Kelly Thomas Medical Records To Be Released









We have learned from Ron Thomas, father of Kelly Thomas, that the medical records of his son who was beaten to death by six Fullerton cops, will be released tomorrow. Thomas’ lawyer, Garo Mardirossian, will present the medical facts of the case plus additional forensic analysis to the media at his offices in Los Angeles at 11:00 AM.

FFFF will be there to record the entire event.

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  1. Also- Tonight Channel 5 KTLA 10 o’clock news- a preview of the computer generated animation of the beating that will be shown at the news conference tomorrow

    1. Can someone make sure to post this on YouTube or at the link to the video on KTLA’s website if they post it there?

  2. this is very good news..

    i just heard them on KFI …

    also, they said tonight at 10pm channel 5, will have animation of what happened to Kelly, created with the help of Doctors…


  3. and please support:
    Protest/Sit In on behalf of Kelly Thomas

    Friday, September 16 · 3:00pm – 5:30pm
    Orange County DA’s Office
    401 Civic Center Drive West
    Santa Ana, California

    Lets keep the pressure on Tony Rackauckas -he must depose & bring charges against the Fullerton 6 for the murder of Kelly Thomas. Lets have Kelly’s Army out in full force!! His record speaks for itself…..

    Via Hector Villagra who is the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California….

    In a nation defined by the concepts of justice, due process, and the rule of law, police must obey the law while they enforce the law. So who polices the police?

    We depend on the local district attorney’s office to investigate the conduct of police officers. Now the Orange County District Attorney’s office has been called upon to investigate misconduct against Kelly Thomas, the Fullerton man who was beaten to death by six police officers last month.

    Can we rely on Tony Rackauckas to police the police? His record speaks for itself.

    The OC Weekly reported that as of 2004, “[d]uring Rackauckas’s 10-year reign, the DA’s office has only once pursued charges in an officer-involved shooting case (against Douglas Bates, a customs officer, in 2005)”.

    There have been many more shootings—and many more officers cleared. Indeed, between January 2006 and September 2010, there were 73 officer-involved shootings in Orange County, more than half of them fatal. The DA’s office was responsible for conducting investigations into nearly all of them.

    In 2007, the DA’s office cleared two Huntington Beach police officers involved in the shooting death of Ashley MacDonald, who was shot 15 times when she charged at the officers with a knife. In that case, the DA’s office upheld the Sheriff’s Department policy that if an armed suspect is less than 21 feet away, an officer who fears for his or her life is allowed to shoot to kill.

    In 2009, Rackauckas’ office cleared an Anaheim officer who shot 20 year old Julian Alexander. Alexander had walked into his yard carrying a stick to investigate a commotion while his pregnant wife and in-laws slept inside. An officer shot him twice in the chest and then handcuffed him. Julian Alexander later died at a local hospital.

    At that time, I was the Director of the ACLU of Southern California’s Orange County office, and I called for Rackauckas to conduct a complete and rigorous investigation of the officer’s conduct. The officer was back on duty two months later.

    So we continue to question whether the DA can be relied on for an impartial investigation of Kelly Thomas’ death. The DA’s response to these concerns — that in 2008 his office filed charges against Christopher Hibbs, an Orange County sheriff’s deputy accused of tasering an armed-robbery suspect who was handcuffed in the back of his patrol car – sounds like the proverbial exception that proves the rule.

    It’s time to make a change. Whether it’s having the state attorney general or the federal department of justice investigate or creating a civilian review board to investigate, we need to ensure police accountability — to make sure police officers know that they will be held responsible for their actions when they use excessive force.

    1. Beautifully written post mi amiga. I was wondering if you knew if the OC Weekly will be asking their readers to help support our protest at the D.A.’s office on the 16th ? I was also thinking that it might be nice if someone had access to a bus to provide mass transportation from Fullerton to Santa Ana on the 16th to those locals who are without a ride?

      1. Get all the transients together too. Now that most transients are now moving from LA and other cities to Fullerton you should be able to have a nice stinky bus for them to go with you.

    2. Yes Carol in fact most police shootings are justified and legal. That will never change. There will be one here and there that are bad, but that’s the job of the DA to decide. Your post is asinine and just your affiliation with ACLU explains everything. Get a clue. Show proof that those shootings violated policy or law before you spout your big fat trap and imply that the cops did wrong.

