Rudy Busted By SEC; FSD Has Egg on Face

Rudy says thumbs up, way up, to suckers, who are born every minute.

The idiots who run FSD agreed to pay some chucklehead named Rudy Ruetigger $2000 as a motivational speaker at an August management retreat. We reported about that, here.

Ruetigger, a shameless self-promoter actually talked somebody into making a fictional movie account of his pathetic football efforts at Notre Dame.

The luck of the Irish was about to run out...

Despite immediate ridicule, the FSD stuck to their guns.

Those guns backfired blanks today as it was reported that Rudy was a stock scammer who’s been busted by the SEC.

What sort of lessons were learned by FSD management at this retreat? Maybe Superintendent Mitch Hovey or one of the pathetic Trustees who voted for this will travesty will stop by and enlighten us.

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  1. Joe, fictional or not “Rudy” was a great movie which showed “Goonies ‘never say die.'”

    Glad at we are finally getting the truth out of FSD.

  2. What the hell does FSD need a motivational speaker for? Working 9 months a year must be tough. I’ve heard that Sharon Quirk doesn’t even work 5 days a week on a regular basis because FSD gives her time off for some stupid reason. What a joke.

      1. Sharon Quirk is not “allowed” by the District to do anything. Like it or not, the District can and does facilitate part-time contracts or shared contracts when it deems them to be an effective decision. Sharon is only paid for the work she does…without respect to whether that pay is appropriate.

        “Berryman” is not Sharon’s direct report, she is a school board member and an extremely intelligent lady. She and I may not share all of the same political values, however her character and motivations are above reproach. I wish I were as good of a human being as Beverly Berryman. I am not.

        1. That’s BS Thompson! Berryman’s scared of her own shadow and you know it!

          If Bev’s “an extremity intelligent lady”, why did she vote to waste $3,000 of tax payers money on Rudy?

            1. …and specifically, she’s not afraid of her own shadow. In fact, I would say that the courage of her convictions has been very impressive on a number of occasions. Not the least of which has been opposing the fee component of the laptop program at a time when she stood entirely alone on the issue. We do not see eye to eye on the impact of unions on public education and I am clearly far less trusting of government. However, I am quite confident that she will always make decisions based upon an unbending commitment to all kids. That is probably the biggest difference between us. I see public education as a service that is provided to all Americans and highly weigh the value brought to Americans as a whole. I think most school board members tend to place the interests of kids higher than the interests of all taxpayers. My perspective that those interests are one and the same seems to be relatively unique amongst school boards.

    1. It’s called a part-time contract. Teachers everywhere have them when they team teach.

      Shoot-hire ME to be your next motivational speaker, FSD! Get a credit union to pay ME $2,000 to give uplifting words that I made up to sound good at some motivational retreat that the taxpayers probably paid for! I can be just as good of a BS’er as Rudy!

  3. Just in case anyone thinks that Chris Thompson might have voted for this scam artist to teach FSD Management new ways to scam the taxpayers, please read the following when the question was posed in July 2011…
    …”I pulled it from the consent calander explaining that I could not believe this was a consideration in light of all we are facing. I subsequently learned much about how important it is to inspire and motivate the leadership at the begginning of the year. And, since it seems that Rudy typically charges much more, it was a “great deal. ” 4 – 1 with me shaking my head. It’s a common scene”.

  4. Digressing from the theme of this post, my cousin worked for the SEC from 2002 to 2007 designing and monitoring computer programs intended to detect fraudulent or suspicious trades on the stock market. Immediately, she and her small cadre of colleagues who worked for the SEC saw illegal trading. when she did her job and reported this to the SEC, she was told, and I use her words,don’t rock the boat, and no lie,my cousin said she saw this, her superiors at the SEC went back to viewing porn on their work computers. My point in telling this story, is now, the SEC goes after the small fry stock scammers.Where was their concern and action from 2000 to 2009?

  5. Most governmental agencies are dependent on outsiders rocking the boat to make waves, and therefore look at insiders who do so as whistleblowers who’ll forever be viewed with suspicion rather than admiration. Hence the problem with most governmental agencies.

  6. For the sake of accuracy, it should be noted that Dr. Hovey got Schools First credit union to pay for this speaker. He made it clear during debate that he was hopeful that he could make that happen. It does not at all change the degree to which I believe hiring a “celebrity” motivational speaker was foolish.

  7. Chris & Tony,

    I see all my posts are deleted now no matter what. I’m banned from the site completely now? Just let me know so I just won’t bother to post anymore.



