Another Federal Lawsuit Filed Against FPD

Attorney Garo Mardirossian followed through with his promise yesterday, and now Fullerton is facing a new federal lawsuit from that guy who was wrongfully arrested for filming the police last year.

The suit alleges that Officer Kenton Hampton wrongfully assaulted Veth Mam and that officers Jonathan Miller, Frank Nguyen and Daniel Solario falsified police reports in an attempt to convict Mam for an assault against a police officer that he did not, in fact, commit.

Read the lawsuit

The DA and the FPD had attempted prosecution of Mam earlier this year, despite viewing this video of the event which completely conflicts with what the officers wrote in their reports. A jury has already sided against the FPD and determined that Mam was innocent.

View the police reports

Chief Sellers is also named in the suit for willfully refusing to discipline or hold accountable any of his officers for felonies they allegedly committed against Veth Mam. He is also accused of allowing his department to “cover up acts of misconduct and abuse, “ that he “sanctioned a code of silence by and among officers,” and that the FPD “threatened, intimidated, demoted and fired officers who reported acts of abuse by other officers.”

Mardirossian says that if Chief Sellers had taken appropriate action against officer Kenton Hampton (one of the officers involved in the death of Kelly Thomas) at the time, Kelly Thomas might still be alive today.

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    1. how stupid do you have to be to stand so close and vidio tape somthing thats non of your bizness.
      The police officers no matter where you at have to deal with the same kind of idiots that want to pervolk them . thats why they get in trouble …stupid …let them do thier jobs ….

      1. It IS our business!

        John Donne quote. Even you have to know this one.

        “All mankind is of one author, and is one volume; when one man dies, one chapter is not torn out of the book, but translated into a better language; and every chapter must be so translated…As therefore the bell that rings to a sermon, calls not upon the preacher only, but upon the congregation to come: so this bell calls us all: but how much more me, who am brought so near the door by this sickness….No man is an island, entire of itself…any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.”

  1. Great news. Another nail in the coffin for FPD.

    Couldn’t they go after OCDA too? They prosecuted Mam after seeing the video. They had to know the police reports were falsified.

    These lawsuits are going to be successful. We still need to focus on the prize:
    1. Charges against the Kelly Thomas murdering 6.
    2. In-depth investigation of FPD at State and Federal level.
    3. Resignation or recall of most of the City Council.

    1. Unfortunately, the DA has what’s called “absolute immunity.” It’s not quite absolute in practice, but pretty close. That’s why you never hear about anything happening to DAs and judges.

      Yet the DA has the most powerful position in the entire criminal justice system – with virtually unbridled discretion about whom to prosecute and what for. And what cases not to prosecute. That’s why we see so few prosecutions of cops.

      That’s why fundamental changes in state law if we are ever going to be in charge of our own government. A good first step will be to compile the emails of the arrogant cops on the board flaunting their power and their practical immunity, their pensions, their paid vacations, etc., and make the mockery they’ve made against our justice system known to all.

        1. Reality Is on August 20, 2011
          You will never be in charge of anything.

          Fella,’ Do you have any idea what an arrogantly ignorant thing you just said? You have no idea who may be posting here or what the future holds. Life can sometimes surprise the unholy hell out of you. Yet you seem to actually pride yourself in saying foolish things. What kind of person does that? You are proud of your arrogance? You are proud of your ignorance? You are a real piece of work, cupcake.

          You are simply posting your wishes and trying to convince everyone they are Reality. REALITY IS, you are not going to get your wishes.

          One thing is increasingly apparent, you are no Cop. You have nothing to do with the legal system or politics. You ARE a Court Jester, no pun intended.

          Oh yeah, Lots of people liked poor Kelly. Despite his medical condition.

          WHO LIKES YOU? Still can’t think of an answer? You could always just make something up. Heck, everything else you say is made up anyway.


  2. Oh, and I forgot to add, after that, citizens need to figure out how to take down T-Rack. There will be no justice in OC until we do.

