Doc Hee Haw, H2O and Hitler?

One of the reasons F. Dick Jones is being recalled is his loyal support of an illegal 10% tax tagged on to Fullerton’s water users. We’ve written about this before. So here’s a fun replay post on the subject just to show you the befuddlement of our illustrious mayor.

– Mr. Peabody

A reasonable person might well be excused for wondering how a balanced individual would connect Adolf Hitler’s occupation of the Rhineland with a proposed water rate increase.  Hell, we’ve been watching the cornpone brayings of Doc “Hee Haw” Jones for so long that no idiocy he spouts is surprising. Enjoy this erudition:

Okay forget the Hitler reference that might be more germane to a discussion on government economic policy such as Redevelopment. The real point of sharing this video is to show how Dick Hee Haw casually countenances the 10% in lieu “fee” rip-off because it isn’t “wasted,” i.e. is spent on things like cops. Forget the fact that Jones voted in the deplorable public safety 3 @ 50 that has buried Fullerton in retirement unfunded liability; forget that cops do nothing to provide water to the water rate payer; but, consider this:  THE FRANCHISE FEE IS NOTHING BUT A TAX ON THE WATER USERS OF FULLERTON TO HELP PROP UP CITY HALL’S NON-WATER RELATED BUDGET.

A water rate increase automatically increases the lieu fee that is based on gross revenue, plain and simple. Well, not simple enough for Doc Phogbound to wrap his pea-sized brain around, apparently. Jones is all about funding big government by hook or by crook, and the phonier the scam, the better.

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  1. I think he is actually making some sense here. Isn’t he really suggesting that if politicians like himself aren’t stopped by those that can stop them when they can be stopped we will all have hell to pay? I didnt vote for Jones because i could see the harm he has the ability to cause by his sheer negligence. Guess my effort was not enough but I have a clear conscience.

  2. I had to cut off all water to Stalingrad during the siege of ’42. Raising the rates on those damn Nazis just wasn’t enough to get them to leave.

  3. True. if only we had stopped that dangerous imbecile in’96 we could have saved ourselves a whole lot of trouble.

  4. Only four comments on this lunatic behavior? Is it possible that we’ve run out of things to say about Jones?

    1. No, I can keep going. Mayor Dick Jones has completely lost his marbles and should step down before he brings any more shame to Fullerton.

  5. Did you see the last Council meeting where Hee Haw says he thought the City was M-A-N-D-A-T-E-D to PROVIDE LOW-COST HOUSING. And then staff explains the city has AGREED to put a PLAN in place in response to an affordable housing law suit back when the city had NO plan in place. He was SOOOO shocked to find out that they are not M-A-N-D-A-T-E-D to build the damn homes.

    Then Quirk-Silva suggests something that was brought up last year during a forum about using the existing homes/apartments instead of bulldozing and building each one.

    Fullerton is sooo screwed.

  6. Most of the so-called “green” mandates are nothing but revenue gathering in disguise. Unionized government workers, when you factor in the cost of their benefits, on average make twice as much (or more) than private sector working taxpayers.

    Unionized government has exploited and corrupted pretty much everything it touches. It has undermined the credibility and respect of every government institution, as well as the movements it exploits, ranging from environmentalism to law and order.

    All the unions want is MORE. They are in bed with developers, environmentalists, public safety advocates, and everyone else with an agenda. The unions take these special interests who in normal circumstances would have legitimate concerns, and corrupt them.

  7. As a resident here in Fullerton, I will be doing any and everything I can possibly do to immediately recall these three little pigs who have been feeding non-stop at the public trough.
    If you are also a resident of Fullerton, and are tired of our disgraceful pot-holed streets, $125 monthly water rates, 1/4 of a BILLION dollars in unfunded pensions, (which will cost each man, woman, and child almost $1,200 each() and $35 MILLLION dollar a year budget for our disgraced police force, then I would ask you to join me supporting this recall effort or expect more of the same shenanigans until 2014!
    This has nothing to do with Tony Bushala, who is being demonized and dragged through the mud by these three little pigs, simply because he has shown the courage to stand up to these bullies.
    I will not allow for Tony Bushala, or anyone else for that matter, to stand alone on these issues that concern us all, and will instead stand shoulder-to-shoulder with any and all like minded residents who welcome truth and transparency in Fullerton.

  8. Fullerton Mayor, City Manager, Councils, and its cronies are DISGRACE to America. The whole world watching and would not believe their eyes.
    How did these gangs staying in the powerful positions for too long in Fullerton?
    We got what we voted for…Recall all these incompetent and disgust politicans.

  9. Wow.

    I’m an outside observer from San Diego and I freely admit that we have our fair share of loose noodles in charge and ruining our fair city, but man, this Jones dude is totally off the hook.

    Why aren’t the best and brightest of us in positions of leadership? how do these dingdongs worm their way into positions of leadership?

    We’ve gone from Jefferson and Jackson to bevis and butthead, and we’re paying dearly for it.

      1. Ha.

        Cannabis has recently been found to be neuroprotective against Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders.

        Sadly, starting now would still be too late in our mayor’s case.

  10. Ah said it was Hitlah’! Don’t yah’ll get it! We need that money or it’s gonna go straight down the drain in Sacramento! Where Hitlah’ is! Ah got ta have that moeny so Ah kin go ra San Francisco! Now be quiet or we’ll all try to leave the council room again!

  11. truth be told ,


    Patrick Mckinley is an actual Nazi, a real member of the arian brotherhood, and most certinally a decedent from assholes and killers.

    i would not want to see what this freak has hidden in his closet.


  12. I know we were talking about doc hee haw but I just wanted to throw in there what a sick fuck mckinley is. Si intiendes?

  13. Mr. Bushala, I have followed the Kelly Thomas beating almost from the beginning and greatly appreciate the attention and continued scrutiny you have brought to bear on the situation. Your blog is very well written and I find I am compelled to check it daily.

    Having said that, I have a bone to pick with you. As a lifelong political conservative, I resent your continued use of the term “repuglican” on your blog. We have a terrible situation here of an unjust death and an apparent attempted cover up. This is an issue of good vs. evil, of right vs. wrong, but definitely NOT of liberal vs. conservative. While indulging what appears to be your prejudice against conservatives, please consider that you may be alienating a large number of citizens who might have been your allies in attempting to achieve justice for Kelly Thomas and his family.

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