2010 Fullerton School Board Candidates

Despite their enormous operating budgets, school boards rarely receive the attention and oversight they deserve. Perhaps the public is disheartened by the realization that school boards operate under behemoth state bureaucracies that leave little room for local input and control.

But in the next few years our schools will have a good shot at making serious improvements that affect the classroom. While they will continue to be challenged with budget cuts, there will be new opportunities to renegotiate bad union agreements and eliminate wasteful programs in favor of putting resources directly into the classroom.

Let’s hope voters decide to make some changes. Here are the starting lineups:

Fullerton School District – vote for 3

Board members Minard Duncan and Ellen Ballard decided not to run, which means there are three available seats and only one incumbent in the race. The candidates are:

  • Beverly Berryman, Incumbent
  • Janny Catlin Meyer, Retired Teacher
  • Aaruni Thakur, Children’s Court Attorney
  • Chris Thompson, Fullerton Businessman/Parent

Fullerton Joint Union High School District – vote for 3

All three incumbents are running for reelection. The candidates are:

  • Marilyn Buchi, Governing Board Member, Fullerton Joint Union High School District
  • Vicki R. Calhoun, Educator/Scholarship Administrator
  • Robert N. “Bob” Hathaway, Governing Board Member, Fullerton Joint Union High School District
  • Nadia Sanchez, Student/Care Provider
  • Robert A. “Bob” Singer, Governing Board Member, Fullerton Joint Union High School District

16 Replies to “2010 Fullerton School Board Candidates”

  1. Does anyone know how to get a hold of the addresses of the school board candidates? A NUFFster Friend would like send a questionnaire to all the school board candidates.

  2. Thank the fire god that Ballard and Duncan wont plague city and our children any longer. Thank you fire god 🙂

    Admin, check the OC Registrar of Voters website for the addresses.

    1. I am Ballard and Duncan fan so sorry to see them go. They have done a lot of good over the years for our kids in this district.

  3. Janny is married to the city manager. Aaruni is an Obama democrat. Chris Thompson… well he’s Chris Thompson. Should be an interesting run.

    1. Regarding Aaruni, is this viscious slanderous attack upon him documented (“an Obama democrat”) in some credible way, or are we just witnessing the absolute depths of a nasty attack campaign?

  4. I agree, Chris Thompson definitely has anger management issues and would definitely punch out anyone who disagrees with him. I had the misfortune of dealing with him, and needless to say, he’s a bigot and meglomaniac.

  5. Its about time someone gets elected that will fight for the taxpayers and the kids first and keep fighting. Chris Thompson is certainly passionate about what he believes in and in this case we can rest easy that this guy wont make some ridiculous compromise just to keep union thugs happy.

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