    3. The key to your post is “when they use excessive force”. Now when they use force. Yes, cops will use force every day until the day we all die. It is not going away. Stick to your point of excessive force.

  4. FFFF deserves kudos and eloquents. They need our supports and we must work together.
    After all, this is our community and future. Do not let these crooks destroy until it is too little too late.

  5. the press confrence is going to be downtown somewhere.. on wilshire

    i thought i heard varsity resturant, but i would verify that please..

    FFFF will be there to record the entire event.

  6. this is in the header of post..

    Thomas’ lawyer, Garo Mardirossian, will present the medical facts of the case plus additional forensic analysis to the media at his offices in Los Angeles at 11:00 AM.

  7. I listened to Ron Thomas’ interview on KFI’s John & Ken and he did say him and his attorney will be presenting this at VArsity REstaurant on Wilshire, which I believe is east of dowtown a ways.

  8. FFFF are Fullerton’s heroes, Fullerton councilmembers McKinley, Bankhead, Jones, Orange County Human Relations Rusty Kennedy, District Attorney Rakauckas, Fullerton police chief Sellers are direct threat to our civil rights

    1. Why aren’t the other council people bad guys too? Just pick and choose the bad ones? Pick the ones that have any relation to police in their life and they are bad? Get a clue. It’s either everyone or no one. You are playing the politics game by picking certain ones that you like or don’t like, and that is what will bite you in the ass on the recall. Mark my words.

  9. It is now 6:30pm and KTLA 5 will be talking about FPD in some form. They showed that shot of officer KEnton Hampton getting ready to slap Mr. Mam as a preview.

  10. I am not a big ACLU supporter but when these cowards hide behind the “Police officers Bill of Rights” Then the ACLU can go after them with a passion. The ACLU should protect the 2nd Amendment and they would gain alot more legitimacy and support… the Constitution is the Constitution, whatever it takes to get Kelly’s murderers put away.

    1. I agree, corrupt — the ACLU tends to be overly overt in the way they pick and choose their battles.

      They have an agenda like everyone else, and that’s too bad.

      But when they’re right, they’re right; and they’re absolutely right about the police brutality epidemic.

      Forgive me for saying this because it sounds to me a little disrespectful, considering the heinous nature of the murder and the seriousness of the situation, but Kelly Thomas is becoming the worldwide poster boy (I hate that term; sorry) for the push against police brutality.

      When the ACLU actively steps on board for the Kelly Thomas murder, Cornpone Jones and his band of merry asshats will be in for an even more wild ride. Their collective goose is cooked.

      You Can Call Me Ray made a good bet a few posts down about tomorrow being an “ugly day” for the FPD.

      I’m with you, YCCMR. I’d take that bet, if I was throwing down on the FPD taking it in the shorts tomorrow.

      1. I agree SD. I’m not always on the side of the ACLU but on police brutality I can’t think of anyone else doing a better job.

    2. If not for the Peace Officers Bill of Rights people like you would step all over the police officers rights to fairness. That’s why POBR will never go anywhere. Thats’ why you will never have access to a police personnel file. That’s why you will never have a say in any discipline an officer receives. That’s why POBR was put in place years ago and that’s why it will never go away.

    1. i want some of that, OC already has an inflammatory article out from Ron Thomas interview on J/K today-honing in on “Im at war” sickening how they pull out one thing and twist it to make it seem negative-I want to puke

        1. No need to puke, MJ. I listened to Ron today on K&J and he was right on the point. Everything is cool tonight.

          KTLA will be airing the MR animation in less than two hours, Ron’s presser is less than fourteen hours away, and Kelly’s story is alive and well and GROWING day by day.

          The OC Register is practically irrelevant. They have few stones in this fight.

          Sleep tight, no worries.

          Kelly’s Army is winning. Kelly’s Army is WINNING, and this is why the trolls are so noisy tonight.

          Again, thanks and praises to FFFF — admin, bloggers, and posters — for keeping Kelly’s murder FRONT and CENTER.

          The bad guys never expected this.

          I figure the six not hanging out at the beach laughing about this. Not a chance. I figure they’re chewing their dirty little fingernails to the bone thinking about their future.

          As are their old ladies.

          Someone will pop, sooner or later. It only takes one.

          Justice for Kelly.

      1. Lou Ponsi? Soon he will return to writing exclusively about the fern sale at the Arboretum and the antique cars at the Muckenthaler.

