.

    1. Should the residents who live near the socal district go sweep the streets every Sunday morning and should residents tow cars parked in the red zone?

      Ask yourself if your point of view would be the same if the murals consisted of of hot rods, beach boys, American flag, etc….

  9. The murals for the most part represent a criminal lifestyle. It encourages the gang culture and further promotes the idea of city acceptance. The murals need to come down.

      1. I don’t think it takes too much intelligence to figure out that sentiment. If one was so inclined they could probably just threaten to sue and they would all be removed. Similar thing went down in LA over public murals.

        1. Your simply an idiot, I’m sorry, ignorant to the facts and a victim to your own foolish judgmental bias.

          1. I love making anonymous insults too.

            I still think the murals are on public property and convene a message of religion. Remove them.

    1. It does not encourage Gang Culture. There will always be criminal Street gangs no matter what. With or without the Murals. Those Murals DID NOT influence me to join The Gang. I was raised in that Lifestyle. I’m now a Father of 4 wonderful straight A students and work for the Government.

  10. I really don’t care about the murals at Lemon Park. It’s the precedent that bothers me.

    These Hispanic murals exist because the surrounding neighborhood is overwhelmingly Hispanic. It’s just the truth. Should the City decide to preserve these murals, what happens when the Asian community in northwest Fullerton (which is now 30,000 people strong and growing) wants to paint some murals of their own? Will they be allowed to paint them wherever they want on City property? And a lot of Fullerton residents work in the medical and education fields. Can they paint job-related murals near St. Jude Hospital and Cal State Fullerton?

    What a perfect example of a slippery slope. Since the City hasn’t condemned the Lemon Park murals, asking whether or not to preserve them is essentially the same thing as endorsing them.

    1. You cant compare past with present, it was a different time, a time where someone like you would not have even wanted to step foot in Fullerton, a time where there was no down town bars, restaurants, streets, sidewalks, etc…

    2. They have places like Lil China in LA. Spanish Harlem in NY. It represents the Culture of the Community. There are Murals in Vietnamese neighborhoods in Westminister. Murals by the beaches that represent the culture of the communities. If it bothers you drive down Harbor instead of Lemon.

  11. I would not lump these murals in the same category as the Fox theatre. To justify using our toker town’s tax dollars for these murals, there must be a historically and culturally significant reason for using these tax dollars. Unlike most government sponsored art that reflects totalitarian values and thus essentially only propaganda, these murals are not self-conscious and do have glints of creative imagination. Their historical and cultural loci is the seventies when “minorities” were demanding cultural recognition and equal rights in mainstream American society. these murals are far from being great works of art, yet they are folk art that reflects emergence of Latino culture into mainstream america during the seventies and eighties. I say shift our tax dollars away from the saving the Fox Theatre and use our tax dollars for the murals

  12. The last question on the survey should be “Which mural is most offensive?”

    To me, it’s either Fullerton on a Mexican flag or the evolution of a Latino woman from vaquera to receptionista.

  13. As Travis discovered, at least one of the murals was associated with, or painted by, FTT. That implies they were painted illegally….aka graffiti vandalism.

    So how does Fullerton prosecute people for graffiti when some graffiti is preserved as “art” at Lemon Park?

    1. I like how morans speak so confident about things you don’t know. At the time of the murals Fullerton tokers town was not a gang like we thing of gangs today. it more like a car club kind of like the one your grandpa was in with his hot rod.

  14. Public art deters graffiti and creates community. Here in Garden Grove there are several tile mosaic art pieces created and donated on public benches and walls. Tile is often used in bus and train stations due to its ease of cleaning and longevity. The mosaics include the city symbol, logo, strawberries and flowers. The mosaics are “permanent gardens” enjoyed by thousands daily as they walk and drive by in Garden Grove.

      1. Kim, I agree, “they” don’t deter graffiti.

        It takes a real shat head to tag a mural. Unfortunately, there’s a shat load of shat heads out there.

