For all you folks out there that are thinking about dining and drinking, or drinking, or even art walking in downtown Fullerton, think twice before you venture into the battle zone. A few years back, your esteemed Mayor, Dr. Dick Jones, declared the downtown “unsafe,” and called it the “Wild West;” he said that “there are people down there that don’t look like me,” and called them “last week’s prison felons.” Here is Jones in all his befuddled glory:

So what did the city do? It looks like they spent one and a half million dollars  per year to employ a collection of goons to work the downtown beat who, with exception of a uniform, may be hard to distinguish from the folks they go after – last week’s prison felons.

The original problem, created by Jones & Co. persists. And now I invite you to consider whether the remedy isn’t worse than the disease.

19 Replies to “CONSUMER WARNING: It’s The New West”

  1. Look’s like Jone’s baby is drowning and the bathtub is overflowing……quick, somebody do something.

  2. Sweet Iridescent Mother of Jebus, not that buffoon and his baby/bathwater cliche.

    BTW, what is a “ruly teenager?”

  3. What an asshole! Force a study as to why it is that Austin has a military base nearby, a few colleges including a prestigious university, and is a haven for music lovers of all stripes, country, rock, ska, jazz, blues, funk, with the highest per capita of bars in the country, to host the various bands and venues going on in the city, on any given day of the week. There are throngs of young and gray haired moms like me, too, cause we all love going out and listening to music and dancing and eating and being safe walking the streets to get from one venue to another. You’ve got to put your dick head mayor out to pasture and get some leadership that respects the people who live in Fullerton. You’ve got all the ingredients for a great city, except for that turd that likes to make war, not harmony and affinity with his people.

  4. Whooowee! Jus’ listen to me talk! Ah could really go an’ on in mah prime! It’s a little harder to do that these days…..Ah jus’ feel a little tired now…Ah really liked babies then. Ah guess Ah really wanted ta’ be a obstetrician instead’a a plastic surgeon…what wuz that about the I-talians again?…Oh yeah, they ran the town ‘a Galveston purty well…Ah’m from Texas ya’ know…we mostly just drink out by the BBQ instead’a goin’ ta’ fancy bars an’ all, an’ ya’ kin jus’ piss on the ground, so’s no one needs a bathroom or nothin’, so Ah guess Ah really didn’t know what I wuz talkin’ ’bout when Ah worked so hard ta’ get all them bars downtown…da we have ta’ meet again already tomorrah? Are you sure? We jus’ met last week an’ all…Ah guess it mus’ be purty impodent or we wouldn’t be goin’ over ta’ city hall agin’ so soon…Ah hope Ah drive OK cuz them cops is scary!

  5. There may be some people making public comments about the beating tonight. I’m sure the mayor will handle them with grace and respect as always.

  6. How do you extract the footage from those meetings off the city web site? I wanna make some youtube videos of council meeting hi-lights.

      1. LOL…last night’s meeting is a 1.2 GB file. For the average DSL user that’s a 90 minute download time and you’ll need to pray it doesn’t get corrupted in the process.

        This is no accident. Large, bloated files help government cover up their misdeeds because 95% of the people will not wait for excessive download times. Another shenanigan that government loves is creating PDF files *without* OCR (optical character recognition) which means they are not searchable. Fullerton is no exception. Instead of an optimized original PDF that would run 1 MB, that file is printed out and run through a document scanner with OCR disabled to create a new PDF. The result is a 25-50 MB file that takes forever to download and forever to search through. And since it’s not searchable, none of the contents will appear in internet search results. What a coincidence…NOT.

        This bullshit needs to stop.

  7. I can’t believe someone could rule over constituents they have so much contempt for. Iv’e been to downtown a few times and I have never been threatened or felt frightened.

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