Protest at the Police Station

There is a protest happening right NOW in front of the Fullerton police station. Demonstrators say they will be here until those responsible for the death of Kelly Thomas are brought to justice. Come on down and join us.

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  1. Careful how loud you voice your opinions out there. The FPD might beat you down and lock you up for that.

      1. Too bad California is so damn liberal and socialist. This is what happens when guns are taken away from private citizens, and citizens see government as the end all solution for their safety and well being. Very sad, but California, there is a saying. We get exactly the kind of government we deserve. Now, that being said, I hope the family takes all of the cops to the legal guillotine, and they end up being homeless themselves when you are done with them.

        1. Just to clarify, by legal guillotine, I am not advocating on provoked violence toward any person. It is a Metaphor for getting the shit sued out of you until you have nothing left. It is a very sad story. Portland, Oregon is the extreme opposite and very anti Police to the point that police cant do their jobs. However, after seeing this, I actually think it might be better that way. Afteral, I am prepared to defend myself against criminals, dont need cops, they wont fit in my back pocket, which is how all responsible citizens should be, so better to error on the side of caution when it comes to cop power. I say its time for the voters of your town to take back some power. Assuming there are still some self reliant people in California. You need to elect an anti-police mayor like we have in Sam Adams. Down side, occupy scum will be allowed to destroy your parks and will cost you millions to clean up. Up side, the cops wont even think about doing anything like this.

      2. I would like to know if this person had a prior record, and if so, did this have any bearing on how the “people” approached the situation from the get go. Also, why did this person refuse to follow the instructions for so long? Well, all I can say is, if this truly is a case of out of control “people”, ya’ll had better get your concealed carry licenses and be prepared to defend your lives against any perceived threat of violence to your person. Assuming ya’ll can actually get a concealed carry permit in CA. If not, well…. see previous post.

  2. my name is Tina, i am kelly Thomas’s sister. Thank you all for helping in getting justice for my brother and all the people wronged by the fullerton police.

    1. So sorry for your loss. I hope this starts something that will end this type of behavior that has gone on for too too long.

  3. This is great! How do we alert the lOcal media? This story needs more coverage than it’s gettig from major media.

      1. Keep your shorts on John Law. This is just getting started. Sooner or later the weasels of the FPD will have to answer for this.

    1. Simply notify the media to what end? If you read any of the media reports when this story broke, they had already taken the initial police report as the gospel and wrote about Kelly as if he deserved what he got in his “fight” or “scuffle” or “tussle” with the police. And the general lack of follow up or interest by the media suggests this is not news worthy enough for them.

      1. The holocaust started this way and with all the Jews complacent and thinking it would go away you saw the results. Stop it now. These Calif cops hate the same people, the sick, cripples, minorities, old, etc.etc. etc. Just read The Third Reich. You will think you’re home. STOP IT ANYWAY YOU CAN. CONTACT ME.

  4. Lou, you should really be doing something about this story. A real “pro” would. Even your Team leader Jim Radcliffe might back you up.

  5. Clearly organizations like the FPOA along with thier law firm hold sway over the media. Much like we are reading about in Britain.

    Would a cub reporter from the OCR piss off a source, putting at risk things like details in Adenhardts death to publish a homeless guys death? NO WAY!

    There is no more journalistic integrity, especially at that rag. The Fullerton PD information officer was as quiet, yet no one questioned him.

    This is what I call the Jenifer Muir career model.


    1. “Would a cub reporter from the OCR piss off a source, putting at risk things like details in Adenhardts death to publish a homeless guys death? NO WAY!”
      You’re right. They would rather go collect a check from the very same union they should be writing about, like that hottie Jennifer Muir. For years Lou Ponsi has been a union supporter. Look at all of his so-called articles.

  6. The more people and media that know the better!!!! We really need a video that anyone took that night to be made public. That way there is no doubt in anyones mind of what really went on.keep up the good work FFFF!!!! its people like you that help the cause.

