Cirque du FSD

What kind of circus is FSD Ringmaster Lynn Thornley running? One that promotes kiddie antics and award ceremonies over legitimate board business.

The hyper-analytical Chris Thompson put together this chart of FSD meeting time spent wallowing in tomfoolery vs. legitimate school board business:

Now with 50% more fluff.

In Tuesday’s meeting, Thompson was fighting to bring an end to former Superintendent Cameron McCune’s laptop extortion scheme (thousands of dollars taken from parents by pressuring them to buy expensive Apple laptops.) But Lynn Thornley did everything she could to cut off debate and move to a quick vote HERE.

This haste occurred in meeting of which over an hour was dedicated to Cub Scout flag ceremonies, awards, various glad-handing, and a lady dancing around with a quilt over her head.

No joke:

The end result? Watch here as Thompson makes his case to end this boondoggle, debate is cut short and Trustee Berryman is run over, abstaining on an issue because she wasn’t given a chance to ask questions. The decision was rammed through anyway, leaving individual families to spend about $174,000 of their own money to keep this sinking technology program temporarily afloat.

Total time spent on legitimate discussion: 18 minutes.

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  1. Yay! Gold stars and blue ribbons and Citizen of the Month bumper stickers for everybody!

  2. Thornley no longer represents the kids, maybe she never represented kids.

    I hope Thornley runs again in 2012 so we can help (in a big way) vote her out of office!

    1. She was elected courtesy of the teacher union. That’s who she represents. No mystery there.

      1. Sounds like Thornley’s got the FFFF’rs feathers all ruffled up. I’d feel sorry for her, but it sure sounds like she’s ask’n for it.

        1. Thorn’n da side, “Sounds like Thornley’s got the FFFF’rs feathers all ruffled up”, right, right, you’re bloody well right!

        1. Fullerton Savage, the video clearly show’s her cutting Thompson and the issue off and wanting to vote without thoughtful discussion. In fact I’m curious if what she did was even legal (Roberts rules).

          So who do you think she’s there for?

          1. She’s there for the union. And the educrats.

            She ain’t there for the parents, that’s for sure.

  3. All school districts are the same. They spend an hour up front fluffing around with certificates and honors, most of them phony, and dodge any real discussion on substantive issues.

    I would feel sorry for Thompson but he knew what he was getting into.

  4. Fred, you are correct, of course. The purpose of the meeting is to give an opportunity for some teacher to get recognition for some non-achievement.

    The important decisions have already been made by the superintendent and conveyed to his puppet on the Board.

    How many times in the last twenty years has a dissenting vote been cast? I’ll bet you could count them on one hand.

    1. The Collaborative conflict-o-rama almost went down 2 to 3. That’s the only one that I can recall.

  5. The Internet is incredible. Without YouTube, nobody would ever see the buffoonery that goes on at the district every week.

  6. Pshhh. If you can’t dance with a quilt in the middle of a public meeting, what can you do?

    1. I need to make a couple of comments. First and foremost, the lady holding the quilt is named Marlene McGlensey and she has been a very good friend of mine for 15 years. She is a huge contributor to the community through both schools and Crittendon. She is very smart, very articulate, very nice and obviously has a great sense of humor. Secondarily, while I would absolutely like us to cut the non-business prelims in at least half, I am not bothered that they occur in general. We’re an elementary district and people love being involved and volunteering for kids. Makes sense. However, I absolutely agree with Travis’ main point. If we have over an hour for the feel-good stuff, do we really need to rush concerned board members through spending almost $200,000 of our parent’s money in 18 minutes?

      1. Chris, the Board meeting is a business meeting.

        Your District wants us to think its business is to make people feel good – instead of worrying about annoying things like taxes and developer fees and teacher (over)compensation and benefits.

        Which just goes to say we need another reformer on the Board so that the Chair cannot cut off discussion when she’s worried the latest outrage might not pass.

