Smash and Grab in Fullerton

According to an La Times story, here, by ace reporter Sam Quinones, a spate of smash and grab robberies has plagued the Southland recently, including the jewely mart richere in Fullerton’s Metrocenter. Lots of untraceable gold and freeway access are the likely causes. Some of the culprits have been identified as members of various LA County Crips affiliations branching out into the depths of suburbia.

Apparently the resourceful young men’s MO is to attack in numbers, smash cases with hammers, cause confusion, and make off in multiple getaway vehicles.

I certainly hope Fullerton PD is more successful solving this theft than they have been getting to the bottom of the Roland Chi sign theft ring.

And in passing, I note Fullerton’s own Sgt. Mike Chlebowski is quoted at the end of the article. Just knowing we have somebody named Mike Chlebowski on the force makes me feel a whole lot better about today.

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  1. How did Orange County’s law enforcement whether at the municipal level or county level become so ineffective that organized crime feels way more comfortable pillaging our town/county than their own home turf, Los Angeles? Maybe law enforcement should worry more about protecting people from the bad guys than sensitivity training and how the media will inflame their actions.

    1. Good point. These business owners are essentially left to fend for themselves during the attack and then solve their own cases after the fact.

    2. What do you believe validates your comment that law enforcement is ineffective?

      Here’s something you may not know about criminals. They get to pick the time and place of their criminal activity. Typically they don’t tell the police.

      I’ll make it simple for you. It puts the good guys at a huge disadvantage.

      1. You are right. Cops rarely stop violent crimes in progress. But you won’t hear that from the unions. It goes against the whole “hero” notion that gets played up whenever they want to spike pensions and pay into the stratosphere.

  2. Assuming the comments about the officer’s name making you feel “a lot better” is sarcastic.

    What name would make you feel better and why?

    If your comment wasn’t being sarcastic, please disregard.

    1. Of course the making fun of his name is meant to be mean spirited since this is how they operate here at 4F. They don’t know him or his work ethic like most people at FPD.

      How do you know what is going on with the big case of the thefts of Tony’s signs? Maybe the DA has them and are reviewing them. Maybe they’re is more important things to deal with right. Tony is a drain on this city with lawsuits, criminal cases and collecting rewards from the city.

      Travis you were a coward in HS and still you still are a coward.

      I can’t believe that Thompson and Whitaker agree with picking a a name out of a hard working guy and making fun of him because of his name of orgin. I believe that you guys most have nothing going on in your lives other than hate for LE and Public Employees. I think that Travis, Tony, Chris, Bruce, Sebourn and any other person here needs to re-evaluate their own personal lives and quit calling names.

      With That said-Fuck Off 4F

    2. 4SD I hope you’re wearing your dress right now, Fullerton Police make me feel unsafe. Fullerton Police really don’t care about solving crimes they care about writing DUI’s. Let’s face it if you ever need a cop in Fullerton go to downtown.

  3. focus, 4SD Observer, on the issue and not on the flys crawling on your walls. We all realize from our own personal experiences or from the media that criminals won’t rob, beat or steal if they see the police near their target(s).
    Travis shows the real problem in his comment that reveals police unions spike the pay and pensions of their members into the “stratosphere”. It is this union practice that limits cities ability to hire more police officers to routinely patrol and thus discourage criminal acts and put at least a dent in crime.

    1. Van. The claim is that FPD is ineffective. Based on what? This singular incident?

      You believe what you consider high pay and pensions (which let’s everyone know you’re a loser since you believe they earn a lot of money) are causing this crime? Could you please connect those dots with substance and not idiotic opinion?

      There is nothing stopping the city from hiring more police right now. It’s all about priorities. So that statement is also inaccurate.

      1. The math is simple. If we didn’t pay so much for each cop and their 30 or 40 year deluxe retirement package, we would be able to put more cops on the street with the money that we have.

        More cops, less crime. That’s the theory, anyway.

        1. So you’re saying that paying people less would guarantee a better quality individual in that position?

          There are consequences to that belief. Can you prove yours?

          1. I think the problem is this belief that more money equals a better job. Let’s all take a look at the city of Bell….

  4. When I was robbed the FPD came and dusted my house for prints. They left that black dust all over the walls (it wouldn’t come off). Six months later I got a card in the mail saying they’d given up. And they never even bothered to talk to my neighbor who was around during the robbery.