      2. Because the majority of the OC knows that it’s in the DA’s hands and if someone did wrong, they will be prosecuted. If not, they will walk free. The war comments, and baseball bats, and recalls, all BS talk for normal people. You all are in your own little world. Stay in your bubble. We will watch your bubble pop.

  11. this is the best news we’ve heard in a while and I would take the same position as you on that bet tomorrow’s not gonna be a pretty day for the fullerton police department

  12. Why would you want to put pressure on
    the DA? What do you hope to achieve?

    Don’t you want the truth? Do you think that by putting “pressure” on him he is going to cave to your way of thinking?

    I’m confused as to your true motives in this matter. I thought you wanted truth, not necessarily what you think is truth. I don’t get you all.

    1. The DA is beholden to the “police unions” he slunk off like a whipped dog instead of persuing perjury charges on the “I Forgot” cops. He let a bunch of lying corrupt cops get the better of him, he is supposed to be in the job of “justice” for the people, he is elected to do his job…. and he backs down to the unions…. which is what he seems to be doing now. 6 dirty cops from one town who all had a hand in beating a guy to death and 8 weeks later he has not even talked to the killeres…… that is why people want pressure…. the killers and the union are hiding the truth.

      1. You just want it your way even if people do the right thing. You want innocent people hung. The DA can explain any case you bring up and explain it well. Normal people understand that. Pole smokers like you don’t get it. Go jump off a cliff.

      1. I think jay may be the city treasurer… all that money for one dead homeless guy and a beat up Asian. Poor jay will have to balance the books without all that money…. waaaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!

        1. Settlements aren’t paid for by the city. Insurance and a big pool of all the OC cities. It won’t hurt fullerton.

      1. I think FCR is a POS Troll-probably changed his/her name a few times with different posts.

        Justice for Kelley, gas chamber for the FPD cops who committed this crime against humanity.

    1. Are you just some twisted provocateur getting your psychopathic rocks off yanking peoples chains, or just some sociopathic mutant unable to feel any human emotion? Do you think that you’re superior to everyone else? Do you think the world was created to meet your needs? Do you wet the bed, are cruel to animals, and start fires? I’d bet on it! Why don’t you crawl back under that rock, real human are blogging here.

  13. Fortunately, Kelly was taken to a hospital where doctors documented his fatal injuries. Those records will show the true medical cause of death. The medical cause of death has to be documented on a legal death certificate! I doubt we would get a completely forthcoming autopsy report from the DA.

  14. BIG QUESTION;;;Has Mr. Thomas’ medical record been certified and by whom???

    Another question that really bothers me is, were these six cops blood and urine samples taken immediately after this incident by internal affairs and where are the results.
    Hope the DOJ and FBI can find these records, bet some of those Cadets can do some singing.

  15. WE got the proof on who are the murderers Flounder. We don’t need to hear it from your Daddy DA. Unfortunately, from a legal standpoint, he is the official that needs to come up with a prosecution upon his ‘favorite bad boyz’, which is why he is quiet and taking forever. We have been provided many truths already from this site alone now Ron Thomas’ attorney will show you exactly what happened tomorrow at 11:00am. Stay tuned jaynbond, flounder and any other trolls and make sure you have plenty tissue to wipe your snivels away.

    1. Too bad you don’t make prosecution decisions. You can sing all day long. Blah blah blah doesn’t help.

    1. Dr.s go through alot of college and training to earn their profession and respect, cops got through a few months of training and get their respect through intimidation and fear of losing money and/ or freedom. Dr’s are supposed to preserve life and better a persons outcome. Cops are there to take away life, liberty and money….. and you are almost never the better after having met them. Dr’s try to cure you before you get sick or cure you while you are sick, cops show up after the crime and take a report….. Most people hold this view of cops, because that is their interaction with cops.

  16. Hell no…They have no motive to lie. Like 9c1 copcar said in an earlier post, ‘the hospital staff must have been saying (to the cops), I hope you get the creeps that did this (paraphrasing)!’

  17. The bottom line sad thing about all of this is that no one would have ever known about any of the facts behind the beating if the picture of Kelly had not gone public. How many other Kelly’s are there in the U.S. that will never know justice. Sad that you cannot trust the people in power to do the right thing!!!!

    1. Tons. They also ran, fired a gun, fought with the cops, assaulted the cops, assaulted civilians, fought til their death. You fight, you get hurt. The cops aren’t getting hurt, so it’s you that does. Deal with it.