  7. WOW. I am so glad that people can hide behind a freaking blog and RIP on people who do good things in this community and raising money for ATA. Why don’t you go do something productive like these people are trying to do and not sit on your couch with a computer. Try making a difference in Fullerton instead of making fun of people who are putting themselves out there and making your city a better place. Well done all. Lets hurt the people who give their time to make this place better for your kids. Better yet lets teach them to be mean and make fun of others. What great role models you are, congrats.

    1. Becky, you are a simpleton. Go find the Romper Room blog where everything is happy happy happy. If you hang out here you may get your little feelings hurt. The truth hurts.

    2. Becky, keep up the good fight! Fullerton always needs more go along get along drones to keep oiling the broken down machine.

    3. This blog doesn’t “hurt” anybody. It just shines a light on what’s going on.

      I’m sure quilt lady is serenely indifferent to what this blog has to say on any subject.

    4. Becky,

      What makes you think the 30 seconds a day spent on this blog is not balanced by effort to donate to charity and volunteerism? Since when in America are we not allowed to be critical of our government (which by the way includes school districts)?

      You miss most of the point here. Why spend large amounts of time at a meeting on the presentations that are not business related and then rush through actual agenda material? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

  8. “But Lynn Thornley did everything she could to cut off debate”

    She was probably afraid that Thompson would eventually make his point.

  9. Was that Chris Thompson or Steve Rocco… Both treated the same..both with the same message.. Did Rocco change his name? Is Steve Rocco really Chris Thompson? Come’ on dude grow a set, make a statement.

  10. Steve Rocco received the most votes in his race. Rocco has a cooler look than Thompson. Rocco spelled backwards if Occor which happens to be the name of Mr.B’s gerbil. By the way, little Anthony’s gerbil needs a bath.

  11. 2011 Halloween Costume – DONE! I think I know exactly where I can borrow an outfit like this.

    1. I think we both know someone who wears a beanie. The glasses you might have to get from Elvis Costello.

  12. Dammit, Chris Thompson. Quit analyzing stuff and making charts. You’re stirring up a lot of trouble in my little fiefdom. Things were much easier when nobody cared and nobody could see what was happening in the throne room.

  13. Thompson’s getting rolled pretty easily by Lynn. Come on, Chris, don’t let her shut you up. We elected you to speak up!!! You, too, Bev!!!

    And why does Hovey sit right in the middle of the Board? Those puppet strings are very short! Not even Armstrong got to sit next to Mayor Sa.

    1. Good point on the seating. I’ve never seen that before. And who is that doofus sitting next to Thompson?

  14. Joe Sipowicz :
    She’s there for the union. And the educrats.
    She ain’t there for the parents, that’s for sure.

    I’d endorse her if she was a Repuglican.

  15. Jay’s right.

    Furthermore, Robert’s Rules of order says a “call the question” motion (Hilda’s) must be discussed & voted on BEFORE action on the main motion.

    Thornley can’t just call a vote on the main motion without first discussing & voting whether to shut off debate. That was not done–would Janny actually vote to shut up 2 of her colleagues?

    The action take was not proper, was not legal. That was not a valid action of the Board and needs to be revoted.

    You may be a minority, Chris, but you do have rights–know how to use them!!! Know the procedures!!!

    1. The Board may or may not adhere to Roberts Rules of Order and most boards that “generally” adhere to them may stray at the discretion of the Chair. The issue is not a legal one.

      But Thompson should have put up a fight. Of course maybe the ladies are trying to get him to pop his cork!

  16. Ed– Yes, they may stray, and the Chair does enjoy discretion. But on no Board can the Chair end debate while members still have comments or questions.

    An the seating arrangement. Supe Hovey sitting in the middle obviously pulling strings…. did Thornley request this, or has it been going on a long time?

  17. Thompson had a long time to make his point, and wasn’t exactly succinct doing it. I think I understood his objections well enough by watching the tape. However, the trustee to his left abstained from the vote because she said she had more questions, so I guess the vote was called too quickly.

    1. The sting of a reproach is the truth of it.

      In gratitude to those who pointed out my parliamentary error, I will endeavor to not make the same mistake twice.

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