Oh Yeah, It’s Mandated!

It's MAN-dated!

Aren’t ya just sick and tired of watching our city council continue vote on things because they say it’s “mandated.”  I can think of dozens of times hearing O’l Doc Hee Haw holler “we don’t have a choice cause it’s man-dated” or “it’s the law.” Now, when was the last time you ever heard of any city councilman going to jail because he voted his conscience against something really stupid?

The reality is that our allegedly conservative Republican political representatives are indulging their own high price, big-government sentiments, and hiding behind policies established by one of the most liberal legislatures in the nation – and of course continually giving away the store to public employee unions.

Friends, the next time you hear someone say “it’s mandated” or, “it’s the law” tell ’em to prove it. And proving it doesn’t mean saying it’s true because you heard it from the City Attorney who is shilling for some staff make-work project or other.

8 Replies to “Oh Yeah, It’s Mandated!”

  1. Thanks to the Little Corporal Ed Royce for these idiot repuglicans. We might as well have elected Democrats, but Ed wouldn’t like that that because then someone might have challenged him for his crappy little job.

    Well, apparently we’re rid of him soon. I wonder if he will continue to meddle in Fullerton politics like Ackerman does.

  2. Yep. Think of all the “affordable” housing that costs three times as much as a private house but gives Fullerton’s houseacrats and redevelopment bureaucrats something to do.

    It’s the law!

  3. Didn’ ya’all heaya mah? H’it’s the LAW! We Gots ta send 400,000 smackers back ta thu IRS on account a it wudn’t spent when it shoulda been! Ya see? We gots ta spend that money. It’s MANdated!!

  4. It’s the path of least resistance for the tiny brain. Ah can’t think fer meseff ’cause ah say, ah say – it’s the law!

  5. My biggest beef: Curt Pringle, Mr. Free Market, the first chair of the bullet train fiasco board. But it’s mandated! We have to spend the money or they will take it away!

    Fullerton ought to give back the RDA money and tell the feds to stuff it. We have enough low income housing–look at Orangethorpe, it’s filled with “low income” panhandlers.

  6. Can you help me. Someone from the City Of Fullerton is useing his power to make my life miserable.

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