  18. Just heard the Podcast with John and Ken and Dad Thomas. Dad Thomas said

    “You commit an action, Man up to it!”

    Ok RT we are waiting for you to man up to the facts. The facts are that you ignored your son to death! You are trying to blame everyone but yourself for KT’s death. Why didn’t you spend as much time on the homeless before KT died? Why did you wait? Do you think it will bring you more money in a law suit if you are trying to feed the homeless NOW?

    1. Still waiting on the 6 tough guys to man up….. they started it. Kelly was 37 years old. You going to yell at my 75 year old dad if the cops decide to beat me to death for no reason? You have proven how big an idiot you are with that post.

      1. It’s not 6 cops. It’s 2 cops that Kelly decided to fight and run from. The other 4 responded to assist. So 2 on 1 and Kelly lost.

      1. Now he was sitting on a bench. Smoke more of that funny stuff. He was running and he fought. You will see in court what Kelly did. Simple case to win. Be ready.

  19. “you ignored your son to death”

    Hmm. I don’t think your pals at the DA’s office can accept that as a cause of death.

  20. What a joke the annimation is!!!!

    RT said they did an annimation based on the witnesses’ version of how many times they THINK KT was hit by the police. What a joke. WHAT A JOKE! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    For those of you who don’t like this blog…
    I don’t like what Dad Thomas said, so there. We’re even.

    1. They think based upon his dead body, the coroners report coordinated with witness testimony… get it straight. Remember they had a body that was fully photographed and x-rayed, MRI’ed and cut open to base the suppositions on…

      1. and you will see that more doctors will say this hired gun doctor is full of it. You will see in court. It’s a scam. All about the money baby.

    2. So jaynbond you’ve seen the animation already? Yeah, all those witnesses must be wrong or lying. Spoken like a true rogue cop. Nice work. Thanks for making that even clearer.

  21. Jaynbond, Kelly didn’t want help, and that’s that. Stop trying to distract from the real issue. Truth is, none of us really know the Thomas family, their history with Kelly, or their efforts to help him or not. What is good is that a lot of help for the mentally ill and homeless look is coming out of this. The only thing we do know is a man died at the hand of officers. We’re putting pressure on the DA to do the right thing in the investigation, you can’t blame anybody but the FPD for the lack of trust we all have now concerning this whole thing.

    1. He died and you don’t know if it was justified. It may have been. So if the cops walk, deal with it.

  22. Fresh: Your lack of trust is not my problem.

    Dad Thomas is calling the police murderers. If I disagree, which I do, I am going to say something. Why should it be one sided? He is not exclusive. Anyway, I think you are wrong to say we don’t know the family. We know he did not want anything to do with KT. We know he had a restraining order against him… for 5 years, The restraing order was not up until 2016. Think about that. We know he “washed his hands of him.”

    And there is more if you want it.

    1. Family problems seriously concern you more than officers killing an unarmed homeless and mentally ill man? And on top of that their obvious reluctant approach to investigate the cops? Three weeks later they start talking about it, and before that the cops were still on the job like nothing happened. Lies about the cops being hurt, confiscating video and photo from the public, and city leaders ridiculing Kelly’s death…and you’re concerned about the family’s problems? Of course it matters why he was on the street, but that’s not the real issue here, that’s for the family to think about, so drop it and face the real problem.

      1. Real problem is all the lies and BS this site spreads. The truth is the truth. Look at it and deal with it.

  23. Yes, a lot more. The FPD killed his son. That’s why it’s “one sided” — because only “one side” had his son beaten to death illegally by those sworn to uphold the law. Whatever the relationship was with his father, mother, cousins, 1st grade teacher, etc., is 110% irrelevant since it has nothing to do with the police misconduct on July 5. Nothing.

    If you are too addled in the head to comprehend that, I feel sorry for you. I have more if you want it.

    (By the way, thanks for revealing the true root of your hateful comments — JEALOUSY. You are one sick MFer, by the way, to be jealous of a guy who has “an exclusive” due to the brutal death of his son. Jeeez, you are f’d in the head.)

  24. Corrupt: “They think based upon his dead body…” Who is “They”??? I don’t know of a coroner in the world who would base a report upon what a witness said he/she saw.

    As far as KT not wanting help, you are sadly uninformed about mental illness. They crave family love, just don’t know how to accept it but still want it to be there, and for KT it wasn’t.