      1. Unless Tony B is a member of the Bohemian Club, Bilderberg, Freemasons and/or current or former CIA he’s not going to get anywhere near any real power.

        Just how things are in “The OC”.

  3. Totally agree that the leader of these swine is T-Rack! Look up his cozy relationship with George Argyros, also his biggest contributor to his re-election. George Argyros owns Arnel Development which owns thousands of rental properties here in O.C. and he has been ripping it’s tenants off for years by keeping deposits and charging thousands in fraufulent damage claims. The Orange County District Attorney’s office has been presented with criminal cases against Arnel and have never filed charges. The last time George Argyros was charged, the charges were dropped by T-Rack and George Bush appointed him to Ambassador of Spain. Look this up as it’s all documented just hushed up like everything else.


      1. Tree huggers? lol What is this the 60’s? You forget to take you’re meds grandpa?

        Yeah, anyone seeking justice is a “tree hugger”. Brilliant.

  5. I and my family have already experienced retaliation from the Fullerton PD which is exactly why I’m here : )

    1. Everyone has been threatened and disrespected by the police. Just ask anyone that has ever got a ticket lol 🙂

  6. then logically, we need a third party, titled “no longer an establishment cash cow”, for too long, we, taxpayers, have been herded by the proud and the powerful, our public servants, into their personal vision for a better place evidenced by the increasingly intrusive laws, statutes, oversight commissions, agencies. Every level of government loves to prod us into submitting to their benevolent authority. Yet, if we question their actions more of our tax dollars are used to buy more experts and officials to tell us we can’t think for ourselves. Instead, we, the tax payer, must submit to the experts “independent” thoughts. Inevitiably, the experts consistently absolve our masters, the proud and the powerful, our public servants, of any wrong doing. Law is the matrix of civilization and when it is corrupted our social contract with our representative government becomes null and void and we the people are left with the grotesque Pat McKinley, Rusty Kennedy, Michael Gennaco who use our tax dollars to cover up the murder of a disabled, homeless man. But , we the people, have the streets, we have protest, we have thoughts that we may express to passerbys on the streets of fullerton. As the street person, kelly thomas was killed on Fullerton’s streets, so justice only will be brought to his killers, the FPD, by protesting it in the streets. Push back! (sorry for the animal metaphor, I take it form Orwell’s Animal Farm)

  7. Anaheim shooting. Now this one. You activists are lagging. It’s happening in every city in the US. Get busy and handle these.

    GARDEN GROVE (KTLA) — Police shot and wounded a man early this morning after he allegedly threatened them with a knife and gun outside his home.

    Garden Grove officers responded to a report about 2:15 a.m. that a man committed suicide at an apartment complex in the 13000 block of Ferndale Drive. When they arrived, they found a 41-year-old man, whose name has not been released, outside his apartment.


    Undercover Officers Shoot Suspect In North Hollywood

    Cal State Student Killed in Fontana Police Shooting

    As the officers tried to talk to the man, he brandished a knife at them, according to a news release issued by the Garden Grove Police Department. Officers gave several commands for the man to drop the knife. He refused and pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at the officers.

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    That’s when the officers shot the man, according to the release.

    The man was not immediately killed in the shooting. Paramedics rushed him to UCI Medical center, where he is listed in critical condition.

    The Orange County District Attorney’s Office and the Garden Grove Police Department are investigating the shooting.

    Anyone with information is urged to contact the Garden Grove Police Department at 714-741-5800.

  8. The Washington Supreme Court just handed down a decision that internal police review records must be made available to the public.

    In a split decision, they ruled the names could be redacted out (5-4). Only one justice dissented and didn’t want anything released. The case comes from a Seattle-area female attorney (Bainbridge Island) who alleged a Seattle cop choked and sexually assaulted her. IA found the charges “unsubstantiated.” WA law already requires “substantiated” IA cases to be made public, and the police guild is challenging that law because it conflicts with their precious government welfare contract.