    1. Tina, as much as I’m sure you don’t want the public to see what the cops did to your brother, I’m also sure that if your dad releases the photo there will be thousands of people that will call for the police chief to fired and for the cops that brutally beat him to death to be taken into custody immediately.

      Time is of the essence.

      Again, my condolences to you and your family.

      1. These cops need to be immediately fired and charged with murder. This is just heartbreaking and infuriating at the same time. I saw NOTHING that would have instigated these cops to brutally beat Kelly. Street justice – thats what needed here – those son of a bitch cops – macho maniacs.

  7. I hear the dad has a photo of his son’s faces–and it’s so bad TV wouldn’t touch it. If he has another outlet to release it, the story could have legs.

    1. The dad should let FFFF publish the photo (if it exists)! FFFF is the only entity keeping this story alive in front of the public, publishing the photo could really break open the floodgates!

  8. Help kelly Thomas There is a facebook page made for updated info. And also for anyone that has an inforamtion they want to share…. please keep posting all you can so we can keep what happened to kelly in the news and in the publics eye. Please go like it if you have facebook. Thank you…. about the photos of kelly… we’re working on it.Stay posative

    1. Tina,

      I’ve searched, but there are about a million people named “Kelly Thomas” on facebook. Could you please provide a link? Thanks.

      My condolences to you and your family on your loss.

  9. My son was at a Del Taco in Anaheim when an off-duty cop shot & killed him. He was also unarmed. That crap about resisting arrest is just that. My prayers go out to Terry. He did not deserve that. Blessings to his family.

  10. Better hide all your weed and blow admin. All FPD needs is half a reason to search your home and business.

  11. As I recall, the man who was interviewed on FFFF as a witnessed said that some people had video cameras or cellphones to record the event. At the least there should be camera footage from an ATM or security camera somewhere? Can it be obtained and used as evidence?

  12. @tina, my prayers go out to u & the family. in NO way am i condoning what the police did. but I do have some concern of why ur family allowed him to roam the streets homless. I feel so bad when i see the homeless down on their luck. it seems ur family is saddened but what has happened but why didn’t the family step in sooner to get Kelly the support he may have needed to get on track. he probaly would have been alive today.

    1. The help was alwasys there for kelly. The family has put him in half way house after half way house,Family memeber after family member,he liked living outdoors.He always had somebody but kelly wanted to be free,free of everything.He would show up out of the blue,and leave out of the blue.He was 37 and as a grown man we could not force him to stay… we did try

  13. @tina, have u thought about organizing some sort of charity on his behalf? i am sure fpd will being paying out on this. there are so many people without homes and in need. just would like to see something good come out of all this. and to help people out like kelly, that may be living on the streets, hungry or in need of medical care.

    1. my father has started a non-profit charity called the kelly james Thomas foundation…. i will be helping him on this and when i know more i will post all the info for everybody to share.

  14. yep i know its r money….i am taxed on my paycheck, i am taxed on the items i buy and if i can not come up with enough write offs, i pay again at tax time…….so yes when fpd cuts a check utimately , the tax payers r paying for the officers screw up……maybe the officers would be willing to pay or make payments from their own salary…… but doubt that will happen….

  15. @tina, that is great news…sounds like ur family is not in this for the money…. makes me proud to know that there still a few good people left out there. so sick of everyone with their hand out, wanting to paid and sue happy

  16. For Heaven’s Sake, this is not about the Thomas family “having their hands out”!! This is about: publicizing the heinous murder of their son because the media won’t cover it! This is about not letting murder be swept under the rug! This is about trying to educate people about issues of mental health and honoring Kelly by trying to make sure that police brutality towards the mentally ill and homeless population stops! This is about bringing ALL of those who are responsible for this to justice, including the watch commander who was watching the incident remotely, and the mayor who adamantly declared that he would rid the city of transients. If anyone thinks this is solely about money, you’re very wrong.

