Impending Invasion of Fullerton By Whack Jobs and Wing Nuts?

Here’s a hilarious invitation received recently by a Friend:

Anyway, follow this link to watch the blood-spattered intro on the speaker’s marketing website:

You too can join the counter-terrorist offensive!

Note the collision of paranoia, faith, and patriotism – the old formula. A biblical quote is de rigeur, Old Testament, of course, so as not to offend potential Jewish support (other Peoples of Faith, dontcha know – just took a left turn on that whole Jesus thing).

Watchmen on the Wall? Wait is this Lenny Bruce-type parody? No, alas.

Typical know-nothing nonsense, really. And notice the supposed “experts”-  a PI operation from Redlands, California! It might actually be worth it to go and watch the scam perpetrated on the rubes after they load up on Sizzler salad bar and jug wine (does Sizzler still have a salad bar after 9/11?)

Ironically this Uber-patriot event is held on St. Pat’s Day by the same sort of people who despised and demonized Irish immigrants one hundred and fifty years ago.

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  1. America. 80% Christian, 0.6% Muslim. Are we really worrying about a Sharia law takover?

    Get some perspective, please.

    1. One Arab terrorist with a dirty bomb can ruin your whole day. Not to mention your Malibu Chicken.

  2. I love those phony logos. Real official-looking. I agree, Grover. Those idiots better keep a good grip on their wallets. I suspect some sort of scam.

    1. Yes, it is. And here’s the wingnut who runs the Fullerton Chapter:

      Zonya Townsend (
      California Republican Assembly-Fullerton Unit President

  3. Common sense dictates that the PI’s might be trying to sell attendees videos or services not unlike when Norby, Nelson, and Royce drop in with those preprinted donation envelopes. Everybody wants something…

  4. Third Thursday of the month is CRA at the sizzler. Stumbled in there awhile back and found Norby kissing ass to a few old folks. I asked and some guy in a wheelchair told me that the CRA meets there every 3rd Thursday of the month.

  5. the evening’s events tonight:

    tag team wrestling between
    the park rangers from the jubal cave in naranjatown
    jonny”fleshboy” fleischman and
    matty “yes my ass is stuck on the commode in suite c in the jubalcave” cunnilicorice

    dannyboy “just look for me in my blue dress” chimmy-lew-insky and
    chrissy “yes i am Lxxg Bxy” pimpy Pre-vaaaattt

    just look for the event in large bowlof 10000 island dressing

  6. I find it comical or rather disturbing after reading this story and the comments posted to this article. I attended this particular event and the information presented was not based on any conspiracy or some “Wing Nut” or “Whack Job’s” crazy belief system. It was based on fact and statistics provided by the FBI and other governmental agencies. All of the information was presented from fact. What say you, Grover Cleveland? Can you hold your head high and say the same for yourself?

    What I find the most disturbing here is the amount of fact dismissing and truth bashing going on. This is a prime example of the “wannabe intelligent” showing their true being. Dismissing the truth to push their agenda. The comments left above are 100% absent any truth and they themselves are based on “Wing Nut” and “Whack Job” conspiracies.

    Grover Cleveland, you have offered nothing but bullying and bashing commentary not to mention your added flash to video to push your lies unto your flock of sheep. I have a recommendation for you. Why don’t you man up, show your face, and challenge this speaker, his credentials, and his facts publicly? Dare you fear the truth or are you just another Jim Jones passing out Kool- Aid to your flock?

    1. Aha! A real, honest-to-goodness Watchman on The Wall.

      Maybe it was the biblical quotation that caused me to doubt the intellectual honesty of the event; maybe it was the fact that it was presented by something called “Hi-Caliber” with dopey logos obviously meant to fool the gullible into thinking something official was going on.

      Fact: Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US (don’t even know if this is true, but I’ll grant you that). Ooooooh are you scared, yet? Muslims are less less than 1% of the population. Now that’s the WHOLE truth – not the sort the bible beaters and the neo-con salesmen like Ed Royce want anybody to hear, of course.

      Ann, hope you didn’t get stuck buying anything other than the those yummy Langostinos.

      Jebus, they look just like baby lobsters. Ssssssizzzzler!

    2. Ann, “Why don’t you man up, show your face, and challenge this speaker, his credentials, and his facts publicly?”, I have a better idea; you man, or woman up, and ask your hero (the guy you follow who likes to scare shat out of fools) to question Grover here on the blog in writing and let’s see whose selling woof tickets.

  7. Grover as stated in the previous comment prior to yours, why don’t you take the challenge and publicly debate this person on the issues you have with his seminars. All you did in your reply was once again make some sarcastic commentary but it still lacks any substance and makes me (and others) believe you hold the same hear me roar mentality and the Kool-Aid man.

    1. Debate? Debate what? With whom?

      You crackpot nativists are immune to reason or fact. You want to be scared. You long for it. You fantasize about it. You will pay people to scare you. You are the answer to all Homeland Security authoritarians’ wet dreams.

      Will we start our debate with Bible readings, O Watchman on the Wall?

  8. Grover It’s obvious that you have some type of hard on for the speaker of this seminar. You have resorted to adolescent play ground name calling but you have not stated that you were willing to publicly prove this guy wrong in a face to face debate. I don’t understand. Do you have true convictions for your beliefs, are you able to support them, or are you just a blogging bully? If your going to call a man out and make derogatory comments, mocking and discrediting him then you should be willing to do it to his face.

    This guy may or may not be willing to debate you on the facts but I’m calling you out to challenge him. This could be a public debate where your readers could show up and see it in person. What are you afraid of? Can you respond without the name calling?

  9. “This guy may or may not be willing to debate you on the facts”


    What guy? A PI from Redlands? Get serious.

    Here’s a challenge: I am willing to debate YOU. Right here on this blog. Send in your thesis. Let the debate begin!

    We won’t be starting out with a benediction, although extreme unction at the end is a likelihood.

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