Pistol Packin’ Supe

Go ahead. Make my day.

According to Scott Moxley at the OC Weekly 4th District Supervisor Shawn Nelson has applied for a concealed weapon permit from our Sheriff Sandra Hutchens.

Said Nelson: “Most politicians just shoot off their mouths. I’m aiming higher. Literally”

No, he really didn’t say that. But any loony potential perp out there take heed. Nelson’s a good shot. He said so himself.

Shawn Nelson's roscoe

He’ll be packing a Colt Commander .45 slug hurler. That will leave an impression on just about anybody.

19 Replies to “Pistol Packin’ Supe”

  1. I like his choice in firearms….now why the hell can’t the rest of us law-abiding citizens protect ourselves and families legally with firearms in public? How much do I need to contribute to Sandy’s re-election campaign?

  2. Oh Dear Lord, why does this man feel he needs to carry a gun, this is Orange County? If he is scared, maybe it’s time to step down and go back to defending criminals.

  3. Im sure this is so he can go hunt muslims with his number one fan, deb pauley. or protect himself from one of his own sleazball clients.

  4. Probably for the 5 wing nut Sidhu supporters out there. They already proved themselves irrational and dellusional. Add desperation to that cocktail and you’ve got trouble. Just ask compton. He can tell you all about it.

  5. Why would anyone ever threaten OUR North County Messiah. Praise be to Allah er..I mean Shawn.

    ***This was a joint paid advertisement by CAIR, Grecian Formula for Men and NAMBLA.***

  6. Let;s urge Nelson to find some state legislators who favor open carry in California and join in a campaign to legislate that so we can all carry and defend ourselves if need be. The current system or permits for the elite and the rest of us can go pound sand is just plain unfair.

  7. Since we are on the topic of SN… could someone please clear this up? Is Sean Nelson Tony’s monkey or is Tony Sean Nelson’s monkey? It’s not clear.

    1. Didn’t our local Central Committee member just get in a world of trouble for depicting someone as a monkey? Seems to be a sensitive topic lately.

  8. If he doesn’t do something about the Kelly Thomas beating he should probably put that .45 on his temple and pull the trigger. Thank God for Sharon Quirk. Her balls are much bigger than Nelson’s.

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