    1. Please forward a copy of your medical degree in Psychiatric medicine……. yeah… didn’t think so…… and yeah “they” had a dead body to examine, the witnesses just corraberated the wounds….. dead men tell tales…. or is forensic medicine a big lie too and the cops are totally believable? But hey you are the Psychiatrist, forensic examiner, crime scene analyst and truth detector all rolled into one.

      1. Quick. Burn the body. Quick so no one can see it. Then we have our version and no one can verify it. Quick. Burn it. Money baby.

    1. Not all 6 could be wrong?? Really?? Why not?

      If a group 6 “street gang members” stomped, beat, and murdered a rival or any civilian, do you have any freaking doubt in your mind that all six of those men/women would be charged with felony murder? Any?

  25. Police policy is to beat, tase, and bludgeon unarmed suspects to death?

    In what city, President Assad? By the way, how are your countrymen treating you there in Syria??? (sick f*&(*&(&)

    1. Policy allows it. Yes. Overcome the force or resistance of the suspect with equal or greater force to overcome the threat.

  26. Jaynbond :
    Save: If KT was beaten to death it was probably within police policy, not all six could be wrong!!!

    geesh, you seriously need a doctor, and some good meds!!

  27. Jaynbond :
    Why would you want to put pressure on
    the DA? What do you hope to achieve?
    Don’t you want the truth? Do you think that by putting “pressure” on him he is going to cave to your way of thinking?
    I’m confused as to your true motives in this matter. I thought you wanted truth, not necessarily what you think is truth. I don’t get you all.


    By any measure, the officials have had plenty of time to come to a conclusion and present a report as to what happened, and file charges as required. Their smug, prolonged silence has created their own P.R. disaster.

      1. Fix what? Nothing to fix. A PR show by an attorney. Happens everyday all over the world. Same now as the day after all this happened. Just a waiting game. Cops wait all the time for investigations to play out. Just another day.

  28. Anon. That’a just how all of you sound, now… sounds stupid huh? That’s how when you say they murdered a homeless man. Malice aforethought! You should read your blogs!

    Ron Thomas has been calling the Police Officers murderes for two months now, so why not say under police policy? You are going to believe what you want anyway, you don’t want to hear the truth. Feelin’ sorry for you.

  29. If the DA does not come forth with a full and objective investigation of this incident, then we need to pressure our US Representatives to get the DOJ involved “for depriving a citizens of his civil rights.
    Question: are the officers inmune from a civil suit for “wrongful deaths?” And who would have standing to bring such an action?

  30. Anon. You do know that the tox reports have not come back from the State crime lab, right? Oh… sorry, I thought you had all the answers.

  31. jay.. i really hope that you are not one of the involved officers kids…

    if you are, i feel really bad for you …

    you are sure standing up for them when the odds are against them..

    btw, i do say a prayer for their families, every night, if that helps

    i’m not heartless

  32. Well, our local policing policy expert Jayn has informed us that the Fullerton police have a “beat the unarmed suspect to death” policy which means that everything was entirely legal and fine. Nothing to see here folks. That’s just our policy.

    Police or not, beaten to death is murder.
    It doesn’t matter how you try to spin it.

  33. If Dad Thomas brings a civil action against the officers… OMG does he realize what he is doing to himself? All his dirty laundry brought to light. I don’t think he wants that to happen, but, so be it… bring it on.

    A civil lawsuit goes both ways. The Officers can sue Dad Thomas for slander. I think he called them “murderers” and oh yeah, Where is that baseball bat?

    1. Either way he will look like a moron in court. He’s a loser. Dump your kid forever and the day he dies, you loved him everyday. Come on. Idiot.

    2. Jaynbond
      Those pills that you have been prescibed to take for your delusional thinking don’t work unless you take them! Dad Thomas called them murderers just like THOUSANDS of others. I think that these officers are a little too preoccupied right now to think about suing anyone, probably worried about being tear holed in the big house after they have been found guilty of murder. Also I hope that you haven’t procreated as the world has enough rabid halfwits right now. Just go away, the adults are trying to communicate right now.

  34. and jay seems to know the tox report is not in yet.. hmmm
    definately someone “in the know”
    or lying..

  35. I’m guessing you’re NOT an attorney, right?

    Can anyone with an IQ over 60 imagine the city of Fullerton or the FPD SUING the father of a man beaten to death by their cops?? Have you started drinking, Jay-bird, because of all the bad news tonight?? Jeeesshhh..

