I was trotting along the street yesterday looking for a fire hydrant when I noticed this:

Wow, way up high. High up enough that Roland Chi’s kinfolk wont be able to swipe it!


  1. Yeah…lets get more of these around town!!! Get the WORD OUT so people are ready and willing to sign when they walk by a table or receive someone at their door. 🙂

  2. Today I saw the first anti-recall yard sign. It said “Fullerton is not for sale”. It already has been sold by what I have been able to gather. It has been sold to a bunch of cronies that are into booze peddling, bootlicking, and snuff film production. Here’s to the new economy.

    1. Cops with Ph.d’s are no different than Ged cops. Just look at two with Phd’s…Lee Baca and Tony Batts. Both have been dismal leaders of cops.

    2. FPD are murders, coverup artists, sexual predators,liars, fakers, intimitadors or cowards, hmmm which one? sounds bully ish to me

      no one is recalling FPD unfortunately

    3. Why isn’t anyone afraid of Tony Bushala then? I’ve seen him around Fullerton myself, and I’ve never witnessed anyone jumping off of the sidewalk when he approaches?

    1. hahahha, yeah right, a joke.

      you wish-you must like that fake illegal tax that the mobsters have padded on your water bill for the last 15 years so they can steal off your back and have a nice pension waiting for them

      or maybe,

      you like the cop who was put back on the streets by the subects to be recalled, even after receiving complaints that while arresting them and while they were cuffed, he exposed their breasts and did other nasty stuff-not alledged either, this happened

      or maybe

      you like the fact that the subjects to be recalled kept the cops on the street to work after they beat and murdered kelly thomas-and the subjects to be recalled didnt even start an investigation until the poop hit the fan

      etc. etc. etc.

  3. Technically, facial injuries do not cause death. It is the damage and injury to tissues,bones and the brain beneath the facial injuries that causes death..eg..Kelly Thomas. Injuries on the surface could be indicative of underlying damage.

    1. #19 by McSinley on December 2, 2011

      We will not be recalled because the Bushala and the rest of the recall folks are not credible.

      REALLY, Who in the heck are YOU to say “the recall folks are not credible.” Do you know them personally???? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!

  4. and begin to restore representative government. Fullerton is a microcosm of what is occurring across our nation evidenced by Tea Party and the Occupy movement.

  5. fedupwithmorons :Cops with Ph.d’s are no different than Ged cops. Just look at two with Phd’s…Lee Baca and Tony Batts. Both have been dismal leaders of cops.

    So true Fedup…Baca is definitley a failure, ignoring and denying the deputy gang problem in Men’s Central. Didn’t know he had a Phd though.

    1. Yup, one of those degrees cops get without doing the work. I’ve had cops in my classes get A’s without doing the work or attending classes. Saw a la fire department union rep slide through class every week as well.
      Baca got his doctorate in social science related garbage.

  6. The next Council agenda is likely to have a proposal to ban campaign signage outside of xx days of an election so they can have these taken down.

    1. In any case this is not a campaign. It’s a signature gathering. There is no specific end date.

      They can try, though!

            1. These people protend to be leaders. But when it comes to gathering the information that would allow them to make informed decissions, they state with boastful aclarity that their lawyers advised them not to apprise themselves of the necessary knowledge.

              Well then, who is leading the lawyer?

  7. Great sign! A line from a song comes to mind: “more, more, more, how do you like it, how do you like it”.

  8. Hey, wait a minute, JFD. You’re supposed to be in dog heaven. And you’re dead. You don’t need to lift your leg.

  9. Regarding the sign location, the truth just seems to have a way of transcending the Recall targets.

  10. Was actually thinking the Roland Chi kinfolk may not want to swipe the signs this time. After all, another chance for him to try and weasel his way onto the City Council…….Oh, I forgot, during the last election, he tried to run on McKinley’s coattails…….Lay down with dogs, wake up with fleas.

        1. Well, I had a bad day yesterday, and I just couldn’t stand you-know-who’s BS anymore.

          Someday we will meet, I hope. I’m in this for the long haul, despite not living in Fullerton. In fact, I’ve become more and more outspoken about corruption than ever before in my life. I use my mouth, my keyboard and my abilities in research to try and make some sense of this. As disheartening as it sometimes is, I believe that things can and will change. They have to.

          Enough is enough.

          1. And RI, right now I don’t care what you think. Everyone is so over you, ya creep!

            Like Merijoe said, “truth will prevail.”

          2. dont let the fact that u dont live in fullerton stop you from supporting what u believe in-you pay taxes, fullerton is your business too

    1. Hi merijoe,
      It’s great to have you back! I think Reality Is Probably Hamilton (that’s my new name for R.I., – until he officially denies it) has been missing you! I know he was really bored without you around to give him a run for his money.

      Nothing much has changed around here; Reality Is Probably Hamilton is still consuming mass quantities of donuts and Starbucks, sitting at his computer all day long, 24/7.

      He is still likely one of the highest paid full time bloggers ever, – paid with taxpayer monies, and he no doubt gets plenty of overtime pay. I’m waiting for him to take sick leave and disability from carpal tunnel syndrome in the near future- from blogging all day long. Or, maybe he’ll even come down with a case of back strain/neck strain or eye strain. After all, blogging is such difficult work!!

      1. Hi JFA
        RI is a blowhard troll-a jerkwad…his game is to distract everyone from the real issues-Justice for Kelly, the truth and the multitude of coverups, lies and other assorted shit that drips daily from the fakers in and out of Fullerton -Keep strong JFA, keep fighting for whats right.

  11. Welcome back Merijoe!
    Good to see your name up on this blog again.

    P.S. RI was talking smack on you? I can’t believe it. Doesn’t sound like him.

  12. Echo on the welcome back to Merijoe…hope your stint in the pokey was pleasant. Good to see you back. 🙂

  13. More signs sighted tonight along Harbor, including the location where the banner once hung. I was hoping to see one or several at Harbor/Commonwealth – hint, hint! I saw a great pole and trees in front of Florentines, et al…

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