Sidhu’s Wacky News Tribune Ad

But he doesn't even live in our district, does he?

I came across this sort of  goofy Harry Sidhu political ad in the News Tribune the other day, repeating the mantra of his paid blog monkeys that Sidhu has “represented” 40% of the 4th County Supervisorial District by being on the Anaheim City Council.

Harry and his “team” must be really concerned that the carpetbagger label is sticking. It is, and it will, because that’s what he is. But that’s only part of the problem. The other issue is whether Sidhu even lives in the District at all.

Please also note that the ad uses the simple title of “Mayor Pro Tem.” Why no mention of Anaheim? Harry can’t be dumb enough to think people in our city are ignorant enough to believe he’s Mayor Pro Tem of Fullerton, can he? Or is it just more sloppy work by his “team.” We already know that he holds Fullerton residents in such low regard that he dodged the Supervisor candidate forum held by NUFF a couple weeks ago. Sad.

The text of the Sidhu ad is even more pathetic. Experience? Harry doesn’t identify a single thing he’s done to make Anaheim government more “streamlined” or “efficient.” He says he fought to eliminate “excessive and wasteful government spending” but doesn’t give a single example of his fiscal conservatism. Wonder why?

Apparently Sidhu and his handlers also hope that voters are ignorant of the fact that the County government has almost no involvement in any sort of job creation schemes; and owning fast food franchises seems to be Harry’s only job creating calling card. More sadness.

Too bad for Harry that constantly running in political campaigns isn’t a job skill that voters hold in high regard.

When you really get to know me is when the fun starts...

Nothing to talk about and seemingly unaware of real County issues – that’s the campaign. And that’s a bad combination.

4 Replies to “Sidhu’s Wacky News Tribune Ad”

  1. I like how he uses his official City of Anaheim photo paid for by the taxpayers. Ya think his campaign could spring for a photo shoot?

  2. Like anyone is going to see this…what a waste. and an ad 4 months before the election? WTF?

    This man won’t be able to raise a dime either. He is showing ALL the money from his last two runs for senate and city. Doubt anyone will give him a dime again.

  3. He is trying to raise his name ID so when the candidates do polling someone outside of Anaheim hills has heard of him.

    I think FFFF signs will be more effective. When is my yard sign coming?

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