A New Repuglican Scam

Today the ever-increasingly pathetic OC Register ran an editorial trumpeting the creation of something called the  Association of California Cities, a homespun effort to replace the California League of Cities. The Register wants us to believe that anything that replaces the League is a good thing. To which I respond: not so fast.

Here’s a quote from the article, the first couple of paragraphs dutifully and immediately passed along verbatim by Red County repuglican flunky Matthew J. Cunningham:

Orange County cities often have stood for sensible, taxpayer-friendly municipal reform in a state where fiscal sanity is the exception rather than the rule. So, while we applaud the 21 O.C. cities that left the League of California Cities (and its Orange County division) and started their own Association of California Cities Orange County, we also want to ask, “What took you so long?”

We’ve long had a beef with the Sacramento-based League, which is essentially a taxpayer-funded (dues come from city coffers) lobbying organization that tilts toward big government. Currently, the League is battling Gov. Jerry Brown’s sensible plan to close down the state’s 425 redevelopment agencies – those fiscally profligate entities that abuse eminent domain and dole out corporate welfare to companies that build development projects hatched in City Hall.

I can’t remember any OC cities that “stood for sensible, taxpayer friendly municipal reform…” so that’s a load of manure right there. But notice the anti-Redevelopment hook there at the end of the second paragraph. Cunningham obviously did. But he didn’t bother passing along the very next tidbit from the editorial:

Certainly, one finds support for redevelopment among Orange County officials, including some whose cities have fled the League…

Well Jesus H.Crisco, that’s the understatement of the freaking year! Is there a single municipality in OC that isn’t addicted to Redevelopment like a low grade junkie is to black tar heroin?

Maybe I can do facebook for the Association @ $200 buck an hour!

The Rag pathetically goes on to cite as some sort of local OC accomplishment the totally discredited Anaheim “Freedom Friendly” policy of “upzoning” property, a conspiracy that put dozens of businesses out of business, hundreds of workers out of work, that was engineered to produce vast profits for Kurt Pringle’s clients, and that has left the Anaheim city scape cratered, dark and dismal. The editorialists who are employed by The Register may think we can’t tell the difference, but boy are they wrong.

I am somebody! At last.

Of course you can check out the leadership of the new Association. It doesn’t inspire any sort of confidence. In the roster we find a sad collection of small town political hacks, bag men (and women), and poseurs whose only true resentment of the League is likely based on the fact that it precludes them from cashing in on anything.  Oh, yeah we know the sort: the brain dead, yet greedy city council members who make up the boards of things like the OCTA, the Vector Control District, and the Sanitation District: just the perfect sort of drones who can be manipulated to direct “policy” in the direction of the Pringles, Dick Ackermans and John Lewises of the oh, so conservative Orange County.

Cunningham claims the inaugural dinner was the scene of near euphoria. Eu-effing-phoria. For him and people like him who cash in on government largess there was probably every reason to feel giddy.

The real question is why should we poor plantation hands substitute one collection of overseers for another?

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  1. Ah shucks they were just re-inventing the wheel, eh? Dumb idiots!

    We need a Twitter/Facebook Revolution to get rid of the idiots councilmembers who supported the scam.

  2. Frank Ury. Cunningham’s man-crush. That explains a lot right there.

    Amante is a small town lawyer who has visions of being the next Ackerman.

    Margie Rice is an 80+ year old hair dresser.

    Off you go now, kids, it’s recess!

  3. Man, old Jubal has been getting his ass kicked around her lately. Maybe this dogs day has finally come due.

    I especially like that folks have seen through time tried tactic of avoiding the subject and delivering diversion. That in addition to his disappearing act after being defeated.

  4. This is right up Tommy Daly’S Alley! No work and all Pay! Run for an anaheim seat Tom and take your new executive assistant pet boy Jordan Brandman with you. What he couldn’t find his own Job? Or did his daddy donate to a Daly cause? Man payback is a Bitch!