    In California, state law needs to be changed to require police misconduct investigations be made public. Without transparency, it’s pretty hard to move off of square one.

      1. You’re right, it won’t be easy. As you said above, it will in fact take millions. And because of inertia, given the size and scope of California’s many problems in becoming slaves of the public employees unions, it will likely happen in other states first.

        As pathetic as your defense of the status quo is, at least you point out the “reality” instead of couching it in bogus defenses of the indefensible. At least in these recent posts.

        So be a sport. What’s the first thing we should work to change. POBAR? Suppose you were advising us on the up and up. What would you recommend besides giving up?

        1. First thing would be use Rons $10 million for the fight. Pobar would be tough. I don’t think that’s possible. Union busting is already happening. Seeing that your group thinks police and fire work is a scam and everyone is over paid and over pensioned, maybe come up with something so that in 20 years you don’t have forces that are 90% bad and criminal instead of the 1-3% they are now. The future is looking much worse than now for corruption and abuse the way things are heading.

      2. by Reality Is on August 20, 2011
        Laws are in place. You won’t be able to get it changed. You sure can try though lol

        Expect you would have said exactly the same in Washington, before that ruling. Laws get changed, amended, passed, or struck down every day in the good ol’ US of A. But, you can always be counted on to say something foolish, Court Jester. I can imagine you hunched over your computer keyboard, colorful baggy sleeves getting in the way of your fumbling fingers, with the bell-topped part of your floppy hat dangling in front between your crooked eyes. What colors are your jester suit, red and yellow, or is it made from various scraps of old discarded police uniforms? Perhaps both the above in a crazy patchwork non-pattern of blues, browns, grey, black, red, and yellow?

        Laugh now, clown, laugh. When it’s all over you’ll be singing, See the Funny Little Clown…

        Here’s the start, so you can began memorizing your lines. Just substitute Cops for girl toward the end. It’s easy, UnReality IS, even a Jester can learn the words. You can do this:

        See the funny little clown
        See him laughing as you walk by,
        Everybody thinks he’s happy
        Cause you never see a tear in his eye.
        No one knows he’s crying,
        No one knows he’s dying on the inside
        Cause he’s laughing on the outside, mm,
        No one knows, no one knows…..

        Just Google ‘See the Funny Little Clown’ after you get these lines memorized, and you can find the rest of the lyrics.

  9. Watch out for officer Sean McCabe with California Highway Patrol… he is a psycho. Was considering filing falsified police reports against me… evading a police officer for backing my car up two feet because I forgot that it was in reverse. These cops are everywhere.

    Justice for this guy! I can not believe these cops did this.

  10. I was wondering why it’s so quiet on here. You are all holding signs and yelling!! Time to roll from Newport and drive by!

    1. Keep it up. Every stupid, arrogant thing you say will be used to embarass the FPD and its officers even further. You really are hurting your cause.

      1. Reality is that your small group isn’t the majority of the City. There are anti police groups like yours in every city. That’s reality. Majority of citizens appreciate the good work the police do. Deal with it.

        1. Apparently you haven’t even read your own post: “… appreciate the good work.” We ALL appreciate the good work.

          Most of us, though (those with souls), condemn the unjust barbaric, unlawful, and immoral work that many police do. Sadly, I don’t think you are capable of distinguishing between the two. Deal with THAT!

  11. Nah, he’s probably just another blue haired old man who’s scared of his own shadow.

    He can’t tell the difference between an “anti cop” group, whatever that is, and pissed off citizens.

    Don’t waste your time with this moron.

      1. I have 18 years in public service. I’ve seen many a city manager and council go at the behest of the citizens over way less than what has occored in Fullerton. I’m pretty sure you’re the one who is dreaming, fella.

  12. Reality is I’m talking about state action, and view the majority at present as woefully uninformed about the huge expense of the police, the overtime rip-offs, the pension rip offs, and the extent to which they could become the next victims of your close to admitted facism. It won’t be easy, but it’s a good cause. Protests help to keep the story in the news. But we will need a broad-based lobbying group at the state level to effect much real change, as most of the problems stem from state laws.