  15. Get rid of them. They do not speak for all of us, or even most of us. We really don’t need murals, especially ethic murals. I am not Mexican, Hispanic, Hispanic-American, or Latino. I am American How about an AMERICAN flag?

    1. Steve :
      We really don’t need murals

      Maybe you don’t need murals, but you don’t speak for all of us any more than the murals do. Bring on the dissonance..

    2. Cool Steve, hang an American flag outside your house and I feel sorry that your heritage is so boring.

  16. Painted murals do not have the ability to be cleaned easily or the longevity of tile mosaic murals. The painted murals last between 20 to 30 years due to weather exposure. The painted murals for the Olympics in L.A. are a prime example.
    Mosaic murals are more expensive to create yet last a lifetime.

      1. Hey little man, I’m so glad I got wacked, I was real tired of you always trying to play footsie with my toes. So go back to your hell hole and leave me alone.

  17. In my knowledge of the artwork on the walls it has meaning and purpose to a culture that has been moked n ridiculed for years, for those family and friends that were around during the times when they were painted know the history behind them, and my thought is if you are unaware of the history and Meaning. Don’t speak and if you believe history should be erased. Don’t speak. I’m not an original fullerton community person, but I know we need to preserve what history this little town has for the future generations to learn and understand our freedom of expression and history counts to all of us

  18. Love it and leave it!

    These murals were painted during a time where only the poor residents of Fullerton lived in that area and happen to be Hispanics. An area that was basically designated by the city for all the orange pickers and there families, an area that the city basically did not care about, so the people of that community decided to express their pride in the form of these murals and guess what? It was allowed!

    Fullerton is not yorba Linda or boring brea, Fullerton is a beatiful and unique city full of different cultures, classes, styles, etc… This is and will always be The difference, whether it’s our murals in the “hood”‘ , orange picker murals in the post office or even a $75,000 city of Fullerton stone sign like the one on Euclid, just have pride as a resident of our past, present and future.

    Appreciate and respect the culture of the people who took on the challenge of doing work the original residents did not want to do and in doing so helped create this beautiful city.

    Another way of looking at it: you can’t give somebody an old broken down car that you don’t want and then later, tell them to change the paint job.

    1. What if this is labeled or seen as a racist act? Would it be such a big deal to allow the murals as a way to prove your acceptance of the Hispanic community? Will it really hurt the budget? Is it going to decrease or increase gang violence in Fullerton? Or maybe you are racist?

    2. Anonymous, if you read Gustavo’s post he wasn’t crying racist on this blog post, his point was in reference to some of the commentators of this blog post. And to James Newell who apparently was a Klan member.

      1. Newell Ave. is located in the Maple Community where the majority of residents who live on Newell Ave. are Latino.

  19. Anonymous :
    Or maybe you are racist?

    There it is. Everyone who doesn’t want to spend $100,000 patching up some old folk murals is a racist.

    Pay for it yourself, race monger.

  20. I stumbled on this thread by way of the oc weekly myself. I say leave the murals being that they are a part of the history of that section of Fullerton. I think that it is important to have pride in the history of your city. At the time it was about zoot suiters and predominantly hispanic. If it was german or swedish heritage artwork, I’m sure this wouldn’t even be up for discussion. It would have been pristinely maintained. And of course, the predominantly caucasoid voters are going to want the “cholo” graffiti removed. Or whitewashed as the phrase goes.

  21. These murals were painted by art students from FUHS along with local youth; commisioned by a very well known muralist. Each scene depicts a form of our culture and our community life and meaningful experiences. There is a story behind each mural.

    The community meeting held tonight was not to discuss “saving the murals” because the city has already come together and agreed in strong unison that this is part of who we are. We presented our concerns, quite sometime ago, before the City Council and it was voted on, in our favor. However, this community are not the only ones who deem these murals as an important aspect of our neighborhood but there is an “actual MuraL Art Committee” that consists of ‘professional staff’ who view them as an art form, an important one at that.

    This is not a joke to our Community and it is not something we have debated over lightly. This is real and depicts our history of survival as it were in the past.