    Also, since the FPD officers killed his son, how can calling them “killers” or “murderers” possibly be slander??

    If there is a civil suit, by the way, the sole question before the court would be whether or not the police acted within their authority (or outside of it) on July 5. Nothing in the family history could possibly be relevant in a court of law (unless they try the case in Jay-bird-Land — i.e., the loony bin).

    1. You would be surprised the counter suits these days. It’s all about tactics. Tactics are already planned in a big way from the cops side. Be ready.

      1. Yeah. Tactics. Like the feeble attempt to shut up this blog. Of course that was BEFORE the Veth Mam story came out, and the full Kelly Thomas story broke. The only tactics the FPD 6 have is to shut up to avoid incriminating themselves. But it’s the 11th hour.

        One of the rats will start to sing his aria.

  36. Jt :
    Hmmm. Beat people to death policy. Interesting. Is that like some kind of local ordinance?

    I swear.. that guy is so sick.. I will bet $100 he is a Christian and raised his “”PROFESSIONALS”” to be christians too” LMAO

  37. Jaynbond :
    If Dad Thomas brings a civil action against the officers… OMG does he realize what he is doing to himself? All his dirty laundry brought to light. I don’t think he wants that to happen, but, so be it… bring it on.
    A civil lawsuit goes both ways. The Officers can sue Dad Thomas for slander. I think he called them “murderers” and oh yeah, Where is that baseball bat?


    TAKE “DAD THOMAS” OUT OF your miserable existence.. I do apologize you are so dumb.. but Dad Thomas WASN’T THERE WHEN THE COPS KILLED HIS SON…

    So, if you would like to amuse us with anymore random shit that falls out your ass.. go ahead.. but COMPREHEND.. we ALL think you are disgusting

  38. It almost makes me choke trying to consume as much oxygen as possible knowing genetic rejects like jaynbond are out there stealing oxygen from all of us

  39. As you say… Dad Thomas was not there when KT died. So… how does he know what went on and how it all went down? HE DOESN”T. I repeat. HE DOESN”T.

    And I am glad you think I am disgusting. Thank You. I think Dad Thomas is disgusting for wanting to make money off his dead son !

  40. Jaynbond :
    What a joke the annimation is!!!!
    RT said they did an annimation based on the witnesses’ version of how many times they THINK KT was hit by the police. What a joke. WHAT A JOKE! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha
    For those of you who don’t like this blog…
    I don’t like what Dad Thomas said, so there. We’re even.

    You are irrelevant.

  41. KTLA 5 says they will be bringing it back after this next commercial break…
    Too Bad Jaycat….Too Bad Jaycat…..Too Bad Jaycat…..hahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha……WEW once again!!!

  42. Bloggers. Thanx for a lively exchange. Keep it up because I think we have a long way to go to the end of this issue. You may call me heartless it’s okay if you do but at least I want the truth. And I don’t see that many of you really do, you just want the police to be wrong. As I have said before, if the police are found to be guilty of murder, I’ll be right there with you.

    Catch you 2moro.

    1. There’s no issue. There’s a bunch of savage, murdering cops and then there are people who ignorantly defend them… just because they’re cops.

    2. if this goes like NOLA the laugh is sweeter when the ax goes down a few years later. and i get to know its coming….coming………coming………..hahahahahahahahaha. the feds will do the dirty work if needed and they have already admitted liability with the first monetary offer. case closed

  43. AS I HAVE BEEN PRAYING FOR,and telling yall, god himslef is on kelly,s side.god heard him calling for his help the night he was murderd.every time i hear the vidio i cry it,s like hearing a child beening murderd.o praise him, thank you lord let the light shine**YOU SEE PEOPLE KELLY WAS THE LEAST OF US. GOD work,s when heart,s and mine,s pray to him, in trueth and i know the good people of fullerton have praded and GOD WILL DO A WORK,in this murder like no other.when all is said and done the good people of fullerton will sing A NEW SONG.knowing the lord of lord,s is still on his throne,and evil has no where to hide.AMEN

  44. The one word is probably ‘suffocation’

    Every time I look at his hospital photo I remind myself that this was taken after they bathed him twice and washed his hair. Holy christ.

    1. It’s all iodine. Look closely. A few clothes up his nose, iodine all over his face to make it look red, and a small cut on his forehead. Big whoop.