    The good news is that there are lots of people on both the right and the left concerned about the problem. The first step has to be getting rid of the state secrecy laws. Again, without transparency we can’t get anywhere.

    1. Debatable. Wall street passed by. Real estate passed by. Now the sky is falling because of cops and fire. If you actually look at the factual numbers, it’s nothing like you think. But good luck. I could care less what changes they make. I just think the future is bleak in terms of quality with major changes. I know, I know you think everyone is already corrupt. I’m talking reality. There are numerous small groups like you desire, but they just preach their dreams and no one listens. It will take a large voice and millions of dollars.

  13. Wow! I just read the police reports – what a bunch a lying scum bags!

    Particularly, check out Miller’s report on page 42 and Hampton’s on page 40.

    This is a SLAM DUNK case!

    1. You were there? You saw the incident? Wow….and how do you know it was falsified? Did you know that Miller was trying to arrest someone who had a man jump on his back and bring him to the ground while another man kicked him in the ribs, all on his own before the video even started and before backup even arrived? Or maybe you didn’t know that Miller went to the hospital for injuries obtained from this? Whatever the case may be for you to point fingers, I say you wait to start your pointing until ALL INFORMATION is released. Because to me….someone who did see everything and someone who has talked to the two bouncers that were right there and saw everything, you sound like a rambling idiot that hides behind a computer.

  14. WANTED: To answer for the MURDER of Kelly Thomas:

    Jay Cecinelli
    Kenton Hampton
    Manny Ramos
    Joe Wolfe
    James Blatney

    “Stop resisting, stop resisting” the TRUTH

  15. I do agree with you on the Hampton case though. We know the facts, at least most of them. If he lied and made that up then he needs to go. I agree with getting rid of bad cops when based on the facts of the case and from what we know, he is a liability and and for the job. Dump him.

    1. Reality Is:

      Agree on Hampton. What is your view on Hamilton and Goodrich’s
      statements about that case? Also what do you think about Nguyen – faking the reports to cover Hampton or an honest mistake?

      For what it’s worth I don’t think cops or firefighters are overpaid and I don’t think they ought to lose their pensions. I think there are plenty of good
      police out there. And firemen, is someone criticizing them? Not me.

      1. I think Hamilton has done great. Goodrich only says what the Chief and command staff tell him to say. I think if someone else lied besides Hampton, they should be disciplined. Investigate and discipline.

        Police and fire are the current topic now that wall street and the real estate market have passed us by. It is what it is.

        1. I don’t think so. Nobody is mad at the fire dept. This isn’t about police pay, or pensions, or benefits. This is about police misconduct, attitudes, abuse of power, collusion, cover-up, corruption.

        2. Also, you said if someone lied on their reports they should be disciplined. Well, it looks like someone did, but I agree, innocent until proven guilty. But why did it take a lawsuit to get the Chief to look into this incident? Does FPD even have an Internal Affairs unit? What the hell do they do?

    2. “If he lied and made that up then he needs to go. ”
      This is our biggest problems in Fullerton, Orange county, and California.
      We let these crooks getting away all the time. Judges, District Attorney, and Union are snake guarding hen house. Like gangs, most likely they will do it again and better with time.

  16. “I do agree with you on the Hampton case though. We know the facts, at least most of them. If he lied and made that up then he needs to go. I agree with getting rid of bad cops when based on the facts of the case and from what we know, he is a liability and and for the job. Dump him”

    Wow, you actually said something that makes sense. From the facts it appears Hampton and possibly his buddies commited several felonies that should have had him at home watching T.V. while he was awaiting a federal trial. He was on the streets with a gun and from the looks of it and the evidence that has been released he committed more felonies….. Do you get it? Cops commiting multiple felonies (on video) and in their own handwriting, the brass covering it up, the DA covering it up and prosecuting anyway to try and make the wronged look guilty. Do you get why everyone is so fired up? If you are a decent honest cop you should be fired up to. Look what these clowns have done and look what they continue to do. They beat a man to death, and went back watched a video, coordinated reports, went home and took a shower and were back on the streets where they could falsly arrest, trump up charges, beat a guy to death etc… if they wanted to. I do not know what to say if you just do not get that.

