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  1. “The Mayor, Doc Jones, called Fullerton the New Wild West
    A mil & a half in taxes is paid for them to use excess”

  2. Not really my genre of music but I have to hand it to the guy for spending the time to compose this. He must be a reader of this blog given some of the dittys he wove in to the lyrics (or are they called rhymes?).

    1. “Not my genre of music” must mean you don’t typically listen to rap. Isn’t interesting to wonder, though, what would have happened if a homeless black man, unarmed, not intoxicated, weighing 135 pounds, was beaten to death by six police officers?

      This would have been an international story. Leaders of the African American community would have descended on Fullerton, along with the LA Times, the NY Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc., and the story would have been top news for weeks. There probably would have been mass rioting.

      Where is the press today? When an innocent white man get’s beaten to death it isn’t a story?

  3. The public is becoming more aware of this terrible tragedy every day.

    I hope and pray that this incident results in several key changes to Fullerton.

    The first is that we learn the truth and that justice is served for Kelly, his family and this community.

    Second, I hope that this community ensures that going forward we will not tolerate a FPD and a City Council who seem more concerned about protecting bad police officers than protecting the public.

    Thirdly, I hope that we as citizens ask ourselves how we can better serve the mentally ill within our community. There are no easy solutions but as a civilized society we must do better.

    My heart goes out to the family of Kelly Thomas and I have been so impressed by the manner in which Kelly’s dad has handled this horrible situation.

    Lastly, let us not forget that there are good police officers doing a great job of provided protection and security for its citizens. Obviously, Mr. Thomas was one of those individuals.

    As a society we all need to look inward and be able to honestly deal with the issue of police brutalilty; not with a broad brush but with a laser sharp light to uncover what’s rotten within Fullerton.

  4. Reading over some of the comments, I am concerned about a “rush to judgement” ‘hang ’em’ mentality that seems pervasive.
    Living in this city for a few years, I have come to know some of our officers and witnessed some of the fine protection they have offered to keep our community safe.
    While there can be bad behavior, it is worthy to note that in cases like this, more often than not, the facts bear out something else.
    I don’t have answers but I do have questions:
    Why in a town that has cut back in officers did 6 have or happen to be there..Was there a call that someone needed to be beat up or were circumstances such that they were there out of need to protect a fellow officer? There are fewer doing more, so it is hard to imagine that there was nothing else to do that night.
    How many police were hurt?
    What did they see?
    Did the individual exhibit behavior relating to violence or drug induced violence?
    I do know that FPD has had to keep quiet because of the pending investigation. I look forward, like others, to hearing the results.
    My sympathies go out to the family. Our family has a member with similar challenges.
    Because we are friends of Fullerton, let’s see what comes out from the investigation and go from there. We want to give the world that Fullerton is a good place to live and that we treat everyone fairly.
    Let’s know truly who the victim was or we victimize ourselves through short sightedness.

    1. you must have had your head up your ass if you didn’t see what everyone else saw when they looked at the picture of the victim. I am a police officer and we are trained to subdue suspects by any means neccessary. But in all my years of arresting people for all types of crimes I have never beaten anyone like that. I don’t know circumstances of this particular case but i can say this for sure. this was not necessary for one or six officers to go to this extent. These men should not be labeled police officers. I hope you one day take the blinders off and come into to real world where normal people live. you are pathetic for that comment

      1. Don’t pretend to be a cop or an ex-cop. You’re not that good. Let’s let the facts bare themselves out and act like mature adults until we know.

        1. Well, that’s a problem. see? The facts really aren’t interested in anything one way or the other.

          The Fullerton PD and the worthless DA, however, are very much interested in making sure the facts never get out. Hence the indecent settlement offer (BEFORE the facts come out) and the lies from FPD.; not to mention that the DA put the police chief’s best friend on as an investigator.

          No, being a “mature adult” means knowing when the pigs are trying to hoodwink you.


    2. A rush to judgement? This isn’t the 1800’s my friend. We have video and photographic evedence as well as the recorded statements of eye witnessess taken immediately after the inccident happened while it was fresh on their minds. Not to mention the fact that this is nothing new in SoCal.

  5. Tony and Travis the posting the home address of a Police Officer on your site is a crime. You have not removed the home address of Officer Hampton from this site and you have given this officer the name Terminator. By doing so, it appears you are hoping some harm comes to this officer. You have no evidence that this officer caused any injury or harm to Mr. Thomas. Do you wish this officer harm because his skin color is not the same as yours? Your actions have been careless and irresponsible.

    1. A crime? Rush to judgment! We must let the DA and the FPD investigate and do forensic analysis plus toxicology.

      Finally! A crime the DA will prosecute!

    2. First not that I like the Kenton Hampton’s residence list on the site, it’s public domain. So change the law if you want it not listed for the public. Second why pull the race card? No one has. Plus if anyone is guilty of a gate crime it’s the terminator he is the black guy that beat up a white guy! Kenton The Terminator Hamton is a racist and is guilty of a hate crime!

  6. Anyone have plans for the next City Council meeting on NEXT Tuesday, 8/2 at 6:30pm??

    I’ve made John and Ken aware.

  7. Lets not forget, Officer Hampton is a “widely respected Officer”. henhehe

    A black police officer kills an unarmed white man! In prison they will like that!!!!!

      1. “FPD4LIFE”: A well-chosen moniker indeed! Thanks for supporting the call for prosecution and conviction of these thug, murderous cops. But as for their sentences…I would be shocked if they do get LIFE. You and the rest of us will keep our fingers crossed. Let’s all hope 4LIFE for the FPD!

  8. Money>?
    What the f are you thinking? A human being has been murdered!!!!! And you think as you do? If you believe in GOD where is your faith>?

  9. I say Grammy nomination. New category suggestion—“Best Contempt Of Cop Song”. Thank You to the artists!

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