  45. Really?? We r all one!! How the he’ll do you know that picture was taken after two baths and his hair washed??? Really??? Where do you get your facts from??? Oh that’s right Ron Thomas the man who didn’t care about his son and would not let him bathe at his house or his moms house or grandmother or sisters house??? Really!! You people are all idiots and just keep believing each others BS! Get out of your parents basement, put down your computers and get a life!!!!

  46. Really?? We r all one!! How the he’ll do you know that picture was taken after two baths and his hair washed??? Really??? Where do you get your facts from??? Oh that’s right Ron Thomas the man who didn’t care about his son and would not let him bathe at his house or his moms house or grandmother or sisters house??? Really!! You people are all idiots and just keep believing each others BS! Get out of your parents basement, put down your computers and get a life!!!!

    1. Everything they know is made up. It’s clear in every post. Facts will come out soon and it’s gonna be fun to laugh in their face. Cops walk and it’s on to business again.

      1. By business do you mean the sadistic beatings you inflict on random citizens why you suck off the public teat? Why don’t you identify yourself? I’m sure your Chief would love to see the great PR you are earning the FPD. Moron – the more you post the more you ensure the end of the FPD as you know it.

        1. Please bring on the Sheriff’s department. Better pay and benefits and we can all go work by the beach.

  47. Jaynbond :
    Last night of freedom? You mean they are going to arrest Dad Thomas for child neglect?

    Why do people as retarded as you own internet access.

    37 – 18 =? even more years as an adult than a minor.. can you shut the fuck up already

    1. Anonymous
      Please don’t equate Jaynbond to the developmentally disabled as it an insult to those so afflicted. And Fullerton cakes reality is of jaynbond’s ilk. Your posts are very good, don’t lower your self to their level. Just let them babble on and they’ll get the message eventually that they are as welcomed on this site as a turd in a punch bowl.

      1. The good thing is that we are Fullerton cops and we are going to be in Fullerton for a long long time.

        1. You might end up being homeless on the streets of Fullerton after we shut the FPD down. Hopefully you won’t be murdered by one of your former brothers.

          1. Won’t happen. That won’t happen either because even if I was homeless I wouldn’t run and fight with the police. Simple.

  48. Fullerton Cakes Reality :
    Everything they know is made up. It’s clear in every post. Facts will come out soon and it’s gonna be fun to laugh in their face. Cops walk and it’s on to business again.

    Facts.. can you share any of them.. do you know any facts that relate to this case


  50. He can’t share anything aside from his ‘dumb wishful thinking’, Anon…
    Did you notice the troll attacks get more abundant when there is more revealing evidence brought forth against these FPD Thugs? That’s because they are feelling defeated. It is to laugh…hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahhahhahahaha and ha…DEATH PENALTY on at least 2. LIFE (or close to it) for the remainders.

  51. Good morning peeps. I have been reading over most of the blogs here. I have to say, SOME of you have outdone yourselves in regard to in-humanity.


  53. 9 C 1 copcar
    Unfortunately any sociopath with a computer can spew his venom. Am not trying to draw you into anything, but this JaynBond guy makes me ashamed to be a human being. If bloggers just ignored this guy this site would be elevated to where it belongs,one focused on the new information coming out and the fact that a 37 year old man is dead. This JaynBond reminds me of a 7 year old who farts during dinner just to get a rise out of people, he should just be sent up to his room without dinner and ignored.

  54. Just finished watching the press conference. Thomas’ attending physicians reported the cause of death to be ‘brain trauma’ due to an ‘assault.’

    Attorney Mardirossian held blowups of the reports and there it was in black and white, signed by the doctors.

    The cops responsible for this are going down folks, Tony Rakaukus will HAVE to bring serious charges regardless, no matter how ambiguous or wishy washy the coroner’s final report turns out to be, if he doesn’t his ambitious career hopes are toast, and trust me, he won’t let that happen just to protect the FPD.

      1. It was streamed live on the KTLA site. I can’t emphasize enough how shocking it was to see the blowups of the attending UCI physician’s ‘brain death’ certificate and see the words ‘assault’ as the cause.

        It really may not matter now how weak and cop favorable the coroner’s report is… unlike the coroner/sheriff, the UCI docs have no dog in this fight, their words will resonate with the jury.

      1. He might. It comes out of the OC civil pool. Just depends on what he can settle. Believe me, he wants $100 million. That will be at least $40 million for himself!