    However, a very large judgement may ultimately be the only thing that actually forces the FPD to change its policies regarding what it considers, or does not consider, to be excessive use of force against the mentally ill and homeless population.

    Have you ever heard the saying, “Hit em where it hurts?” It is my opinion that since the FPD officers obviously have no hearts, their wallets are most likely the only place where they will ever feel any pain.

    As a citizen, if you don’t like paying taxes that are then spent on a wrongful death judgement brought against the FPD, then perhaps I could gently suggest that you help to expose the truth of what happened. Help to make sure that the roque cops are charged and that they pay for their crimes behind bars. Help to demand that policies be changed to ensure due process of law and humane treatment of the mentally ill. It is not against the law to have a mental illness.

    Mentally ill people do not respond to orders or to requests in the same way as a healthy person might. People who suffer from schizophrenia have cognitive deficits and they have severe short term memory/working memory deficits. They have a very hard time processing information quickly. They suffer from anxiety and paranoia and they will become upset easily if they are yelled at, threatened, or if too many people are talking all at the same time. They are also very apprehensive about being touched and they will consider it to be a threat. It is hard for them to sort out all of the voices and to make sense of what is going on around them. I could go on an on; however, I think you get the point that when someone is mentally ill, it means that they truly have a brain disorder. They are not like you and I and they require, and deserve, sensitivity and compassion. Schizophrenia symptoms can not be entirely controlled, even with medication. Medication does not eliminate many of the problems. Medication does help to reduce the delusions and hallucinations. Medication does NOT get rid of the very real and very serious cognitive and memory deficits. People who suffer from schizophrenia should not have to pay for the FPD ignorance about mental illness with their very lives.

    1. You know what. You can just be the new person in town, middle aged, working, conservative, not schizophrenic and be harrased unbelieveably if the sheriffs decide they don’t like your face. There are SS troopers..

  17. i am sure fpd will pay. but as i suggested the money should not come from tax payers. it should come from the persons that created the problem. or possibly the higher ups taht are pulling some big pay checks…and hit them where it hurts… i am in support , but need to hit the officers that caused this….so in short when fpd has to pay out, the city big wigs sure aren’t gonna take the hit. so someone will have to eat the loss. and i was proud to hear that the money will be used to help those that need, mentally ill…..just sick of hearing about families of the desceased want to get paid from it. when the real victim is no longer here. it is sad that kelly passed away and he looked like he suffered with the beating he took. so in short, it always ends up coming down to money. it would be nice to know that kelly’s death will set a new standard on use of force issues and possibly others can get help. if so many are effected by mentally ill or some other type conditions, having them roam around homeless clearly presents a danger to themselfs or others. if there was a facility that was there to help these folks then maybe none of this would have happened.

  18. Those officers should be charged with MURDER! There is no excuse for using your position of authority to ABUSE another human being. EVER. Bring them DOWN, put them on trial like any other American citizen would be, for Aggravated Assault with the intent to KILL, and MURDER! This is disgraceful!!!

  19. God bless the Thomas family and the hell with
    the murders. Who next your mother, sister, daughter, child , seniors who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Oh you are right on the money. You must live in California where I am from. I moved from there but would return for the RIGHT reason! I was also a victim of Sheriff abuse for NO APPARENT REASON. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO KNOW WHAT MOTIVATED THEM. Lost my job and pension in the Antelope Valley.

  20. I never want to see this happen again! My ex-husband was Schizophrenic. Luckily, he had family to get him help. People with mental illness do not process information the way most people do-most are not violent. I was under the impressioon
    the police were required to take classes in how to approach the mentally ill-homeless, or not. This sure was not what happened here!!

  21. I was beaten by FPD in 1999. I was only 16. I am a female. I was then charged with assault on a peace officer to explain the bruises. I filed a complaint, fought the charges. I was offered 60 days to plea guilty…which I did because i thought my word would never count against the officers. I’m still angry about it.

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