    If you have any comments or concerns or legit suggestions, please feel free to attend the next meeting on June 28, 2011 @ 6:40 @ Lemon Park Rec Center.

    Also, as a footnote, yes the community did come together in the 1970’s and participated with complete willingness. I also recall that there were specific monies set aside and slated specifically for this project.

    My grandparents rooted themselves approximately seventy years ago in this very community; paid taxes as well as purchasing 2 additional houses for their children who then became taxpayers along with their adult children and their childrens children. We have a strong, rich, generational connection to our neighborhood and are excited to see its fruition. This is the basic story of many residents in this area.

    We are not a bunch of freeloaders waiting for the next bread truck to come around so we can raid it. No, we are doctors, lawyers, bankers, educators, scientists, police officers, firemen, laborers, and some of us are even artists. Some of us even have Masters degrees and Ph.d.’s . I, myself am just a housewife, volunteer in eight school district-based groups and city projects, who takes a very personal interest in those around me for no ulterior motiv just because I love my community and I speak English too! Wow, imagine that!

    1. Shawn Nelson grew up in a bubble and is better off working in montebelo. This city needs to only be ran by fair people who know how to approach problems with professionalism and who doesn’t insult the community.

  22. SuzyQ, thank you for the “factual” background. I’ve always liked the murals and have always viewed them as history (yes, Latinos are a big part of our city’s early beginnings). I am a white female, resident of Fullerton for 23 years, with a German heritage and family history. Our son has been raised here from Kindergarten through College. One of the things I’ve always appreciated about Fullerton and North County O.C., in general, are the multi-cultures. Our son has many friends of all cultures, doesn’t think twice about color, etc. That’s the way it should be.
    History is important. If we destroy them or take them down, it sends the wrong message, that the early heritage and beginnings of Fullerton are not important. One of the problems some of you have is relating our early history to gangs or thugs. Every city has their share of gangs, but I don’t believe that these murals are representative of thug or gang lifestyle. Don’t ignore the facts that some of the blog contributers have pointed out.
    Some of the regular bloggers to FFFF are self important a-holes. To those who are intolerant or refuse to accept the early heritage that supported this city, I say – “go live in So. County” where you can be surrounded by many more like you. If you don’t like it here – leave!
    I still stand by my earlier comment that the restoring of the murals should not be on the burden of tax payers, but perhaps another good community project where our many local artists and students could participate. Getting rid of them or whitewashing over them would be a mistake.

    1. ineyeofbeholder, “…..I don’t believe that these murals are representative of thug or gang lifestyle”.

      FACT: the brown car in the Brown Car mural belonged to Ray Galvan, aka PC. PC was killed in a gang shoot out in Atwood.

      FACT: the Atwood banger that killed PC also died at the scene. The two young men shot each other at the exact same time and both died from gun shot wounds.

      FACT: the original mural project was a result of the Maple community coming together to morn the life of a neighborhood kid who got killed while claiming Tokers Town as his turf.

      FACT: the Fullerton cops and the city were at odds with the Maple community (predominately Latinos). The mural project brought the community together and gave some members of the community a sense of peace and pride.

      1. I would just like to thank all you art lovers and community activists for protecting our tribute to Toker’s Town and the gang life we love. Keep the murals and preserve Toker’s Town forever.

  23. #58 Anonymous – AMEN! Shawn has not been a good representative for Fullerton! Another single minded blow-hard!

  24. How come nobody answered the question in the survey? Which beautiful work of art should be preserved first?

      1. No. They have been left alone/not painted over for many years. The survey is about restoring them. There is not enough money budgeted to restore all of them in the same year.

    1. Who gives a fuck what you think dicky donut. Why don’t you ask Nelson or Thompson what they think of the murals. I remeber both of these elected officials voicing their anti-mural sentiments.

      racist site

  25. My vote!

    Don’t restore and don’t take down, leave them alone, move forward and focus on the type of officials we have working for our city!

    Nelson just proved what a jack ass in the box he is with his comments and proved he has no respect for everybody living in this beautiful city.