    1. I only agree there is a possibility of one bad cop. Time will tell. I do not agree there are more than 1 until evidence shows otherwise.

        1. 5th. I actually encountered a whacked out schizo chick at the ATM the other night. Frickin nut job. The lady there said please don’t leave me. No teeth. Yelling. Made me think of Kelly. This chick was out of her mind and if she would have touched me I would have fought like hell. Even knowing she was schizo made it that much more dangerous. So just cause someone is schizo doesnt make them any less dangerous. I saw it in this chicks face. Turned out she walked out of the nut house down the street.

          1. So bottom line is, you’re a pussy. You’re afraid of one “schizo” woman with no teeth. “if she would have touched” you that would be an excuse for you to beat her unmercifully.

            That is exactly what is wrong with police in this country. They don’t serve the public. They serve themselves. They’re pussies and think using deadly force anytime is ok if they feel the tiniest bit threatened. And they always feel threatened because under their macho bullshit they’re bullies and pussies.

  17. It would be in the best interest, of so called “good cops” to out the so called “bad cops” if not for the sake of justice, or moral decency, but for self preservation. There is an element of society, that seeks revenge for wrongs, either real or imagined, done to them by PD’s and will seek retribution by any means, and that usually refers to resorting to violence, upon anyone wearing a badge. I think an officer was just killed in S.D. last week, minutes after having done a good turn for a kid in a McD restaurant. He could have been picking up the tab for another cops misdeeds, and it cost him his life.

    1. Well said!

      I believe we can now add 3 or 4 more names to the “bad pigs” in FPD list. That brings us to ~10 now! However, we still have DOES 1-10 in this case; and in Kelly’s case – the dispatchers, watch commanders, supervisors, etc… that have conspired and colluded in the cover-up of his MURDER!

  18. As many stories unfold in front of our eyes, Fullerton is a corrupted government at all levels, starting from the top with treachery. Now it catchs up to you. Blood stain has memory…
    Mama says, “Stupid is as stupid does.” Young Forrest Gump.

  19. Again…proves or disproves nothing. The media lining their pockets with money at the expense of others. As usual this guy is no saint, and the officer(s) didn’t just randomly pull him out of the air and pin this case on him…and regardless of what the MEDIA says to enrage the public…he was not just videoing the incident which landed him in jail. Stop trying to incite something. Don’t get upset or jump on the band wagon because you once got a ticket you didn’t want or once got a DUI because you drank over the legal limit or once got stopped cause you or your vehicle matched a description of something. GET OVER IT PEOPLE! There are bad individuals in every line of work…police work is ugly…and outcomes majority of the time is not what you want…in every other country if the police say STOP…you STOP. This country thinks they are above everything and think they can question everything.

    1. We CAN and should question everything. That is what our forefathers founded this country on. What 3rd world $hithole did you escape from you ungrateful dunce?

    2. Guess what, I’ve never been in trouble with the law except two moving violations over 8 years ago. I want the police to issue more duis and do a better job policing the neighborhoods. I’ve always supported the police.

      The current state of affairs right now though is complete bullshit. Police officers aren’t above the law as much as they like to apparently think. I don’t understand the way of thinking that cops should be able to do whatever they want, with their actions lately they are no better than the criminals.

  20. No corrupted cops or dirty politicans go to prison unless the Fed got involved. They are protected themselves not us.
    Fullerton cops and Orange County sheriffs never like video camera around them for many good reasons.
    Cops are not as “honorable” as you think. They are as dirty as politicans and worse than the people they putting in jails.

  21. Orange County judges and DA along with powerful cops unions are right behind to protect each others…If you really want to know about modern enteprise gangsters…This is the best Orange County and Fullerton City have to offer.

