Fullerton College’s New Building Dun Goofed

When this blog kicked off several years ago, one of the first subjects of our discontent was the fake McSpanish horrors being constructed at Fullerton College.

Well, ¬†the buildings are complete and FJC students are submitting their feedback…and boy are things looking ugly. Here’s a hilarious clip of some dudes highlighting a few of the creepier features:


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  1. Too funny…..the dude thought the walls were solid…. he referred to them as “brick walls”. But in reality the walls are made to look like poured in place concrete, but in reality they’re a pressed laminate.

    Basically, taking away ones ability to understand the truth is the worst thing an architect can do when designing a building, ESPECIALLY A PUBLIC BUILDING.

  2. Tony this must be some kin of yours, what as sad spoiled retard. He sounds like a thug looking to strip copper wire out of the building. If this is the typical Fullerton College student these days knock it down and build your dream Slumba Village North.

  3. Spoiled Shitheads. I wonder what kind of sand hell hole Massud’s parents left to raise him in the land of milk and honey. This kid is the poster child for the side effects of long term exposure to marijuana.

    1. So guys like him shouldn’t be allowed to complain about bad architecture in taxpayer funded buildings? You are a racist and a fascist.

  4. Cool video it would have been better with no sound WoW that the future of Fullerton and shit man. LOL

  5. That was hilarious and actually fairly balanced reporting. The good was noted along with the bad. Man, those hallways are VERY creepy; what the hell were they thinking?! I guess everything in that generation is “like shit”, man…..

  6. Johnny’s Donut:

    You are a poo poo head!

    The kid is just doing what Bushala told him to do.

    1. Yes, Bushala is everywhere. He’s hiding under your bed, too.

      Who does this remind me of?

  7. I think “shit” is the operative word here, but I disagree that truth needs to be brought forth through architecture. Truth is an elusive aesthetic and philosophical quality these days. I have no problem with representative materials if they are used in an intelligent way. What they have at Fullerton College, unfortunately, is not an intelligent use, but rather a full frontal fake that looks a lot like a Home Depot in a redevelopment zone.

    The dank looking study area is particularly awful, and the lights probably have cameras in them, not occult symbols. These two young critics ought be asking why their classes are being cut and their tuition raised while the college district burns tons of money on bad architecture.

  8. Ok Thanks Travis,

    The place where the video was made is called a college. This is the place where some young people go to get an education after high school.

    1. And what the students are learning is how to waste money on lousy buildings. Say, do you like these buildings?

  9. Who are these nuts/losers whose comments on this site are fixated on Tony and Travis? Why don’t you do your own blog and say that stupid nonsense to yourselves.

  10. Isn’t this beauty certified by Fullerton Heritage?

    Another architectural disgrace brought to you by Tom and Katie Dalton.

    1. Yes, they did support it. Might be a good idea to ask them why. They are on the web.

  11. What a piece of crap…….this website. This a Jr College and the students pay next to nothing. Save your bottles and cans and go to a big boy college. This has to be a relative of Admin. I’m sure tuff boy Travis will jump to defend his master here but I don’t believe a word he says because it’s all slanted to hate. I’m convinced you’re all on dope.

  12. I walked into the Fullerton College cafeteria one day, the new one, just off Chapman Ave and couldn’t believe what I saw.

    Stained glass windows, nice wood. There were CLOTH tablecloths, real silverware, and CLOTH folded napkins on the tables. I’m not kidding you, it looked nicer in there than the Summit House.

    Here’s a preview, courtesy YouTube:


  13. Tuna Truck I’m not sure what you are trying to prove with your photos. Do you support the shit that Tony’s throwing at the fan or not.
    Come on Tony, time to send Jonny, Hadji back to FJC to gather more information.

    Hey I’ve got an Idea, why don’t you place some Florida Gangster DB’s in some of your slum flats and see how they get along with the hometown gangsters?

  14. Now this is some funny shit right here. Nice investigative reporting by Dumb and Dumber. I knew Travis was a loser but my god I didn’t know how much of one he really is when he said he found this video on the internet. You mean to tell me that, he has nothing better to do but troll You Tube for this garbage. What is your search criteria for this? Did you type “Stupid Silly Shit”. I think FFFF would have popped up.

    Now go brush your teeth Travis you loser. Another fine piece of investigative reporting.

    1. Wow, some folks are really getting all overwrought. Hope you’re not blogging from your FPD GED patrol cars.

  15. Hey Fred, What’s wrong with a GED. Alot of people have them. Give us your educational background. Why are you so much better then everyone else.

  16. Your buddy Greg Sebourn tried to become an FPOA member, apparently he wasn’t smart enough to get accepted.

    I read all your blogs and apparently being a GED/ FPOA member pays well.

    So again I ask, what is wrong with a GED?

  17. Brilliant and hilarious. Even these untutored JC slackers can tell screwed up architecture.

    And that puts them a million light years ahead of Trustee Molly McClanahan who seems to think crappy, fake McSpanish dinosaurs are the sort of things that will stamp her tenure with just the right touch of class.

  18. It’s not a Junior College. It’s a Community College.

    Students that cannot afford to shell out massive amounts of cash for university are not ‘slackers’.
    A lot of the new buildings here turned out great, especially the library and the new science building. I do think, however, that the exterior details of the cafeteria don’t flow with some of the older buildings, on the south side of campus.

    In the end, it’s a place to feed students, so I don’t really care all that much.

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