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  1. Stupid, maybe. Was probably for lack of anything else to say. He’s not generally known for the most intellectual statements or commentary. So this is nothing new. Just another example of his “old school” days.

  2. What does this guy say to women when the camera ISN’T rolling?

    Sexual harassment training is mandated in California workplaces. I think Bankhead and Jones need a refresher.

  3. Perhaps. Or maybe people just need to chill a bit. It seems that a lot of people like to create drama and make mountains out of mole hills as the cliche goes. Now if he slapped her ass, that would be something else. I’m just saying, keep things in perspective.

  4. His remarks were degrading. He reduced whatever professional qualities she had to nothing more than the beauty of her skin.

    Bankhead is a sexist and has demonstrated his womanizing to Fullerton voters for the past 22+ years.

    “A womanizer generally considers himself to be both a ladies’ man and a man’s man, maintaining an atmosphere of mystique and sophistication. He may surround himself with other male players or a support posse, but he clearly exudes a superior level of self-confidence bordering on vanity and self-absorption. A womanizer often wears the most stylish clothing, drives a sporty vehicle and flashes expensive jewelry, all in an effort to impress single women in trendy nightclubs or meat markets.”

    Yep, that’s Bankhead!

  5. Quite unfortunate in a formal ceremony.

    Volunteer jobs are a wonderful way to develop the sense of community and cohesion of neighborhoods, neighbors-families. A person who does this kind of thing is literally “recognized” each day, but milestones achieved are a nice part of life.

    There is so much PHONY recognition and awards to the bloated overpaid featherbedded government “worker” (Politicized Unions) burearacracy, it is sickening. But actual volunteers are great Americans.

  6. Bankhead completely ignored the professional capabilities for which the lady was receiving the award, instead making comments exclusively about her appearance. This is sexism. I was mortified by his uncouth, clumsy and inappropriate comments, and I am tired if this man embarrassing our city. He needs to be called out for this behavior by the other members of the council.

  7. Ok, both Rain and Perspective, I see your “perspective”. Guess I just don’t get as excited as others may. But your points are valid and can’t deny the accurate description . It’s just nothing new about Bankhead. And so right about our volunteers. They are the ones that truly deserve the recognition. If it were one of us up there, we may have been quick enough on our feet to give some innocent rhetorical remark back.

  8. That guy thinks he is so clever. Unfortunately not enough people have told him to keep his stupid mouth shut.

    Ditto for Hee Haw.

  9. I agree w/ you TFSavage, the fact that Mr B.head makes no comment on substance but only seems fit to notice the fine female form, friend, goes to show that your nuts can be in your head and you still can be a Mayor in a city like F.town.

  10. You guy hit it out of the park with this one. Bankhead’s tie is also on crooked. Call Mr.Blackwell

  11. In the old days Norby would have crack her in the ass and given her a good old donkey punch for good measure. This ain’t poo poo.

    1. I threw a little bait in the water but only got one nibble.

      We should bring back Safety Patrol Boys (sixth grade or eighth grade responsible-good students) to guard and direct and teach the younger children at the cross walks around the schools.

      Such methods develop a visible achievement-based means of delivering real public service – with actual volunteers – and TEACHES the school children that they are in school to learn and advance in important ways, becoming adult and responsible in the world.

      Our existing system of stupid Leftist propaganda institutes leads only to phony unqualified “affirmed” and “government funded” “jobs” for sychophants, tricky insiders and assorted cheaters focused on false “ideas” like “climate change” and abortion-murder “rights” and the “good parts” of homosexual mental illness.

      1. Rain, I like your idea having “Safety Patrol Boys (sixth grade or eighth grade responsible-good students) to guard and direct and teach the younger children at the cross walks around the schools”, but the rest makes me wonder what kind of meds are you on man?

  12. You gotta love the characters that give everyone something to talk about. Look how far Norby has gone. So obviously, the “good ‘ol days” demeanor hasn’t hurt some of our local reps. Definitely keeps things interesting….

  13. I know that “old school” sort of guys think that comments like that are flattering but its not. He comes off as a creepy old man. If he was presenting me with that award and said something like that I would turn back and say to him “Oh my great grandfather would find you soooo funny. heh heh!”