  22. I always try to understand/anticipate my opponants actions wether in a mundane game of chess, or in life, and I don’t think I would be feeling to confident if I was one of the “accused 6”. Their united front seems to be crumbling a little more every day. McKinnely abandoning Sellers, Sellers abandoning FPD, Felz abandoning himself, ( a request for 35,000 raise in the midst of all of this, really?) Goodrich (everthing that comes out of his mouth) Hampton involved in another case of brutality and perjury.(credibility, of which he has none) The owners of the Slidebar probobly dont want their only patrons to be cops who drink for free, will they and their workers be able to keep a “dirty little secret”, if indeed there is one, (being approached by FPD to make a phony report about a homless man breaking into cars) when the FBI starts turning up the heat. An insider from the FPD has already come forward and given information that has been confirmed to be true in the last couple of weeks. (allowed to view video of beating, while writing reports) The least culpable of the 6, will he be able to keep quite, when faced with the possibillity of his freedom, livelihood, family being lost, if found to be guilty, along with the rest. Or will one of the 6 conscience begin to weigh too heavily upon them, and they come forward of their own accord. Not in check, yet, but I am counting the moves….off to Fullerton!

  23. It’s time for American citizens to wake up and understand that there is a “guilty until proven innocent” attitude among police.

    If they were wearing denim and leather when they attacked someone, they would be called a “gang.” Instead, because they wear uniforms, they are called “police.”

    We need to get the laws changed so that “bad cops” under investigation are suspended WITHOUT PAY! We must hold them accountable to the same laws that we must obey. There should be no double standard – police are NOT above the law!

    It is shameful that you can be detained, assaulted, humiliated, kept in jail, lose your job, and worse – simply for watching and recording them.

    America has become a police state, that’s for sure.

    However, “We the People” have had enough and are increasingly fighting back against our bloated government’s corruption!

    The momentum has now shifted to our side!

    1. Police are suspended without pay once they are guilty. They are not suspended without pay just because you come up and say they did something. Make sense? You won’t be able to change that. Ever. Just like this case. You are presuming guilty before anyone is guilty or even charged. You can’t change that either. Get used to it.

    1. Greenhut is a personal friend of Tonys, over 20 years, any friend of Tony’s can’t be trusted. When you write for a paper, you are suppose to report the facts. Since the investigation is not over, all of the facts have not been made public. Therefore, Greenhut needs to stop writing his opinion.

      1. Yeah. Free speech be damned!

        You are a useful idiot. You continually demonstrate that at the heart of it all, you are violently opposed to the liberties that make this country what it is.

  24. So, who’s the guy who had his arms around Miller when the first officer arrived? And who was the guy who was grabbing the officer as he was taking the guy to the ground? Well, you can’t see it, but you can see the officer push somebody and tell him to get back. Was that not Mam?

    Did the jury REALLY get it right?

    1. THANK YOUUUU!!!!! Everyone is so damn fired up about Kelly (with reason, I understand). But to second guess everything that happens in Fullerton from that moment on, is not right. LOOK AT THE VIDEO CLOSELY and you will see Miller alone and having three guys trying to pull their friend away from Miller.

  25. I wanted to buy a house in Fullerton. I don’t think I can afford the Taxes now, with all the lawsuits caused by FPD.

  26. @Reality Is – I’m tired of reading your bullshit statements regarding this incident.

    How about you use your real name, respond back to me, and lets get together and debate this issue you so eloquently state is perpetuated by us “tree huggers”.

    People like you make the world an awful place to live in.

    So how ’bout it “Reality Is”, you ready to boogie?

    1. i was tempted to reply to @reality is , but forget about it, that

      one is the too-clever-by-half type, like the dirty cop terrorists

      with “police powers.”

  27. Is it true mardirosian comes from a family of doctors who work at st jude hospital and the family is upset bcuz they speak fondly of the police? Hmmm, st jude, medical records, lawyer/lawsuit?