    1. My advice is to start your own blog where if you think your comments are disappearing you know who to blame. 🙂

  8. That’ll teach them Iishmen ta’ play football in Tecos! I love it when they throw it to that hound dog for the down. Off we go inta’ the wild blue yondah’, flyin’ hagh inta’ the skah’! in Tecos we jes’ give the ball ta’ the biggest…

  9. Reality Is :
    Chris & Tony,
    I see all my posts are deleted now no matter what. I’m banned from the site completely now? Just let me know so I just won’t bother to post anymore.

    …I think Merijoe said it best when she retorted, “Don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you” in response to another whiner on this blog.
    God I love that woman’s spirit!

  10. Reality Is:

    Maybe you wouldn’t have this issue if 95% of what you post wasn’t spamming wholly off-topic posts, incendiary remarks designed to stir the pot rather than legitimately debate the topics, and other such drivel.

    Also, you incessantly whine about your posts being deleted. If it’s that much of a problem, leave.

    No one appreciates or wants a snivelling crybaby on this blog.

    1. If you wild FFFF need anything just stop by my office LOL 🙂 catch ya at the trial or wink at me in the council meetings. 🙂

      1. 10-4 Reality Is Chief Hamilton, aka Ffff tards, etc.,
        If we need any more crude drivel that blames the victim, Kelly Thomas, for his own torture and murder, we know where to find you.

          1. They can’t name a Chief until Sellers is off the books. That could take up to a year. Unil then just an acting Chief in Fullerton. 🙂

        1. JFA, , there are a few cops posting here as their ‘assigned duty’, you’ll find them on all the blogs with the Kelly Thomas stories. Some of the ones that were on the OCR were terrible bullies and one of the reasons why they switched to FB because of the abuse. What you guys get here is very little compared to some of the other sites. I think they are here to make sure someone isn’t talking about shutting down their website or phones again.

          No, those other a**holes are other cops making cracks and also to post to prove they’re on duty. RI can’t tell you who they are, or even confirm that they are here. That’s why he doesn’t answer your questions about those as*hole posts. I believe they call this an ‘undercover assignment’.

      2. Although, I didn’t always agree with you….I always appreciated when you gave us insight on how the cops looked at things, , their mindset. It was interesting to me to see where they were coming from and I appreciated some of the info you gave. I think, people here took that as YOUR thoughts or hard line stance, but, I never took it as such, only you trying to explain how THEY thought. Frankly, I wonder why they (if they did) would delete your comments and not take out that opportunist, Carolyn Phillips posts, as she has been very abusive to others and especially Ron Thomas.

        Anyway, I post at the OCR blog too, on articles about Kelly or the events from his case, maybe I’ll see you there………..

        Kathleen Flores

        1. Thanks Seer. That’s exactly how I always looked at my contributions. A different view, a view from the other side, comments about how things are done and some reasons why. Clearly Tony and Chris have changed their views about FFFF and want it solely to be one sided. That’s fine. I’ll still be around browsing because I like seeing the other side. Makes for good education and good preparation for future exchanges and discussions.

          Merry Xmas. 🙂

  11. Chris Thompson :
    Sharon Quirk is not “allowed” by the District to do anything. Like it or not, the District can and does facilitate part-time contracts or shared contracts when it deems them to be an effective decision. Sharon is only paid for the work she does…without respect to whether that pay is appropriate.
    “Berryman” is not Sharon’s direct report, she is a school board member and an extremely intelligent lady. She and I may not share all of the same political values, however her character and motivations are above reproach. I wish I were as good of a human being as Beverly Berryman. I am not.

    Does she collect full-time benefits under a part-time/shared contract?

    1. Reality is, funny how they censor people who don’t agree with them but they will let evey lunatic and conspiracy theory nutjob post! Chris and tony are just like two little school kids, when they don’t get it their way they take their ball and go home!!! That’s why this ns recall I’ll never work, POOR leadership! Reality is I enjoyed you’re posts!

        1. Nope, Ffff tard is just Reality Is Hamilton, Ffff tard, etc.
          He is not gone, just reincarnated. Trust me on that.

      1. Reality is just feeling impotent and weak, because, hell, this is reality!

        The recall is working. Everyday.

      2. Tard or is it, Turd? -SO sad for you

        Of course you enjoyed RI’s posts you being his roommate/life partner and all.