  14. This is definitely the same sort of mentality that gives us all those pictures of the grandpas a squeezin’ Miss Fullerton.

    Bankhead was never very bright and the onset of dementia is only going to make things worse. Ditto Jones’s pyschoses.

  15. What he should have said is “the older I get the more senile I become.”

    Yes. He thinks truly believes he is funny, eloquent and wise.

    The sad part is Bankhead’s Mummy could get elected to the City Council.

  16. Tony, put your bong down for half a second and write about something worth a damn.

    If you’re too stoned to do that, replay that video when Papa San beat the shit out of you.

    1. Every time I think my owner couldn’t ever possibly say anything dumber he proves me wrong.

      And then I get shoved back into his front pocket.

  17. That was very creepy, I could’ve sworn Bankhead was getting a woody in anticipation of presenting the award. Okay, at his age, maybe it’s more like a splinter.

  18. Compton, I don’t think Tony is the Osama of OC but at least of Fullerton. There are similarities.

    There Tony, I defended you. Are you happy now?

  19. Well, I’m not sayin’ you ought to give Blankhead any slack, but he is a product of of his times. At 19 years old he was strapping bombs onto prop planes off the coast of Korea, on an escort carrier and he hasn’t been able to hear much since then. A flight deck is a noisy place….And, yes he can’t not forgo the chance to say something about anything, whether he know shit about the topic, that’s just the way Don’s been since way back. I remember when Don got rid of his ridiculous comb-over hair cut, and went to the close cropped crew cut. When asked about his nearly bald head he remarked that it was “a solar panel for a sex machine” Not much has changed. You just need to accept Don for his entertainment value. Oh, and by the way, crossing guards are paid…Now as to Doc HeeHaw, his corn pone is pretty funny, and generally makes dull meetings a little more enjoyable. But, folks before you are too hard on him, he has COPD, and in order to breathe he has to take lots of medication, which can result in some what unpredictable behavior, and a little bit of a testy attitude. There is no cure for COPD, it just gets worse and worse until, well you know what. I think Mckinely, and Whitaker are the two new stars. They read their material, say very little, and then vote. No hyperbole, just let’s get it done.

  20. Eh…. douchie? Yes….Overtly sexist, that’s a stretch. When you’re blessed by living into an advanced age like this old coot, you get to take liberties with politically incorrect salty talk. It can be cute sometimes, pervy if the old fart making the comment takes it too far. Cut Bankhead some slack. He’s got one foot in the grave and he’s earned a hall pass or too.

    1. Maybe Bankhead’s butt-slapping rotary doesn’t mind his “salty talk” (and maybe they do?), but why should I be expected to tolerate it at a city council meeting? It’s simply inappropriate and embarrassing, and if Bankhead is so far out of touch that he doesn’t know it, then it’s time for him to resign.

  21. I would give the guy a pass if he weren’t an elected official. He’s constantly doing his best to give away the farm to unions and staff and he’s an embarrassment on top of it. Can we just be done with the ancient cop and country doctor ogling the Miss Fullerton candidates who are just trying to get a scholarship? When you start making comments about how crossing guards are getting better looking, it’s time for the voters to put us all out of our misery.

  22. I must have a very warped sense of humor. Either that or I’m not easily offended (yes, I’m a woman). I find all of this banter and expressed disgust, kind of funny. I mean, maybe it wasn’t the most appropriate comment (and other examples like it) but it’s not like we’re not familiar with the source. There must be a lot of others that like him, given that he’s still in office. I’m not excusing it. I just think it’s kind of funny how much is made of it and how indignant people get. Apparently, there’s a lot of uptight folks out there. Just another observation.

  23. If someone on this FFFF blog feels that Bankhead did something wrong that was tacky, then call him on it at the next Fullerton City Council meeting instead of blogging about it. Put your name for the public record instead of hiding behind the curtain!

    I guess there are too many chickens with no balls roaming around Fullerton to call on Bankhead!

    1. “I guess there are too many chickens with no balls roaming around Fullerton to call on Bankhead”

      Lots of ballsless chickens trolling our blog – like you.

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