The other day I used a super secret password to utilize the Fullerton School District’s wireless network, for no particular reason. While connected, I tried to access some of my favorite and least favorite local blogs and news sites. Here’s what I discovered from behind the FSD firewall:

LiberalOC blog – allowed
Red County blog – allowed
Voice of OC blog – allowed
Orange Juice Blog – allowed
OC Register blogs – allowed
Fullerton Observer – allowed
Friends for Fullerton’s Future – BLOCKED

It appears that Friends for Fullerton’s Future has been singularly snuffed from teacher and staff access at the Fullerton School District. Now why wouldn’t the administration want anyone to read our blog?

Maybe they didn’t appreciate our cold look at the ramifications of heavy child-Internet immersion back in 2009. Or maybe they were offended by our unraveling of the Fullerton Collaborative conflict-o-sphere. What if they were upset about blogger Chris Thompson’s spectacular ascension to the Fullerton School Board?

"War is a game that is played with a smile."

Whatever the reason, things are starting to look pretty political over at the Superintendent’s office. OK we get it, Doctor Hovey.

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  1. Wow I’d love for the Super to be taken to task on this. So the liberals want us to be all accepting however they are unwilling to accept anyone opposing their beliefs.

  2. Doctor Hovey. Doctor of what?

    That idiot couldn’t get a a degree outside the University of Phoenix.

  3. You may have noticed the message on your screen capture indicating that the web filter is provided by M86 Security. This is a vendor provided service to the school district, and is mandated by federal law: the Child Internet Protection Act. It is mandated in CIPA that children be protected from certain content. Regardless of your personal desire to share your wisdom to staff and admin in Fullerton school district, the filter is in place to protect the children.
    If you believe there is a grand conspiracy against your blog, you may be right… but it may go much deeper than you fantasized, as your site is blocked in every single organization in the US that uses this vendor’s database.

    So you may also have noticed that is categorized as “Web Logs/Personal Pages”
    So what is the difference between your site and the OC Register, for example? Well I will leave that to you to decide, but you can check the status of your most/least favorite sites in the m86 database at:

    1. So why do we get hits from the OC Dept. of Education network every day? All of the member schools use the M86 filter at the County, but they can still get through. Why can’t Fullerton?

  4. It might be because you see words like ass clown, shit, fuck and other vulgar references here. This site is a cesspool that is blocked by the organization i am at right now by the same service. fortunately I have been able to get around it.. for better or for worse. They do take themselves very seriously. All pillars of the community. NOT.

  5. Well the first thing I think Anon is that Travis now owes me a HOT order of Kung Pao Chicken. The second thing I think is that the Superintendent is definitely not an idiot. He and I may not be on the same page in several key areas, but an idiot he is not. And frankly StBFR, your comment is asinine.

    My best guess (because I haven’t asked yet) is that this circumstance is not the result of a strategy to single out FFFF amongst the blogs listed so much as a desire to block FFFF specifically because it’s the only one that makes any noise about the Fullerton School District. Travis sat in the boardroom and looked up all of the blogs that he is most interested in and discovered that this one is blocked. It’s not like he discovered a list of blogs with the phrase “ok” next to the others and an X through FFFF.

    Having said that, in my opinion this circumstance is unacceptable and needs to be rectified. I have not thought through, nor heard the arguments as to why the blogs need to be blocked at the District office, but the District cannot engage in political selectivity. I believe this will be corrected quickly.

    1. So you want school employees to spend tax dollars spending time looking at the FFFF blog and not doing their job?

      They should all be blocked.

    2. I’ll try to post this again.. and see if it gets blocked again. It seems Travis does not think Chris can handle the simple question I posed.

      I’ll put into a form of a statement this time. Instead of getting FFFF reinstated at the district, perhaps we should block the other sites so that taxpayers don’t promote the employees looking at political sites when they should be working.

      Maybe Chris could also comment on his new pension and health insurance from the district.

      Come on, Travis… post this comment.