  5. Hey, calm down guys. I think Chlebowski is a cool name. It sounds so old-school cop.

    The sarcasm was injected about the campaign signs, though. Those crimes were captured digitally with license plates ‘n all. Still no resolution though.

    1. Good people, the Chlebowskis. My parents lived next door to them back in the old country.

      And by ‘old country’, I mean wherever it was we lived back before we moved to Irvine, the safest, shiniest, Agranist city in the whole U-S-of-A!

  6. Dear Anonymous, you cannot have it both ways..first you say that Whitaker and Thompson wouldn’t call names and then you say this: ” I think that Travis, Tony, Chris, Bruce, Sebourn and any other person here needs to re-evaluate their own personal lives and quit calling names.” ??? I think you need to stop grouping names of people and just talk to and about the names actually in this post. This is not High School and there are no “clicks”.
    Aside from that, I have a suggestion, the motorcycle officer who sits in wait on Harbor blvd just North of Valencia and hands out about a ticket an hour or more, might be better placed near the Metro Center where he can do more than just write tickets. I am sure that the businesses and shoppers would love to feel safer with his presence. Plus as a Fullerton taxpayer I would like him to be more useful, writing tickets is not my idea of “protecting and serving”.
    As for the stolen political signs, Chi and his family gave way too much in monetary contributions to our DA for him to do anything about this. Remember they got by with a slap on the hand for food poisoning what was it 12 people in Garden Grove? I believe that since Chi was endorsed by the DA and the Police he is untouchable..sadly so.

    1. Name calling and hating on the police, fire and public employees. Is this how you operate. How many of these people do you know? Most are very hard working good people.

      Travis you are wrong and not an expert about your statement regarding cops rarely stop violent crimes. They stop them every day/night what is your definition of a violent. Fights, assaults aggravated assaults and Domestic violence are violent crimes and I know that they are stopped by LE every day/night right here in Fullerton. why do you hate all public employees and specifically the PD people? Didn’t get a sticker in Jr high or something.

      You guys show so much hatred in making fun of someones last name. Maybe we should line up all our asian named employees so you can make fun of them as well.

      Merry Christmas and I hope all you “friends” find what you’re looking for in the hatred and name calling

      1. I get it. Anyone who dares to criticize you must “hate cops.” You can keep playing the victim, but nobody here is buying it.

  7. This blog is the biggest PR problem that the FPD has had in a long time. Where is the department’s PR flack? Shouldn’t he be over here kicking up dust or something?

  8. Let me get this straight, every single one of you, from all of Tony’s pseudonyms, to every other clever name on here (except Travis) is publishing their comments anonymously.   Let’s see Joe Sipowicz, and Breathing Fire, and donut and peabody, and van and watcher all post their names and addresses, and then you can call out mr. anonymous.  Talk about hypocricy.  I think Travis and his opinions are misguided and filled with hate, but at least he does have the stones to post his real name next to his comments, about the only one on this board that does.  And Travis and company, you’re so busy hating the police, that you have to demonize them to make your point.  Tell Donna Dutton’s family that the police don’t do anything useful.

    Mr. peabody, did you bother to investigate in your crack journalism whether there had been any arrests in the jewelry store robbery?  Did you call the Jewelry Store? Did you call the police department?  Did you search for stories by other media sources?  You make fun of a Polish sounding name, and that’s ok?  What if the name were, say, Lebanese sounding, would it be ok then?  You guys are hilarious.

    1. I posted a story from the Times a week ago, This isn’t a “news” story it’s a current events story. I’m not a journalist but you are an idiot.

      BTW I, some of my best friends like (Joe Sipowicz) are of Polish descent. You’re the on who read the anti-Polish bias and that says a lot about you!

      BTW II when is FPD going to make an arrest in the sign thief ring case?

  9. It’s a current events piece? Darn, I thought it was a giant metaphor for the current public employee ripoff.

    The world’s most incredible smash and grab perpetrated against the modern taxpayer…

    Untraceable gold = the deep pockets of an unsuspecting public

    Easy freeway access = the road to retirement

    Gang members = Union thugs

    Getaway vehicle = CalPERS

    Hapless police = Our own clueless city council

  10. Anonymous is right every night the police do stop violent crimes, it just happens to be drinks fighting with eachother in downtown Fullerton. However, that’s only a problem because of the half-witted policies of the city council and their play to serve mentality. FPD cares more about tickets and DUI’s then solving crimes.

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