        No one said his idiotic meanlingess posts were deleted except for paranoid pete himself, but

        … Chris/Tony HAVE been quite patient with that butt wart RI for months-
        take heed Tard because I would guess the ice is thin as far as you’re concerned, and stay on topic-your comments are abusive and meaningless too..

        oh and just out of curiousity, are your parents siblings?

        1. No. When you work a partial contract certificated position you receive equal benefits with the option to purchase the matching portion on your own. I did it for 4 years (in 2 districts, not FSD).

      1. Again, they do not. If you work a 64% contract you receive the same amount in benefits with the option to purchase the rest on your own.

  12. Wow guys. Just wow.
    Most of you know where I stand on everything, but I, for one, find most of RI’s posts entertaining if not interesting. I believe everyone here should be allowed to post up whatever they want; the banter is half the fun.


    1. I suppose you could call bantering with a sociopath/psychopath “interesting” to a certain extent; however, when you realize that he is someone who wears a badge, someone who is paid by us, the citizens, to sit and blog all day long, 24/7, -to spy, and to defuse, confuse, irritate, aggravate, minimize, dehumanize, to make light of a horrific murder, and to obfuscate at every turn,-it is more frightening and maddening than it is “entertaining.”

      He has made FAR too many sick, crude, ignorant, hateful, unrepentant comments over the past six months about Kelly, Kelly’s family, and others, for me to believe that he is in any way, shape or form “entertaining” and he is certainly not a man of integrity or honor. He is slime, with a capital S. I suppose it is “interesting” (in a horrifying way) to realize that we have placed men of such a disgustingly low caliber in positions of authority and allowed them to carry weapons.

      He does not believe that Kelly was murdered, and he defends Kelly’s murderers at every turn, -even as he lies and tells you that he doesn’t. If you think that talking to Reality Is Hamilton, aka Ffff tards, etc. is “entertaining,” -I take that as another bludgeoning to Kelly and his family, and to ALL citizens.

      Any one of us, or our children, could be FPD’s next torture, murder, abuse or rape victim, and R.I. will just keep laughing; it’s all just an “entertaining” game to him. Unfortunately, with the help of the current city council, mayor, city manager, FPOA union and the D.A., -R.I. Hamilton, aka Ffff tards, etc., and his other sidekicks, now seem to be holding all of the Aces. The deck of cards needs to be re-shuffled and a new hand dealt, as soon as possible. And, all of the “Jokers” need to be discarded, including the crude, ignorant and arrogant Reality Is Hamilton, aka Ffff tards, etc.

  13. Tuco agrees with vw. I actually liked Reality’s views even if I did not always agree. It was a point of view, usually well said. At one time I even agreed with some of his posts about pensions. They are becoming a bigger and bigger story as California makes these billion dollar a whack budget cuts. Soon the info will leak out to the front pages and then, who knows?
    Tuco says if you are going to talk, talk, if you are going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk too much.
    Its 5 years in Spokane, WA and the town literally hates and distrusts their police force for a similar case to Kelly Thomas. A 40 year veteran of the police force is facing up to 15 years in prison at the sentencing which is sooooon! I would question the city for allowing policemen to serve for 40 years, them old bodies are worn out and accident prone!

    1. haha Tuco you dumb pistolero. that loser ain’t goin anywhere. this is the first time in his life anybody ever paid attention to him. that’s reality.

    2. He doesn’t have any views – allegedly. Just reporting the way things are and happy about it. Adds nothing to the discussion. Adios.

  14. The Poster/writers of this blog (FFFF) dont need any help with off the topic sub stories about pensions or other state PD issues-whether similar to kelly thomas or not inserted within their chosen topic stories, whatever that may be.

    As a writer myself, its challenging enough to pick a topic and get creative with it to make it interesting and important.

    Copying/pasting huge ass stories of the day from some weird newspaper that has nothing to do with the posted story by some other commentator is not an opinion, its copying and pasting.
    Talking about the off topic piece that you just copied and pasted is distracting, tastless and rude to the poster of the original story.

  15. Whats a few thousand dollars to have a 2 hour photo op with this guy- hang it in your home office…so you can banter at cocktail parties about Rudy,you know they made a movie about him……….couldnt just go and buy some books eh?

  16. If anyone got banned I would think it would be FFFtard because if his/her posting name and the short bus comments alone .


  17. I didn’t go back through the blog to see if RI’s posts were deleted, but if they were, it’s a shame. RI has given us more info into the (dirty) dealings of FPD than I think any of us could have come up with. His insite has been very valuable. Pay attention to him, but be wiery of him. Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.

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