      1. Alfred, I seriously doubt that Travis blocked your comment. My first thought to the blog issue was the same as yours. Just block them all. However, Tony made a good point to me that even the Register and Times are really blogs. Whatever the solution, the District is going to have to be even-handed and politically unbiased in how they resolve it.

        Your question about my benefits is fair. I think the district contribution to my huge new pension is $8 a month. However, the health benefits are not insignificant. I have been researching how to best go about moving that we (the board members) make a contribution toward them that makes this benefit less rich. I am not going to simply walk away from my benefits. I am going to work to make them appropriate. Having said that, I have never thought that the key to smaller government was electing wealthy (which I am not) individuals who can nobly turn down their benefits…as Shawn did at the City. Note that now that it is a full time job, Shawn rightfully takes his benefits at the county. I intend on earning mine. Whether they are reasonable or not is another question that everybody is welcome to have an opinion on. I seriously doubt however, that anybody who works full time would take on this role for the money.

        1. Chris, “It’s not like he (Hovey) discovered a list of blogs with the phrase “ok” next to the others and an X through FFFF”.

          Do you still stand behind that statement and this one too, “I believe this will be corrected quickly.”?

          1. Curious, in the first quote “It’s not like he discovered…” the “he” was Travis, not Hovey. And Travis did exactly as I described. He didn’t find a list, he made a list.

            I might back off of the corrected quickly point depending upon one’s definition of corrected. At the time I wrote that, I had underestimated how irritated certain blog publishing parties who shall remain nameless were about this matter. I just meant that I thought all of the blogs listed would be blocked quickly. I would not doubt that they are blocked know.

      2. #11 maybe you are the one who needs to spend less time on the internet so you can learn to spell your name. And by the way, the school administrators have plenty of time to blog between doing nothing and covering up their time doing nothing.

    3. Uh, huh. I’ll take your word for it that “Dr.” didn’t pull his doctorate out of a cereal box.

      The Hovey record over that past few years is pathetic. Laptop scam, abuse of parents, the Keller contract, now this. Well he’s YOUR employee, not mine

      How about if I replace the word idiot with average intelligent, dyed-in-the-wool educrat. Better?

  6. A step back from the fray reveals a disturbing trend, harking back to the shady Nixon days:

    Censor, cover up, shut down ANYTHING we don’t agree with. Especially threats!

    As a low level operative, guys like Matthew J. Cunningham make perfect tools to distribute disinformation. Add to that some censor ship of dissent and we have a little cabal going.

    These guys SHOUT out against oppression and “Big Government” and pander to the masses for votes. But once there……It’s allover baby.

    A trip to Bannana’s on Raymond (perhaps the sleaziest place I’ve been this week) provided me with great Matt “JUBAL” Cunningham fodder.

    More on that soon.

  7. Oh yeah. Tell the parents. A HUGE % of FUSD parents grew up in places where they could not acess AOL (in those days).

    Engage the masses and watch.

  8. Not all schools use the same filter.
    Not being familiar with the network policies in place at Fullerton Schools or OCDE, a possible explanation could include:
    OCDE may use a different filter, or have a different policy.
    People who are not on the guest network could be allowed to override the filter. They would have to authenticate with their domain credentials.

  9. Chris you should fully take the benefits after having to sit throughthose district meetings. You have fully earned every bit of it!

    Alfrede you’ll find this site doesnt censor your posts like others. I got censored for calling the matthew Cunningham an Ass Clown for again saying the OCGOP endorsement was a joke because it endorsed Nelson over Sidhu. What an ass clown!

    1. could have something to do with the fact that the truth hurts some peoples feelings.

      compton, you’re constant rantings about racist comments are real old and unsubstantiated; ass clowns, carpetbaggers and greed seeking politicians are not a race you ignorant f-ing idiot.

  10. On the topic of schools and computers, is the FSD still shoving Apple computers down everybody’s throats? This is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion.

    It’s a ton of money wasted on computer technology NOT used by the majority of businesses and colleges in this country. So what happens when our kids graduate from high school? Yep, as usual, they’re unprepared for real life.

