Green Party to Hold State Convention in Fullerton

The Green Party, which declares independence from influence of special interest money, will unveil a slate of candidates at State Convention in Fullerton this weekend.

FULLERTON – Billing itself as the most “independent” political party in the state – in stark contrast to Democrats and Republicans, who voters are increasingly shunning – the Green Party of California will hold a pre-election state convention here Saturday and Sunday.

A PRESS CONFERENCE featuring many of the party’s state and congressional candidates will be held at 12:30 p.m. SATURDAY at the Fullerton Dancesport Center/Imperial Ballroom (114 E. Commonwealth Ave., Fullerton).

Thirty-four Greens are on the ballot throughout California Nov. 2, including seven up for state offices from the Governor to State Treasurer. One Green is running for U.S. Senator, five for the House of Representatives, five for State Assembly (all in Southern California) and the remainder for school boards, rent boards and other local offices.

About 40 Greens hold elected office in the state, including five mayors (Gayle McLaughlin is running for re-election in Richmond, a city of more than 100,000), and Greens dominate several city councils in the northern part of the state, including Fairfax and Sonoma.

“The Green Party is truly different. It’s independent of special interests. The two ‘Titanic’ parties are mired in big money influence, and govern according to those special interests, and not in the best interests of the people,” said Laura Wells, the Green candidate for Governor.

“Real issues like healthcare, campaign finance reform, renewable energy and our failing economy need to be solved without the corrupting influence of corporate and big union money,” said Jane Rands, Green Party candidate for the 72nd Assembly District, which includes Fullerton.

Jane Rands

The Green Party of California General Assembly will address proposed platform revisions, announce positions on state ballot initiatives, and hold a strategy session entitled “2011 & Beyond”.  The meeting is being hosted by the Green Party of Orange County.

The Green Party’s platform is guided by the principals of Grassroots Democracy, Environmental Wisdom, Social Justice, and Nonviolence.  For more information visit

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  1. Rudy, do you mean the Greens. We rented a downtown venue, paid for catering from a local cafe, rented hotel rooms, and will patronize the local restaurants and bars. Maybe a few of us will even get parking tickets. We are proudly contributing to the local economy. Let me know when you hear about another political party holding their state convention in Fullerton.

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