October 2010; Scary Month

The month of October FFFF had 62,035 visitors and 109,820 page views. Why is that scary? It means that we have to top that again, and again, and well you get the picture.

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  1. I’m not reading it now. In fact I’m writing this with my eyes closed. Now I’m going to clap my hands over my ears so I can’t hear anything either. But I will keep talking anyway because that’s they way our local government operates.

  2. do these stats mean fullerton has its very own independent news blog? maybe the city of fullerton should pay FFFF a nice annual sum to post the city’s public notices, if city of fullerton’s public notices on FFFF then odds people reading them very high

  3. Now you have to distinguish which hits are from people who actually believe everything you rant about. There surely are problems with the politics of Fullerton as throughout the US, but this train wreck of a blog is just another bunch of people trying to scream louder than anyone else to broadcast their own agenda.

    Why not get out into the community, make yourself public, get to know and discuss the issues with all the people you disparage, which includes listening to their side of things, and actually create a dialogue that could improve the state of Fullerton politics and maybe set an example for other communities nearby?

    You can pretend to be important, or actually do something that will make a positive difference. What’s it going to be?

    1. Or you can pretend that dialog and collaboration will somehow win the day over the inertia of silence and stupidity.

      You can believe that Barbara Giasone was an asset to the community.

      You can believe that Don Bankhead and Dick HeeHaw are capable of understanding anything more complicated than a pudding cup.

      You can believe that the public safety unions are open to renegotiating their gravy train deals.

      You can believe that Redevelopment actually helps people besides bureaucrats and hand-picked lobbyists and developers.

      You can believe that if we all just get together in one big room we will get rid of all “the problems with politics in Fullerton.”

      Or you can pull back the curtain and have some fun with the guy pulling the levers behind the drapes; or even more useful – sometimes relate there is nobody making any decisions at all.

  4. Or you can just not answer the question…unless you really believe that dialogue and collaboration is just pretending. Maybe that is your answer…and how sad.

    Item 3 – yeah, they both need to go. We need new blood, there’s not doubt about it.

    Item 4 – your oversimplification of union foibles is childish and once again, sad

    Item 6 – I’m not suggesting we all get in a room and sing “Koom by yah” but your shoot-first, pick up the pieces later mentality is just as ineffective.

    Pulling back the curtain and “having some fun with the guy pulling the levers” is not enough – you have to actually do something, make a difference. And that involves more than just ranting about it.

    So, back to the original question –

    are you going to pretend to be important, or actually do something to make a positive difference?

    1. I did answer your question: I don’t have to make a “positive difference” whatever the Hell that means, although I suspect you simply haven’t yet wasted enough of your time trying make one in Fullerton.

      Join the Rotary! Go to Chamber mixers! Collaborate with Pam Keller! Try to get Bank head to understand anything more complex than a screwdriver (no moving parts)!

      But you are sane and I am not. Good luck peddling that!

  5. “Are you going to pretend to be important….?”

    I’m sure some of you know this but there is an asset to a free press that does not include brokering collaboration among groups or volunteering to be the actual party to solve identified problems.

    This blog has focused on calling bullshit on numerous frauds pretending to be something they are not, having some occasional fun doing so and sometimes suggesting a fix.

    There is no requirement that the guy who points out the emperor has no clothes be obligated to join the team designing his new set of clothes. We all have a role to play in our communities.

    I suggests the complainers focus on what they can do and worry less about what others do. Most in our community do nothing, some do more than we would ever ask of them. This site offers up content that people like to read or maybe hate to read but they keep reading it just like me.

    I appreciate the content on this site because it addresses issues that the regular media won’t touch or won’t spend the time investigating. Whether or not the writers of this site ever do any more than scream about the problems they see at least they have done something and that is already more than most.

    1. So bitch about problems but don’t do anything. Seems like the way Tony made his bank by just breathing.

  6. “get out into the community, make yourself public, get to know and discuss the issues with all the people you disparage, which includes listening to their side of things, and actually create a dialogue “

    All things that people like you have been trying to do for the last 30 years. The question to ask yourself is “what do we have to show for it?” The answer… well just look around.

  7. Love it: “get out in the community.”

    Sweet Glow-in-the-dark Jebus, we know the community better than anybody!

  8. Oh well, thought I’d take a stab at rational dialogue…what was I thinking. It appears that the only people that “get it” are people who agree with you.

    Complaints without suggested solutions are just complaints, and that accomplishes nothing.

    Assuming that people who disagree with you have not already gotten involved in trying to fix things is making an ass of yourself.

    Thanks Richard for your civics lesson on a free press.

    Joe, no one called you insane.

    I’d like to see major changes in Fullerton politics, but if you are our future, everyday will be Halloween. Best of luck and take care of that obviously high blood pressure.

    1. Maybe the point is that this site is not intended to right every wrong, point out every problem or solve every problem. Some of the stuff is hilarious, some I dont get and some is lame.

      Any of us can start our own site. Sanity, you have an idea, why dont you take it upon yourself to run a site that points out the good and works on solutions?

  9. “Complaints without suggested solutions are just complaints, and that accomplishes nothing.”

    We’ll see.

    1. People will read stuff if it is interesting. This site is very creative, wity and funny. It is a difficult combo and the reason I dont read many blogs on any subject. If all this site did was attack people and lacked the humor and creativity I wouldn’t read it and I’m sure few if any others would as well.

      Blast out to this site when you start up and I’ll certainly tell you what I think. Good luck.

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