Fullerton Cops Hit New Low: Tell Virgin Mary “Go Home, or Go to Jail!”


As if they didn’t have enough problems already, the Fullerton Police Department may have a new issue to grapple with: the wrath of the Almighty. According to Brandon Ferguson of the OC Weekly, a couple of Fullerton cops rudely broke up an annual celebration in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe over in an east-side alley. According to a witness one cop was heard to yell “I don’t give a fuck. You have to end this, or you’re getting arrested.”

 Hmm. Nice community relations there.

¡Ay caramba! As they say, ¡No bueno! What’s next for FPD? Breaking down the doors of the church because the music is too loud?

The best part of the story is that apparently FPD spokes-stool Andrew Goodrich has decided to play hard to get with the Weekly in retribution for Marisa Gerber’s magisterial story of FPD law breaking and goonery. Important job tip, Andy: angering the media is no way for an under-employed PR jerk-off to make friends.

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    1. Enough time has passed that it is time to look beyond Goodrich to the new boss. Goodrich made his part in the Kelly Thomas case look like an FPD coverup. Now he refuses to comment to the public while informing the public is the excuse for his being? If Kevin Hamilton is allowing this, he is complicit.

      I have to say, however, that I know that alley well. It is no place to have a large gathering making noise past midnight. Hundreds of people would have been kept awake. People need to have a permit and follow rules to throw a block party in a cul-de-sac in a rich neighborhood. Why should people be allowed to block an alley and keep people awake in a crowded barrio?

      1. Come to think of it, 30 years ago we were living in an Anaheim condo with a young Fullerton cop living straight accross. We were, and are quite fond of him. Periodically they would have parties for Fullerton and Brea police officers. We would take the noise as allowance and took amuzement at a crowd of cops slowly getting drunk and becoming louder and louder with their stories.

        But they kept it indoors and always wrapped it up before midnight.

        1. Come to think of it, is the MadTV character,rusty of cal state Fullerton, a parody of your cousin Rusty Kennedy? There are many similarities.

  1. These idiots still don’t “get it”~

    And a written request for a response about what happened?

    The distance between Topaz and Garnet is maybe one block; hardly an area for a “large crowd” if that is the excuse.

    Hope someone caught the “fuck” comment on video!

    Another topic for next week’s Public Comments?

  2. Andrew “Shut Your Pie Hole” Goodrich.. Oh how I despise you!! You have made a complete fool out of our city. GET OUT, LEAVE, GO TO HELL!

    1. Please mom stop embarassing me…its bad enough I rear ended a car last wk and the ofc cut me a break even though u were being a bitch and trying to throw your weight around(literally)

      1. Too much time on my hands while I’m on administrative leave.

        While on AL I continue to accrue benefits, paid time off, and have never been so close to my pension that will give me 90% of my base pay for the rest of my life and maybe my wife’s!

      2. Hey troll bitch.. I dare your loser ass to come talk this shit to my face.. Oh I forgot, all of the trolls on here can’t face anyone who stands up for what is right because you all know your wrong and there is noway you could stand-up to any of us..

        Please Please Please, let’s have a conversation off this blog, that is IF you have any balls when you are not wearing a gun or uniform..

  3. That’s hilarious. The Slime Bar can create an unholy racket at 1:00 in the morning and the cops happily look the other way!

  4. I guess FPD hasn’t heard of the Freedom of religion or speech. Where’s a lawyer when you need one? The only way Fullerton will change is with lawsuits. Monetary cuts from the budget will force changes.

  5. I’m sure they’ll go on about the noise curfew although it shouldn’t be an issue unless someone complained. Does anyone know if the organizers obtained a permit?

    If the police had just grounds to break it up, the rudeness and lack of respect for one’s religious beliefs and practices are deplorable and unacceptable.

    If there was a permit obtained and no complaint was made about the noise, their behavior was still deplorable and unacceptable.

    What is wrong with these guys? Do they not fully understand that the residents of Fullerton are not putting up with their unprofessional ways, abuse and overall chit anymore? Or do they just think it will die down and go away in time?

    Anyone have any info on these officers i.e. names, their own religions, if any, time as a cop, etc?

  6. Cop’s saying “I don’t give a fuck,” at a peaceful religious festival? Whatever happened to civility and common courtesy? Joe Friday, aka Jack Webb, is surely spinning in his grave by now. They say we’re rapidly sinking to the lowest common denominator as a country, I guess this goes a long way to proving it.

  7. s-t-r-e-t-c-h, stop with the hypocrisy about the word fuck. Every other blogger on the FFFF has used the same word or worse, some bloggers casually describe horrific graphic scenarios they wished on FPD, Jones, Bankhead, McKinley. Now, the crude bloggers of FFFF raise their lace hankies over their mouths and shudder in horror because the FPD used the word fuck when speaking to unruly, maybe drunk, party held in an ally. It is critical we, the good people of fullerton, not become hypocrites or we lose our credibility in ridding our town of the corrupt government officials who never utter fuck in public and yet have systematically fucked over the good people of fullerton

    1. ok but bloggers aren’t “professional” employees of the people. tell a cop you don’t give a fuck see what happens

    2. I don’t appreciate the foul words, no matter who says them. And, yes, I do have my “lace hankie” raised when I hear that word bandied about so freely.

      I think the foul language is PARTICULARLY abhorrent coming from someone in uniform. The uniform should be worn by those who show respect for citizens and by those who show some modicum of decorum. The FPD’s free usage of that foul language is beneath the dignity of the uniform.

      I could perhaps excuse the use of the word in some extreme situation, perhaps if an officer had been surprised by bullets flying towards him, or if an officer had just had his thumb smashed in the car door, etc.; however, that is not usually the case. The foul language is used far too casually and routinely.