        1. Believe you? That’s laughable.

          In the future, try not to lump someone else into a “That’s what I would do” scenario. By now we’re all aware that your idiocy knows no boundaries. All we ask is that you at least attempt to make an effort at disguising it.

          That is all.

      2. Me too. He will build the biggest homeless facility ever in the whole wide world in downtown Fullerton. Will be quite the day for the City.

  55. WHERE was this morning’s news conference? The networks covered a bunch of kids standing in the football field at San Clemente High because of a bomb threat.

    1. Because no one wants to hear about the Kelly case. We all have the same response “refer to the DA”.

  56. Wrong, sociopath. Please speak for yourself and your sick friends only. YOU don’t want to hear about this case because the blatant police misconduct and brutality makes YOU uncomfortable and you don’t want to face reality.

    1. Really? I love it. We love it. I love the talk. I love the attention. Makes for great talks with citizens. Love to hear all the lies, deceit. Normal citizens see through the smoke and mirrors and laugh. It’s just another day in this world. Big deal.

      1. “Because no one wants to hear about the Kelly case.”

        “We love it. I love the talk. I love the attention. Makes for great talks with citizens”

        Wow, you can’t even keep your own lies straight for 2 minutes.

        1. Really? Where? Said the 6 have been on the beach in Newport since Day 1. It’s just a process. Happens everyday in police work.

  57. Hey Fullerton Reality Cakes, your going to look like quite the asshole when those responsible for Kelly’s murder hang. It is looking better and better everyday that you’re just plain wrong. What is color of the sky in your world? Thousands of people care about Kelly’s death. You seem to be fixated on money damages, I can really see where your head is at. This a bit more than about money, Wet Fart, and trying to discuss anything with you is futile, what little mind that you have is obviously closed.

    1. I’ve never said if someone did something wrong that they shouldn’t be punished. I’ve said that from Day 1. I have also said that no one will be charged with murder and no one will get the death penalty. Sky is blue, sometimes gray. Thousands? See what I mean. You guys always lie about facts. There hasn’t been thousands anywhere at anytime. Use real facts. That’s the problem with you radicals. You don’t see the truth or base your decisions on facts.

      I feel the same way about you. Wet fart, your little closed mind.

  58. Hey Admin can you post the news conference from this morning for those who missed it? Also, does anybody know where Tony Rackauckas lives? Maybe we can go protest there too along with his office.

  59. I’ve been reading this entire blog and anything I can find on the internet about the Kelly Thomas Press Release. BTW these blogs are more informative and easily read when everyone ignores the trolls. Great job to everyone today on this blog.

    I’m wondering, in kind of the same way that the DA and FPD let the officers watch the video to “coordinate” their stories, do you think the Coroner or Medical Examiner’s Office will go back and re-write their report to be closer to what Ron Thomas released? Could this possibly be the reason they stalled the “official” report for so long?

    And people are NOT becoming disinterested in the Kelly Thomas beating. I keep the Thomas family in my prayers, and support all of you on this blog who keeps attention and awareness of this tradgedy alive. Thank you.

  60. Meadow Muffin,

    Please do not be ashamed to be a human just because the actions of others. The good officers of this country should be proud to be on the force. They are the ones who bring sanity to some of the crazy things others do. Like one saying; It is harder to walk the straight and narrow in life. As for me, I will take the narrow, law abiding road. It will afford me a good nights sleep, and I will also be able to look myself in the mirror.

  61. I do welcome opposing views on this blog, no matter how extreme. It is the result of MANY a military effort to keep tyranny at bay. We are a free nation, (for the moment at least), and we should cherish our rights, even if we disagree with those who revile what we here are trying to accomplish.

  62. Oooh Fullerton Cakes Reality, I really feel the burn, ouch. I thought you blogged that you were going to slither back under that rock for the night. Guess you must have tired of beating the wife and kids. Radical eh? Radical what, numb nuts? These lies are called opinions, anal wart, and the last I knew this is still America so bite me rabid nazi. You don’t see the thousands because you are delusional, and your so called facts are being proved wrong with every hour. Wishful thinking that your cohorts are going to get off, it’s not going to happen here in the real world. I am sure in your perfect little world you’d dictate the “facts” and everyone else would have to listen, I believe that is what is called a police state. I am sorry that nature has short changed you in the IQ department, but it doesn’t give you the right to go around pissing in everone’s face! Have to go right now, cuz I have a real job!

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