  11. I don’t support fullerton collaborative, fullerton observer, liberal oc blogs and i support freedom of speech and the press. FSD exists because all people of differing view points must pay taxes to support our public schools. the least they FSD is respect the fact that most readers of FFFF pay their taxes that supports FSD.

  12. too early in the morning for me, forgive the loose writing. My point is FSD is a public entity that exists due to our tax dollars. FSD censoring FFFF because it disagrees with its observations and opinions attacks freedom of speech and the press.

  13. What happened seems pretty clear. District employees were spending to much time reading negative stuff about the District.

  14. School board members should be given a reasonable stipend for attending the meetings. “Reasonable” can be debated but something in the $125-150 range. Other benefits such as health are an absurd waste and should be terminated. What possibly could be the justification for cadillac benefits to people who are at meetings less than a 1/4 time job?

  15. There are so many ways to look at this. I like this one:

    1. FSD fails to block kids from using the Internet to meet sexual predators.
    2. FSD successfully blocks FFFF instead.

    It must be for the children.

  16. Uh oh Travis! Chris Prevatt ace detective is on the case from his job at the County of Orange Health Care Agency. You better watch it. He and fellow journalist Danny C. will be calling for a criminal investigation of you soon.

    1. Access denied? That’s what happens when Sean Mill’s on a date. The only access he gets is the rub and tub places in Little Saigon

  17. I have documented several racist remarks on this website, yes some involve sidhu, but many others are unrelated. Also the vulgar language probably has also led to 4F being blocked. Joe alone has contributed enough swear words to get the site blocked, and Curt Pringle is still my Hero, and yes he does deserve.

    1. I heard they blocked FFFF because we were getting too many idiot comments from jackoffs on the Hairball Sidhu payroll.

      It was driving down the general IQ.

    2. Sorry Mr. Shill. I’m calling bullsh*t. There are no racist comments on this site. Now inflamatory, that’s a different story altogether. Run along now and go rub down your “hero” or whatever it is you two do.

  18. Just for future reference guys and gals, phrases like jack%## and a$$ are not going to make it any easier for me to argue freedom of speech on a elementary school network. I’m just saying…

    1. Chris, if your argument for freedom of speech requires speakers to self-censor, then there is no point in arguing at all.

  19. Concur Travis. Which is why my support is not related to, much less contingent upon censorship. My encouragement of individual bloggers to consider upping the classiness of their rhetoric on this topic is strategic. My support of free speech is fundamental.

    1. I frequently reference (and I get hit up a lot about FFFF) Benjamin Franklin in supporting the value of facilitating anonymous and unrestricted blog posts. Anonymous blogging was key in freeing our nation from tyranny and will be necessary in preserving freedom. But also, one of Franklin’s 13 virtues was “Avoid extreams (that’s how he spelled it); forbear resenting injuries so much as you think they deserve.” This is from my sweet, 1905 copy of Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography which I bought on Ebay for $3. I think he would say that we should merely consider the total impact of our words. Because it comes to one’s mind, does not necessarily make it an effective comment. I would be well served to consider this more often.

      1. Chris,

        If this blog starts bowdlerizing itself I’ll quit stopping by. Good writing uses colorful language. This is not a site for kiddies. I appreciate that.

        It doesn’t seem to have occurred to some that the use of “vulgarity” (i.e. good, old fashioned Anglo-Saxon words) by some of the writers on this site is NOT gratuitous. Of course the same cannot be said of all the commenters.

        I’m tired of sanctimonious avoidance of “dirty” words by self-appointed moral arbiters like Chermininsky and Cunningham as they avert their gazes to misfeasance left and right.

        Frankly, I couldn’t care less if a blog were off limits on the FSD network. Those people can log on to FFFF using their own computers when they get home.

          1. bowd·ler·ize (bdl-rz, boud-)
            tr.v. bowd·ler·ized, bowd·ler·iz·ing, bowd·ler·iz·es
            To remove material that is considered offensive or objectionable from (a book, for example).

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