The Continental. Pringle Parties Across The Pond

I am suave. And de-boner. Oh, and yes, you are growing very sleepy...

Looks like Anaheim’s Mayor-for-Hire, the slippery elm repuglican par excellence, Curt Pringle, has been getting some free trips to Europe courtesy of the French and German guvments.


Trips to Europe to “study” high speed rail  by Herr Pringle. Paid for by socialized governments who are evidently competing on behalf of their socialized industries with the good old US of A.

And wine. Did I forget to mention the freedom-loving Anaheim Haupt-burgermeister loves his wine?

12 Replies to “The Continental. Pringle Parties Across The Pond”

  1. Mr. Cosmopolitan gets around. Wined and dined by the frogs. Whatever happened to Buy American, Curt?

  2. Why doesn’t he visit Fullerton and see how quickly and frequently one can get to LA on the current Metrolink and Amtrak trains. Oh never mind, that would mean that California couldn’t squander billions, all those government jobs would go unfilled and the taxpayers won’t be able to pay more taxes.

  3. Perhaps Pringle will soon, after November, be representing consultants and contractors based in England and Germany to secure contracts for The Curt Pringle High Speed Rail Line. As always, Pringle is the all important factor in the Rail game. It really doesn’t matter what local residents and property owners want, Pringle knows what’s best for us all. Good thing we have Pringle to make decisions for us all and lots of money for himself.

  4. Its ashame the High Speed Airplane, built by England and France, is no longer in commission. It financially failed and was retired. Such and imposition on Mr. Pringle to have to fly a regular slow jet to Europe. Maybe Mr. Pringle can also focus on High Speed airplanes and ships!

  5. Am I reading this correctly? $13,000 per person for ONE WEEK? This is a riddle. If he is in charge of the HSR system, it would be good for him to have first hand experience by investigating other systems. But I am not sure which I would prefer, seeing those who stand to benefit from a contract paying for the trip ($13k? Really?) or the taxpayers footing the bill.

  6. GOD, this crocked slime-ball can’t leave too soon. I hear he has spend the last eight years screwing the city to stuff his pockets.

    Now he has his puppets in place: Sidhu, Kris Murray, Gail Eastman, Tom Tait, he can continue after he is gone.

    Thank god Sup Shawn Nelson will be exposing Pringle and Associates behind the scenes deals with the county / OCTA soon. Cemetery commission at $5k a month for last 10 years Curt? Nice!

    1. and I heard from OCTA staff he is looking to KEEP HIS SEAT ON OCTA once he is out of office. This is the deal he made with Tom Tait if he wins for Mayor. So this guy will be OUT OF OFFICE, BUT STILL ON THE OCTA?

      What a way to represent the city–like he cares. Its all about Curt

      HOPEFULLY, OCTA will have the balls to stand up to the lame duck and say NO to this.

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