      Citizens used to EXPECT police officers to be decent and respectful people; I still do. If FPD wants respect from me, they are going to have to earn it, rather than just sinking to the lowest common denominator.

      I say, it’s way past time to restore some common decency to our culture. That applies to those men and women who wear FPD uniforms; they should be setting a good example for the youth and others.

      Officers who show respect for the citizens they serve, both verbally and physically, will earn themselves, and the uniform, much more respect,-rather than blogging 24/7.

      If FPD demands respect from citizens, then they absolutely must display respectful behavior themselves, at all times. Otherwise, they lose any moral authority, or credibility.

  8. oh , ya ,

    How about


    and those two were covered by

    THE 1ST AMENDMENT of the constitution of united states of America.

    dont worry though , that document is to old to care about peoples right.

    ay carumba , we are in trouble

  9. Waaaaaaahhhhhh! I’m going to go tell John & Ken! Waaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

    Oh yeah, John & Ken don’t give a fuck anymore.

  10. Spoken like a puppet owned by the shill who is defending f- you up and the cyclops- your lawyer didnt even show up. No charges have been dropped you freakin glen beck teat suckin goon. or FPD.Your buddy fat fuck ramos-wasnt smiling when he scurried outta the court room-

  11. I Had to Quote this comment.

    “Hipocracy, you are absolutely right.
    So that everyone understands the situation. In 1981 a Court Decision came out that blocked civil suits against police departments. So as not to bore you, the decision went way beyond civil protection, it actually pronounced that “Police Owe You No Individual Duty”. Yes, that’s right “No Duty At All as an Individual”. Now couple that decision with Copely v. San Diego Superior Court and The Police Officer’s Rights and the extremely uneducated, emotionally unstable, poorly trained, poorly supervised and terribly lead humans who are hired and promoted through the ranks in Law Enforcement and you have the following result.
    1. A City that teams up with the City Attorney, the Chief, Internal Affairs anf a District Attorney who take two months to make a decision on a Murder and who did it. Notice on all other murders there is an immediate arrest of the guy holding the smoking gun.No Bail. They needed time to reduce the incident to the bare elements they couldn’t deny. These officers have worked together and assisted each other many times while engaging in excessive violence. They know each other, protect each other. The digital recorders “Claimed not to be on” were in fact on and recorded evidence of all of their knowledge of the crime they were committing. There was no video evidence of that culpability. It was erased to help the DA in the coverup.
    2. Government and these thugs are sewed at the hip, them against the citizen. They are afraid of Law Enforcement who might band together and use the same technique on them. San Jose Councilman folowed and arrested for DUI, Oakland City Councilman followed and arrested for DUI and like in Los Angeles a special Task Force that tracks the movements and conduct of many wealthy and Politically prominent. 1985 was the scandal on that in L.A. but they are still up and running. As long as the victims are homeless, mentally ill o poor minorities there is no problem. This time they murdered a Cop’s son on video and that was “There only Crime”.
    3. Your paying people $100,000.00 to $300,000.00 dollars a year with GED’s , Cafeteria-one night a week-$15,000.00 (paid by the taxpayer) degrees in 18 mos sold by NAME colleges who need money. Your giving these losers a 90% retirement at age 50 with 3% yearly increases and totally free Medical and Dental for life.
    4. You get a police force who owes you no duty and stares at you saying “I don’t have to listen to you and you are legally prevented from knowing what criminal behavior I have engaged in on or off duty.” Nobody can touch me because you need someone in charge of me to take action against me and that person doesn’t exist. I’m self employed and protected against inquiery or statistical reports. The last time Government protected itself with thugs like this was Germany 1934-1945.
    5. The trick is to say nothing, let time and tempers pass and pretend it never happened. The Rule “Bull—t everybody and play the percentages of those who find out”.
    6. What can we do, Recall the Politiians, force a new outside Chief in to Enforce the Police Manual, reduce pension benefits and saleries, do away with Lay Off Seniority and lay off these people on a merit basis and open the books on police conduct by a California Ballot Measure to do away with The Police Officer’s Bill of Rights and make all Government Employee Conduct open to inspection. Total Transparency so you can see the repitition with which these officers commit crimes.
    If you don’t take these cops, stand toe to toe and explain to them they work for the taxpayer and the first word out of their mouths to a citizen is “Yes Sir” “No Sir” “Please comply with my orders” and ” I Apologize for mistaking you for someone I’m looking for or I apologise for kicking in your door, I got the wrong house” you’ll continue to have your and your families in danger. These people are not tough guys, they just Dangerous.”

    Mr S.

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  12. citizen M :Spoken like a puppet owned by the shill who is defending f- you up and the cyclops- your lawyer didnt even show up. No charges have been dropped you freakin glen beck teat suckin goon. or FPD.Your buddy fat fuck ramos-wasnt smiling when he scurried outta the court room-

    He was laughing at the dog and pony show.

  13. Corruption spreads: 2 Ex Fullerton P.D Sergeants, who worked during the corruption years, retired from Fullerton, are now getting full retirement/pensions, and recently got hired by the O.C Sheriff’s to work in jails for another 75k a year.

  14. Erin’s son :
    Please mom stop embarassing me…its bad enough I rear ended a car last wk and the ofc cut me a break even though u were being a bitch and trying to throw your weight around(literally)

    Sure I was Erin’s Son.. Now I know the trolls are Fullerton PIGS on this blog.. This will be brought up at the next City Council meeting for sure.. Thank you Fullerton’s Proudest Disappointments for giving me more trash on you PIGS!!!

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