Epic Fail!

I hear the train a comin'...

Scott Martindale of the Register has posted this shocking revelation that two-thirds of JC students in OC fail to get any sort of diploma or certification after six years.

That’s a pretty damning indictment of a system that sucks in billions of tax dollars in this State every year and that is opaquely run by local boards of trustees composed of educrats, geriatric featherheads, and assorted big-government apologists.

Apparently, our community colleges are largely acting as baby sitters for late teens and early twenty-somethings who seem to be more interested in putting off a serious confrontation with the working life than with education. Harsh? Yes. Oversimplistic? Maybe. But consider that through the JCs in OC we are subsidizing the educational infrastructure for over a hundred thousand people at any given time who will never graduate.

And then contemplate the vast, breathtakingly compensated hierarchy of admninstrators that administer this  Empire of Failure and tell me the system ain’t broken.

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  1. Hey, it’s all about the children.

    I mean it all about education.

    I mean, aw hell, just forget it…

  2. It would be more beneficial to pay these losers to STAY AWAY FROM OUR SCHOOLS.

    Instead we do everything we can to get them in the front door where they don’t really want to be, sucking up an opportunity from someone else who is willing to work hard.

  3. On the bright side, these students are still eligible to pursue an exiting career in law enforcement. See back of box for details.

  4. I’m afraid of tying funding to graduation rates just because that could have the obvious affect of forcing the JCs to simply lower the bar. Grade inflation is already a real problem and the standards are getting lower and lower every year.

    JCs can (or at least they used to) serve an important function; they were places where college-bound high school grads could cheaply satisfy some general ed requirements before heading off to a real university.

    I don’t when or how it happened, but the JC has become a glorified 13th grade where you’re allowed to smoke cigarettes.

  5. I looked all over the place for the “study” the OC Register refers to, but came up empty.

    Surely the Register isn’t making this up…?

  6. Well hell, wit out them JC’s where’s them kids supposed ta learn how da read and cipher? God nose they dint teach nuttin butt shop when I was goin all the way up to almost 10th grade.

  7. Yep. It’s shocking that such a calamitous operation is overseen by boobs making three to four hundred thousand bucks a year in total compensation: chancellors, presidents, vice-presidents, deans of this and that. Most of them educrats with phony doctorates in education and zero experience running anything with a real bottom line.

    PATHETIC FAILURE! Shut ’em down and sell off the real estate!

  8. Does money play a role here, or rather lack of it? If students have to work full time to support themselves without the benefit of even meager grants and/or loans, they are more likely to find it too difficult financially to earn degrees. The constant curtailing of course offerings doesn’t help either if a student has to wait a semester or two for a class that used to be offered every term.

    1. Savage please cite an example of a non-elective class at FJC that has been “curtailed.”

      Grants and loans? Loans for what? A unit is still twenty bucks, right? Classes are still offered day and night. The inescapable conclusion is that the system is a failure for 67% of the attendees. That’s probably worse than one of those fake diploma mills advertised on TV.

      1. Obviously you are someone who never worked and went to school at the same time. When I went to FJC there were several classes that were not offered at night that I needed that were required for graduation.

        1. I think the point here is that 2/3 of the students end up drifting away from any objective evidence of academic accomplishment.

          If those night classes are so important to the working student they should be offered at night. Presumably we pay the administrators these gross salaries to figure out stuff like that. If what you’re saying is true then it just goes as a further indictment of educracy that runs these operations.

  9. Do you guys actually absorb anything you read here, or is this some sort of Memento zone?

    “#29 by nipsey on November 26, 2010
    Quick follow up, Steve was citing Fullerton College and all the remedial classes as evidence of, well something. The Community Colleges mission under state law is to provide 1) lower division college courses for transfer or AA degree and 2) to provide remedial and adult education, serve returning students etc. It is their mandated role.

    While providing some means of remedial education is necessary, I think putting it within a college system is a huge mistake, and contributes to the broadening and devaluation of what constitutes ‘going to college’.”

    Part of CC mandate is adult/returning education which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with pursuing a degree.

    1. Yes, our society has decided to academize just about everything – including remedial and vocational things that don’t belong in any kind of academic setting at all.

      We did a post here on the ludicrous continuing education classes on self-help, socialization and basket weaving, etc. That is “education” in the broadest and most meaningless sense.

  10. Aren’t you the people who rail against the nanny state? If a person wants a degree or certificate, she or he will work on it; if not, should the schools force them into all the same mold?

  11. Why is this site advocating results be in any way related to education? You should know by know that it is mean spirited to measure performance in the educational setting and to do so takes the focus off the true measuring stick which is good intentions.

    Don’t believe me? Just ask the teachers unions. They have been trying to point out this obvious fact to us for decades now.

    When will you people learn?

  12. If you really want to have some fun, go hang out at the Fullerton College polica academy and video tape the kids running around. VERY ENTERTAINING and the “staff” will certainly give you shit for recording it.

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