    It breaks my heart that his thoughtless comments had the power to create this ugly situation and is slowly dividing the community.

    The problem Nelson and others like him have is simply financial. Get rid of the murals, certain types of people, restore certain areas, revamp downtown, etc… and then BOOOM watch our properties value increase, along with our businesses. The goal is to make Fullerton a high price city like Yorba Linda.

    Nelson your a DICK!

    1. That’s right Anonymous. Nelson needs to show a little more respect for FTT. We have ruled this part of Fullerton for over 50 years and with your help it will be another 50.

  26. I agree with Anonymous…just leave them alone. What would that hurt? Any downside to doing nothing in this case? If one was to be saved, I’d vote for the Los Ninos Del Mundo. I don’t see any gang related issue there.
    And to Turf War, thank you for the “FACT”
    history lesson. The one thing that I “choose” to focus on is your last statement…” The mural project brought the community together and gave some members of the community a sense of peace and pride.”….which brings it back full circle to Suzy Q.

  27. Gang pride is right!
    Take it down and put the boring American flag up….Yeah know, the flag of the actual country and not the flag of a drug infested murderous hole! The flag of a country which give shelter, aid and a job to millions. The flag that helped win wars against murders and dictators. The flag that means more to people than a green/white/red disaster.

    These murals are just as bad as the Chicano studies crap in Fullerton…..Get rid of them both and quick!

  28. Oh yeah, before I forget…If that cross mural had been put their by white Americans/or for veterans lost at war…The ACLU would be all over it!

    OMG….This country is in so much trouble..another Rome!

  29. Michelle Quinn :
    Oh yeah, before I forget…If that cross mural had been put their by white Americans/or for veterans lost at war…The ACLU would be all over it!

    Yeah, and you would be defending it.

  30. Yes, I would!

    I can’t stand double standard and the fact that American’s of European decent are consider less than, especially in this state full of racist hypocrites!

    So, too right, I would defend it!

  31. TheFullertonWatcher :
    I love making anonymous insults too.
    I still think the murals are on public property and convene a message of religion. Remove them.

    Religion? I thought you just said they represented gang life.

  32. hmmmm..$20,000 a mural!! nope!! i dont believe that one bit!!! thats just another way of hiding “spent money” the city used on the useless things theyve done to RUIN Downtown FUllerton, its a cover up , they spend the money then say it was spent on the restortations done on the lemon st. murals! but heres soemthing that tickles my funny bone!! if it takes so much time and effort on behalf of the city then answer this for me,cause If i’m not mistaken, i drove by one mid afternoon and i myself witnessed a little kid (i believe maybe a girl) and her FATHER (assumption) OR BROTHER, PAINTING and restoring one al by themselves. there was no group o f40 city workers or no hi tech painting machines and i really doubt this dad nad his forked out 20,000 buckaroos on this mural. don’t believe me then check it out for yourself. the mural with the mexican flag and FULLERTON ACROSS IT. its been repainted and fixed. IF I HAD A CAMERA I WOULD OF SNAPPED A PICTURE OF WHAT I WITNESSED. I CAN BET YOU THOSE 20,000 GRAND THAT THIS CHILD WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS SPECIFIC TIME AND WILL RESPECT THIS ART SHE/HE RECREATED WITH HER FATHER/BROTHER. I BET YOU MY FANNY THAT THIS CHILD OR THEIR FRIENDS WONT GROW UP TO VANDALIZING WALLS IN FULLERTON.COMMUNITY AND HISTORY APPRECIATION WAS INSTALLED AT A YOUNG AGE. KUDDOS TO THIS GUY AND HIS CHILD!! 20,000 MY FANNY!! THAT WAS A SLAP IN THE CITIES FACE!!THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT!!


    1. Fullertonian, hear you LOUD and not so CLEAR.

      Say what’s the story behind the $35K city party all about? Or are you just making this stuff up?

