Jim Blake and the MWD Culture of Waste

The wine flowed like water. Or was it the other way around?

In our previous article about Fullerton’s MWD rep-almost-for-life Jim Blake we received an interesting comment from havegunwilltravel, one of our frequent semi-coherent trolls describing Jim Blake as some sort of wealthy philanthropist who has been slaving away for free on the MWD Board of Directors. Here is his/her comment:

Jim Blake, as the City’s MWD representitive gets no pay, and no pension, and no benefits. And doesn’t even ask for mileage reimbursements. He could by and sell Tony Bushala, 100 times over, and still have a pile of gold. So get your facts straight.

But check out this OC Watchdog article by Teri Sforza about the massive amount of expenses racked up by MWD directors. Oh, oh. There’s Mr. Moneybags Blake piling up over $10,000 in “travel” in less than two year’s worth of toiling in the MWD salt mines.  I’d love to see those receipts!

Living high on the public hog is par for the course to certain self-entitled folks who seem to think their “service” justifies all kinds of self-indulgence – reflected in behavior like parking in handicapped spaces when you’re not supposed to.

Remind you of anyone?

20 Replies to “Jim Blake and the MWD Culture of Waste”

  1. “I work very hard for you and for myself as a ratepayer. Every day we sit there and try to keep safe, reliable and affordable water coming into our region to keep our economy healthy and keep people healthy. We are mindful of every dollar that is spent at Metropolitan.”

    Ughh! Working hard at her luxury hotel.

    1. Linda Ackerman:

      No. 15 was Linda Ackerman, also of MWDOC, who spent $13,356, the bulk of which was lodging ($6,023) and mileage ($3,021).

      $3,000 in mileage expenses? Ughhh!

  2. havegunwilltravel has obviously not read Ackerman’s script: Tony Bushala is a Filthy Rich Dee-veloper!

  3. The larger question is who will replace him? Someone who tow the line of developers who want more water to facilitate ever more houses or someone who will work to conserve what is already a scarce commodity and not sell it out to private interests?

  4. Havegun, was that popping sound you removing your head from your rectum?

    Get your facts straight before you open you’re ignorant yapper.

  5. HaveGun didn’t say Blake wasn’t reimbursed for travel, just that he didn’t draw a stipend, collect a pension, or the other “perks” that the Ackermanics feed off of.

    Blake may not have done Fullerton any big favors but Ackerwoman nearly devastated this town (along with long-term damage to MWD and MWDOC).

    1. No, he said Blake didn’t ask for mileage reimbursements.

      Blake didn’t need to because he got paid ten grand for “travel.”

      1. I guess I should learn to read.

        I also guess maybe Blake diod’t ask for reimbursement because he was going to get it anyways.

        Doggon MWD and their sodomite rates.

  6. Corruption spreads: 2 Ex Fullerton P.D Sergeants, who worked during the corruption years, retired from Fullerton, are now getting full retirement/pensions, and recently got hired by the O.C Sheriff’s to work in jails for another 75k a year.

  7. Nothing says “innocence” more than stepping down from a high City position you’ve held for 24 years.

    this guy should be investigated, in my opinion.

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