23 Replies to “More Screaming Keller; And Then Some Voices of Reason”

  1. This lady has probably never had a job in the private sector, is likely the product of people who were public employees and no doubt has a disdain for anyone who makes it through life without the helping hand of government. Make no mistake. This is the face of the enemy.

  2. Keller always talks about listening to others and getting along. I guess she’s abandoned that theory.

    1. That theory presupposes that your fellow collaborators agree with you.

      If they don’t then they need education. Apparently the louder, the better!

  3. That Keller sure is a beautiful woman. She would never have gone out in HS with a loser like me.

  4. It’s all became crystal clear. Travis, you need to seek employment with some type of employer with a dental plan. Those teeth of yours are nasty. Not only are they yellow but you look like you have a few extra trying to pop out of that mouth of yours. Yuck!

    Too much semen maybe?

    1. Travis you pretend that you you know everything and call everyone names but did you know that Drugs cause cavities. Antidepressants, antihypertensives and muscle relaxants all inhibit production of saliva which is a natural bacteria destroyer. You might try brushing! Just saying.

      1. Did homosexually-transmitted STD destroy your brain? You might try rubbers! Just saying.

  5. pam keller’s Goofy persona turns into total tire biter if she has to take a pay cut for not working as a teacher. she is truly a total dog.

  6. Short bus Travis :
    It’s all became crystal clear.!
    Too much semen maybe?

    Attempting to humiliate someone while displaying your intellect only serves to prove the opposing view point. Civil discussion would be ideal rather than simply resulting to anger.

  7. GED!

    You can’t be “educated” unless you have spent your days “taught” by unmotivated, unlettered lunkheads preaching out of outmoded, useless textbooks full of platitudes, lies, and propaganda of one kind or another.
    Then you get “your” degree. A worthless scrap of paper that may as well have been printed on toilet paper. Ditto all those phony Masters and MPA degrees that serve only to enrich public employees, but that convey no real understanding of anything.

  8. Attempting to humiliate someone while displaying your intellect only serves to prove the opposing view point. Civil discussion would be ideal rather than simply resulting to anger.

    No anger here Friendo,

    Just calling it like I see it, Physical defects, age and any other malady seems to be fair game by the FFFFFFFF crew. I’m just having fun with fat Travis’ shitty teeth. He should make Tony pay to have them fixed or he should keep his mouth shut. I for one do not like the looks of those fangs.

  9. I’m sure Travis has a wonderful health and dental plan working for Tony. He can just smoke a fatty anytime he wants to cure what is ailing him.

    Instead of a health insurance card, Travis get’s his own laminated medical marijuana card.

    Smoke up funny boy

  10. What happened to the article about the School Board Member who should up to help these guys mock the teachers?

    It was very eye-opening to see an actual sitting member of the School Board choosing to participate in this public mockery of our local teachers with whom he was elected to negotiate with fairly over the very issues they were complaining about, but apparently it has become not “newsworthy” since it was originally published.

  11. Does Travis’s company Precept handle the healthcare program for the Fullerton School District? I have heard the teachers get their benefits package from his company. True?

  12. Rudy, if Travis’ company has the Fulleton School District as a customer, they are sucking from the public teat. That makes them no different than what Pacific Strategies does. No actual product being sold. It’s all personal services and Travis benefits from money paid to the company by Taxpayers through the school district. That is who cares. Got any taxpayer funded customers at Precept Travis?

  13. All this teachers make me sick. This are the same teachers who gave caertain kids more attention than others. They are simply looking out for themselves and use this “kids first” as a cloud to cover there real reasons for all this. I went to school in Fullerton all my life and can only think of 3-4 great teachers, but could name of several teachers who were quick to give up on a kid and couldn’t wait for class to end.

    A couple years ago in San Diego a similar station happened and all the teachers had a meeting and volunteered to take pay cuts to insure no cuts. That same idea was presented with these teachers and well, you see what they have chosen.

    I can’t help but to remember the prop 187 protest and how the teachers were against student walking out to protest and now look at them.

    Have some pride and dignity, you are expressing an ugly side and stop using our children to cover up your greed!

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