  34. good point you made jessie and fullertonorian!! couldnt say it batter myself! Fullerotn spend so much money of things we have no say in! i actually liek the murals! i do believe that fullerotn first started as a fruit orchards, which were about 90% ran by mexican community which is where they decided to reside. that side of fullerotn is mostly mexican families and i bet you that it generation after generation of broters/ sisters/cousins of the same mexicans that once worked the orchards of fullerton! the families back then made fullerton their home and til this day there families still live here. the murals are just a memorial of their roots and history. fullerotn use to be a car club named “tokers town” ad “the gents” was not a gang when the murals surfaced. im christian but i still respect the catholic mural, i believe everyone can be what they want and who they want and believe what they want and if that menas expressing there loyalty and devotion by this mural so be it! fullerton is known for those artistic murals and historic buildings. BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER, SOME OF YOU ARE JUST BLIND!! 🙂

  35. I just love Shawn Nelson’s comments about Tony Bushala sending one of his workers over to the park with a sprayer fill with paint remover.

    Tony would not dare to do it himself, typical piece of shit coward sending someone else to do his dirty work. Sounds like the same type of person who was responsible for poking a hole in McKinley’s gas tank.


  37. i just don’t understand why people have so much to say about this if it has no importance to you then why sit and stress with removing it? it just makes no sense how people just judge and take everything so negative.. believe it or not these murals mean a lot to some of the people who live in Fullerton. i lived in Fullerton all my life and live on elm street and as far as i could remember these murals have been up and i’ve always enjoyed them as a kid because they are in my city where i take pride of whats here. so for you people who never bothered to look beyond the “gangster affiliations” then i don’t know what goes through your heads because “tokers town” could care less this Art. so stop being so judgmental and looking at the negative and docus on the good, the memories, the symbol, and the culture these murals have brought to some Fullerton residents.

  38. well ,, you know when you are white and don’t speak spanish , and are around hispanic spanish speakers, and you feel uncomfortable? well ,,, because the standard white man , the dick jones of the world didn’t always seem to diminish and steal and take away the cultures of the brown people, and then replace what they take , with * shit * mcdonnalds and prozac, slavery and chinese enternment camps, then maybe we could see the beauty and art and heart that is in other cultures and then we would find tolerance.

    but as related to the murals , YES KEEP THEM ALL and RESTORE THEM ALL, and you should get CHICANO ARTIST TO DO IT…….. and those murals are important,

    if they are removed and replaced ,, the brown people of Fullerton , will feel even more disenfranchised,,,, they Latino people are a very important part of fullerton ,,, and if you Mcmansion owners think you are the real FULLERTONIANS , then you better check yourself,,,, AND check your boys in blue ,, cuz those are the real pieces of shi-at…..

    peace, till then


  39. * EDIT , * REPLACE POST # 108 – WITH THIS POST #109

    well ,, you know when you are white and don’t speak spanish , and are around hispanic spanish speakers, and you feel uncomfortable? well ,,, because the standard white man , the dick jones of the world always seem to diminish and steal and take away the cultures of the brown people, and then replace what they destroy , with * shit * mcdonnalds and prozac, slavery, and chinese enternment camps, then maybe we could see the beauty and art and heart that is in other cultures and then we would find tolerance.

    but as related to the murals , YES KEEP THEM ALL and RESTORE THEM ALL, and you should get CHICANO ARTIST TO DO IT…….. and those murals are important,

    if they are removed and replaced ,, the brown people of Fullerton , will feel even more disenfranchised,,,, they Latino people are a very important part of fullerton ,,, and if you Mcmansion owners think you are the real FULLERTONIANS , then you better check yourself,,,, AND check your boys in blue ,, cuz those are the real pieces of shi-at…..

    peace, till then


  40. These murals represent the people in the neighborhood, surrounding the park. If you don’t live in that neighborhood, I don’t see why you would want to waste your time with this topic. I’m sure there are issues in your home or community that you can preoccupy yourselves with.

    The neighorhood should fund the restoration, as I don’t believe that would be an issue and therefore, this topic should not be an issue to any outsiders……….the paranoid!

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