Oh, Brother! Another Wet Tongue Bath

No, it doesn't get weirder.

A while back we shared a classic lackey moment when Matthew J. Cunningham gave former Anaheim Mayor-for-Hire and all-round sleaze Kurt Pringle a vigorous lingual lather up.

Hey, those cigars don't pay for themselves...

Not to be out done by an amateur, The Register’s in-house boot-lick-name-dropper Frank Mickadeit decided to do him one better, and offered up a sloppy tongue-job to the man the State’s Attorney general found be conflicted in his serial roles as lobbyist, mayor, and Boondoggle HSR Chairman.

Now, we all know that Pringle is and always has been in it for Pringle. But good old Frank seems perfectly willing to pass along the nonsense that Pringle is out of elective politics to focus on his business. No. Pringle is out of elective politics because there is no longer any elective office that wouldn’t be a detriment to his business.

Of course we hear from former Anaheim garbage hauler Bill Taormina, supporter of the lamest of the lame Lorri Galloway, who believes that Pringle should be California’s governor or maybe a senator. Taormina has millions of reasons to praise Pringle, but there is no more moral underpinning for his support of Pringle than there was for his giving Galloway three fake addresses in his various rental units so she could run a fraudulent campaign for County supervisor.

Which leads to the conclusion that the sooner the pathetic Register goes under for the third and final time, the better.

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    1. Savage, you missed the point. The entire thing is an installation, replete with mannequins depicting Pringle and Tait, among others.

      The purpose appears to be to depict the institutionalization of small-town conventions as a way of manipulating and entrapping the soul. Notice how the slats of the bench are vertical representations of jail bars; how the image, wrought large, is superimposed on a real building, representing codification and calcification.

      Did the artist have any sense of the enormity of Kurt Pringle’s financial wheeling and dealing while purporting to be about conservative government? I believe so, and I believe this has been captured in the cartoonishly creepy idyllic picture depicting Pringle and his old lady in some sort of horrific retirement.

  1. The creeps in the GOP, like Pringle, gives meals, cigars and liquor to Mickadeit at the Balboa Bay Club to feed his ego and theirs.


  2. The picture is clearly a tableau of Curt and his wife enjoying a well-deserved retirement in some city that’s clearly not Anaheim. The tip-offs: a) there’s parkland, and b) there are no hyper-dense Redevelopment-funded people containment units in the background (or foreground); these two things are not congruent with Curt’s glorious vision of Anaheim’s future.

  3. I just founf out that Jordan Brandman is working for Tom Daly. WTF Jordan cant find a job. I was told he is making over 80,000 dollars of taxpayers money and this guys is not even qualified. Tom Daly is a miserable old fart who cant show up to work and he is having an affair with Anna and Chanta in his office. I have seen pictures and friends of Anna and Chanta have told me.

  4. “Which leads to the conclusion that the sooner the pathetic Register goes under for the third and final time, the better.”

    Amen. I had some hope that they might not suck so badly when they were taken over by their bankers and the Hoiles lost control. But they just keep getting worse. I wonder if they are still hemorrhaging readers faster than any other major daily in Califonria.

  5. A friend of mine works at the Clerk Recorder office. She told me that they are remodeling at the Clerk Recorder office.

    I don’t understand the County is broke and this idiot Tom Daly continues to spend taxpayers money and the Board of Supervisors continue to look the other away.

    Are they afraid of him or because he is elected so they let him do whatever he wants to do.

    It’s still taxpayers money and if he has that much money to remodel than maybe he should lower the fees at his office.

    Don’t forget he purchased a building for 2.1 million dollars that is still sitting empty.

    1. “Don’t forget he purchased a building for 2.1 million dollars that is still sitting empty.”

      Oh, I haven’t forgotten about that. It’s never far from my mind!

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