The Tongue Bath

We knew it was coming, of course. The last obsequious tribute of the ultimate repuglican lackey to the ultimate repuglican puppeteer. Still, it’s pretty gross even when you knew it was coming.

No mention of incompatible offices, or of directing hundreds of millions to pet projects, or of do-nothing contracts with opaque organizations like the Children and Families Commission and the Cemetery District; no mention of a financial interest Form 700 that’s over 60 pages long; and no mention of “freedom-friendly” up-zoning that cleared out huge swaths of light industrial employers and employees to make way for high-density condos built by buddies.

Well, what did you expect?

5 Replies to “The Tongue Bath”

  1. That Red County post is right above Chip Hanlon’s ripping of Bill Campbell for the obsessive salaries of Children and Families Commission employees. Of course no mention that his co-blogger Matt Cunningham is also piggie in that very same trough.

  2. Matt may be heading back and forth to his other cash cow, The Catholic Church.

    He of course runs the:

    Website. Tuition for Rosary and/or Mater Dei is coming up for the Jubal kids and without anothe priest scandal to defend……the toothbrush and Art Pedroza postings just don’t pay, like a good child RAPE scandal.

    There is of course another option:

    GET A JOB!

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