  28. Reality Is is a toadie for those in power, he does not have power. Your entire pathetic life is serving the corrupt looters. Congrats on your pathetic serville life of ignominy.

  29. @mainjet. Lol, that was a good one. Dont forget the speeding tickets there gonna need to give out also. Lol

  30. Stinking toadie cunt boot lickers like Reality Is are always crowing about how “things are going to get so much worse” if they have to behave like human beings instead of filthy thuggish animals. Yet when the LAPD was forced to reform and move away from the thuggish Cheif Gates style (hero to all thug cops, especially the White ones cause he had all the thugs “backs,” right or wrong and supported the code of silence and gang mentality of the LAPD) and tactics, the city got safer. They have the lowest homicide rate since before the Watts riots.

    Is Reality does not believe in justice or America, he is a servant of power. He has an authoritarian and obedient mind, and can’t be changed. Many times his ilk and more than a few cops are latent homosexuals who become cops to play tough and be macho in order to cope with their inner conflicts over their sexuality.

  31. I’m wondering how many suits have been filed but quietly hushed up. It would be good to take a 5-10 year period and know the number of suits filed against the Fullerton PD.

    As evidenced on earlier comment threads, the brutal and thuggish cop mentality and also the lying has been experienced before with people who’ve come up against the Fullerton PD.

    Justice and reform must go hand in hand. I’m not against a Police Commission, but realize that we have to reform the current city council and management before putting together a committee. If we don’t, we’ll end up with the Chamber of Commerce making up the entire Commission.

  32. @ Tusabes I received one recently. Beware they like to poach on Harbor at the railroad bridge. Two motorcycle FPD were writing at the same time 100′ apart, the officer who wrote me held up 4 fingers to the other; evidently they must have had a contest going.

  33. Was at the protest today and had a long conversation with a homeless guy who–suprise!–was quite bright and articulate and interesting. He theorized that since Ron Thomas made the decision to pull the plug on his son that there is no way possible that any of the cops can be accused of killing Kelly: because he was still alive after the beating. I bring this up not to give any person any reason to go easy on the cops, but that this is the kind of legal technicality that savvy lawyers, and corrupt prosecutors could easily use to let the McKinley 6 walk…

    1. You’re right. Kelly didn’t die on the street, he died in the hospital, after Ron Thomas pulled the plug.

  34. It’s simply amazing at how frail these muscular men in blue really are.

    Who is footing the bill for these chickenshit ER visits?

  35. All the FPD supporters must not be Fullerton citizens who are going to have to foot the multi-million dollar bill these police are costing the city. Although I despise what these cops did to Kelly Thomas, I almost feel sorry for Cicinelli. The guy loses an eye on duty and obviously FPD does nothing to make sure he gets the mental counseling he needs to deal with the tragedy. Not sure why the other five are off in the head. Maybe their daddies smacked them around or they got picked on as kids. Bullies are always victims before they become victimizers.

    1. by Brandon on August 20, 2011
      All the FPD supporters must not be Fullerton citizens who are going to have to foot the multi-million dollar bill these police are costing the city. Although I despise what these cops did to Kelly Thomas, I almost feel sorry for Cicinelli. The guy loses an eye on duty and obviously FPD does nothing to make sure he gets the mental counseling he needs to deal with the tragedy.

      Brandon, I can understand your sympathy for Cincinelli. In the beginning I felt some too, but despite what cops think, they are not above the law. Just as the man who shot Cincinelli in the face is in prison for committing his crime, law enforcers should be held to no lower a standard than criminals. They should be held to a higher standard. Yes, we are all human, and we all make mistakes, but the rest of Americans are held accountable for their mistakes even Congressmen and Senators. Why should police be allowed to only obey those laws they choose when they choose? Someone else pointed out here [almost] all bullies were victims of bullying first. Cincinelli did the crime, Cincinelli can do the time. Justice is.