  5. The new league is supposedly formed as a 501 C3 charitable organization. If the purpose of the league is to advocate on behalf of cities and charitable organizations are precluded from engaging in lobbying by the IRS, what is it this new league is going to do?

    1. Good question RG, my guess is they will break the law at some point in the not so distant future and will flip us regular folk the bird at the same time.

      Maybe our new AG might be interested in their little scheme.

  6. My guess is this organization becomes a piggy bank for Pringle, Lucy Dunn and all the big government hacks like Amante and Jerbal. Just wait to see how long it takes for Pringle and the OCBC to end up with contracts from this new group.

    1. Totally agree. Let’s follow the money on this new group. 99.9% chance that the usual suspects will have their hands in the till here.

  7. Much is made of the move to this new organization because of their disenchantment with the state league of cities.

    The question nobody ever seems to ask is why the Orange County League of Cities had their finances taken over by the state league.

    Seems there was a problem with dummied up financial reports by the executive director, reports to SCAG that were phony and weren’t paid for, and a general embarrassment that was all covered up and hushed up. So the state league started keeping them on a short leash, which these arrogant buffoons can’t stand. Why should they have to follow rules?

  8. Yes, with Pringle and Big Lucy Dunn involved (and hacks like Margie the Hairdresser, Carchio the Crook and Curry the Lame) there’s nothing good to be had from this son of the League of Cities.

    Comparing the League to the new organization is like the Soviet Union saying to China that their form of socialism is better.

  9. I heard that Matt Cunnigham is working with Jordan Brandman and Tom Daly. I thought Matt Cunnigham is a republican. Why is he connected to Tom Daly and his gangs.

    This is a slap in the face for the Republican party. We need to recalled Tom Daly.

    He is abusing taxpayers money and he is also having affairs with Anna and Chanta at the office. This is illegal for a boss (elected) to sleep with his staff.

    He is no better than Mike Duval the only differnet is Duval go caught. Now he is grooming Jordan Brandman for his office.

    What a freaking joke. Jordan Brandman find a real job loser. You are just like your friend Matt Cunnigham.

  10. I drive 24 miles to work and pass through 9 small to mid-size cities. Every two miles I pass through a city with its own city manager, half have their own police and fire department, libraries and their usual multi-million dollar accoutrements. Yet most of these towns(cities) consist of low to median income populace. If these 9 cities consolidated into one city, then expensive replication/duplication of services separated by only a few miles from each other could be consolidated and managed by less people at less cost to the public. soCal no longer is a rural area dotted by post office mains treet towns, and the concept of all these little towns draining the tax payers is out-dated and unnecessary

  11. Debra sanders (#12):

    If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past few years (thanks to outlets like FFFF & OCWeekly and OJB) is that Matt Cunningham is in this for himself. IT’S ALL ABOUT $$$.

    There is no “cause”, there is no allegience, there is no loyalty.

    Consider this:

    If you are Priest accused of covering up the rape of children, we’ll defend you PUBLICALLY, for a cost

    If you are a local official who wants to Carpetbag into another supervisoral district, we’ll promote you at a cost.

    If you are a local agency, like a WATER DISTRICT spending millions on God knows what, we’ll work with you AT A COST.

    If you are a Taxpayer funded agency, we will RIP YOU OFF.

    the list goes on and on. I defy anyone to provide examples of instances where Matt and Pacific Strategies did ANY BIT OF GOOD for society and mankind, where he was’nt compensated.

    THE GUY IS A TOOL. A SCAM ARTIST, whose cover is blown.

    Good luck getting a job Matt.

  12. Looks like ol Jubal is in the news again, getting his name out wherever he can:


    Looks like another one of his priest buddies is in hot water.

    FWIW, I see as publisher of his own Catholic Blog:

    he is still playing the split personality thing posting as Matthew J. Cunningham, failing to mention he is actually the BLOG publisher. All the while asking for donations.

    What a crook.

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