      That said, since Pat Mckinley hired Cincinelli with full knowledge of his history and his having been released by LAPD it was Mckinley’s responsibility to see Cincinelli got the appropriate treatment for his mental illness.

      Is there any law prohibiting civil suits from being filled against former bosses by Federal prisoners?

  36. outraged :Shouldnt you forward this blog to Art on the OJ blog. I heard he’s into that kind of stuff. Gross!

    Thanks for taking that off. There is no reason to have that kind of stuff on here. I’m glad someone has a conscious.

    Travis, tell me about your FPD family member. Is that the informant? Come on, you know I’m not the only one that came to that conclusion.

  37. What a lowlife scum thug gangster you are Reality Is. Bootmaker for the King. YOU are the jester. Good dance you porky monkey. I am sure you abusive to everyone in your life.

  38. Hey Reality is… all 3 of us that post here were on the streets… but we cloned ourselves in a top secret experiment just to prove you wrong. So it was 100’s of blogger clones on the street… not fed up citizens, go to sleep now you will not go to prison….. psyche!

  39. Reality is. Four fingers means no backup. That took all of two seconds to Google. Must be cool top secret cop stuff.

  40. Send Officer Frank Nguyen back to Vietnam so he can taste what jail in Communist prison. Frank Nguyen you are Pure VC.

  41. Officer Frank Nguyen! You are disgraceful! May be you was train by communist to be lie. You should go back to Vietnam and also your family. You don’t deserve to live here!

  42. Falsifying police reports:
    cops routinely joke about it; they willingly repeat those lies under oath in court. That is called perjury. In my memory, only cop ever prosecuted for perjury was mark fuhrman. DA had to prosecute him, his perjury was so blatant

  43. nomad :
    It would be in the best interest, of so called “good cops” to out the so called “bad cops” if not for the sake of justice, or moral decency, but for self preservation. There is an element of society, that seeks revenge for wrongs, either real or imagined, done to them by PD’s and will seek retribution by any means, and that usually refers to resorting to violence, upon anyone wearing a badge. I think an officer was just killed in S.D. last week, minutes after having done a good turn for a kid in a McD restaurant. He could have been picking up the tab for another cops misdeeds, and it cost him his life.

    I fear my friend, that you are right on the money with that guess, which is why I don’t understand why ‘good’ cops turn a blind eye to ‘bad’ cops breaking Laws and even cover for them like they are doing for the FPD 6. The mad dogs amongst them are not only dangerous to criminals (they are paid only to apprehend suspects–not to judge and punish them), homeless folks (like Kelly), and citizens (like Veth Mam), but even to their own brethren (fellow cops like the one at McD). When are ALL Cops going to wake up to the Reality that IS: brutality by ANY of them is harmful to ALL of them, and start policing themselves? Apologize for repeating your eloquent message in other words, but this is a point that seems to need stressing to get through some pretty thick skulls, and if we beat them in the head, like they beat Kelly, we go to prison without passing GO and collecting $200.

  44. mr. boo :
    Was at the protest today and had a long conversation with a homeless guy who–suprise!–was quite bright and articulate and interesting. He theorized that since Ron Thomas made the decision to pull the plug on his son that there is no way possible that any of the cops can be accused of killing Kelly: because he was still alive after the beating. I bring this up not to give any person any reason to go easy on the cops, but that this is the kind of legal technicality that savvy lawyers, and corrupt prosecutors could easily use to let the McKinley 6 walk…

    It does seem “surprising” that a homeless guy would come up with “the kind of legal technicality that savvy lawyers, and corrupt prosecutors could easily use.” However, I expect when medical reports are subpoenaed by Thomas’ lawyer the medical evidence will prove Kelly was already brain dead long before the ‘plug was pulled,’ in which case the FPD would be absolved of nothing. Mr. Thomas hired a lawyer known for his winning record. Afraid the homeless guy coming to the aid of the FPD 6 won’t provide a ‘win’ for them. Nice of him to try and help them though, wasn’t it? Much more compassion than they have ever shown for homeless people. Ah, the irony.

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