OC Register Chooses Shawn Nelson

In addition to Steven Greenhut‘s op-ed on Shawn Nelson a few weeks ago, several other Register editorialists have recently decided that Shawn Nelson is the superior candidate for OC Supervisor.

Brian Calle sized up the Supervisor race in Sunday’s print edition. After looking at all three candidates, Calle determined that Sidhu is weak on pensions while Nelson is committed to bold reforms. Calle concluded that the pension issue is inarguably the most important issue facing Orange County right now, “bar none.

John Seiler wrote on the Orange Punch blog about the $900,000 that the unions have spent trying to defeat Shawn Nelson. Seiler draws some interesting comparisons to John Moorlach’s election in 2006, when the unions also spent big money in a failed attempt to defeat a candidate who was known for being fiscally responsible. At the time, Nick Berardino called Moorlach “the biggest threat in the county to employees’ personal financial security.” Sound familiar?

We’ve been hearing the same message over and over: this race is about the clash of The Unions vs. The Rest of Us. Will that resonate with voters in 2010? Something tells me the answer is an overwhelming “yes”.

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  1. Let’s see, the newspaper that you have incredible disdain for in all of their reporting endorses your candidate. Hmmm, wouldn’t that mean that the OCR choice was, by definition, the wrong choice? Or is it okay when they “see the light” and choose your guy?

    More inconsistencies from this “principled” web site. Maybe you guys should stick to criticizing the veneer of buildings, or the shape of the sidewalks. You might have been more in your element with that subject matter.

    Here is the absolutely hilarious reality. Nelson could prevail on June 8 with as little as one in five voting for him (scary and sad, but true). He has to resign his City Council seat and acts as the supervisor for a few months. He faces one run-off opponent in November.

    Do you really think the Espinoza and Galloway and Brown voters will move to Nelson?

    Nelson may well squeak it in June, but by November, we all will be rid of of this unprincipled issue juggler as he will have neither the Supervisor seat, nor his City Council seat.

    Happy Days are Here Again, I can hear it now!

    Then at least the issue of street sign shape can get it’s proper coverage again.

    1. One of our mottos here is “It’s never too late to be smart.” When the Register gets it wrong, we’ll say it. When they get it right, we’ll also say it. How’s that for a principle?

      I do agree with you that it’s time for you to turn your hopes to November, as it’s not looking good for either of your union candidates.

    2. Let’s see – the Register has different departments, similar to city’s. Fullerton for example has a great Park and Rec. Dept. but OMG the Building Dept. sucks.

      So the Register has a good Editorial Dept. but the Total Buzz is a Buzz Kill.

  2. It’s too funny reading supposed conservatives blast Nelson as an issue-juggler, when the real reason he is under attack is because he is crystal clear on the one policy issue that matters — union power. At least the unions are motivated by their set of principles, however selfish they may be. The real hoot are the Republicans who like Harry Sidhu, and ally themselves with the unions in this race, because he will be easier to influence and control. These are the same folks who get paid to shill for big-government programs and who previously supported a liberal Democrat for the seat. At least this race is separating the wheat from the chaff in OC GOP circles.

  3. Based on the scenario that TheRealJohnAdams just put out there about Mr. Nelson possibly sitting as a BOS on an interim basis and then being ousted in November, what will Nelson do with all this spare time? I guess he can continue to outsource jobs to India and defend child molesters. Or he could buy up bars in the OC and not worry about recusing himself from voting on issues. Oh wait did that ever stop him in the past?

  4. Travis :
    One of our mottos here is “It’s never too late to be smart.” When the Register gets it wrong, we’ll say it. When they get it right, we’ll also say it. How’s that for a principle?

    There’s also the adage about the broken clock.

  5. I saw a comment on RC in response to Chip’s post. The guy called out JUBAL about prop 10 and Matt took the bait and asked if he was a “smoker”.

    So I guess the Cunningham arm of the Lewis machine is totally out of the closet on TAXES. It’s OK if it’s one group: Smokers; It’s OK if it’s for a good cause: Pacific Strategies.

    I can’t wait to see him try and “wordsmith” his way out of this one.

    Kudo’s to Hanlon for clear consise demonstration of his opinion.

  6. Steven Greenhut, if Nelson is such a purist and clear-cut on (as you put it) “union power”, then how come he has had no problem in the past courting “evil union” endorsements? He sought the police association endorsement in 2004, and in 2008. He came one hour from seeking the endorsement from the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association this year.

    Nelson says he doesn’t want to “game the system” but keeps sending out 6 year old photos of him standing with two uniformed officers and a fire fighter. What is he implying in this photo?

    The people in the photo do NOT support Nelson, and have asked for Nelson to stop using the photo, but Nelson doesn’t care. Are these the actions of a “principled” man and candidate?

    How would YOU like it, Steven Greenhut, or Travis, or Tony Bushala if your photo was used in a Harry Sidhu mailer, or Jerry Brown, or someone else you did not support? Would YOU be offended if it were implied that you supported that candidate? Wouldn’t YOU be upset if that candidate not only didn’t apologize, but gamed the system with some cock-a-mamie explanation as to why it was okay and then CONTINUED to use the photo (received a new mailer in my mail box today!).

    If you have any other answer to the above question than “you’re right, Nelson is wrong to do that and should apologize” then you will show to all your readers your own situational ethics that equally match Nelson’s.

    1. Snore.

      If the cops didn’t want to be seen with Nelson they should have been smart enough not to pose with him. Of course smart and cops are two words hardly ever used in the same sentence.

    2. You are mistaken, JustAGuy. Nelson had permission to use that photo, he owns it. The permission was not granted for one specific use, but in perpetuity.

      In contrast, the OCEA has shot photos of Anaheim neighborhoods and used them to denounce Nelson’s “defense” of deviants. Those homes were photographed without the permission of the innocent residents, who are horrified that the entire 4th District now mistakenly associates their homes with pedophiles! Talk about being victimized! You have no argument.

  7. Very good response, Joe. It’s not questionable at all to use people’s photos without their permission. Way to defend your scruple-less candidate. Be very careful, because the wind will bow and Nelson will be changing positions again.

    I thought Nelson hated unions? Why would he pose with them? Why would he send out mailers with them on it? This is your guy?

    And wow, your zinger at the end about smart and cops, such sharp wit coming from the likes of you.

    Maybe you should get on at the Improv up there in Brea, I’m sure they’re looking for some local talent.

  8. Nelson doesn’t hate unions. He just won’t boost their pensions. And he is very up front about it, too.

    From a taxpayer standpoint, supporting public safety is not the same thing as supporting pension spikes and elaborate compensation packages. The alternate viewpoint is one that you will only find deep inside the inner circles of union fantasy land.

  9. “I thought Nelson hated unions? Why would he pose with them?”

    Posing with a policeman and/or firefighter is posing with a union?

  10. Wealthy California Unions have been deciding elections for many years now, it’s time to stop their Union Only interests. Remember The Governor’s California Schools reform initiative? California Teachers Unions spent $100 million dollars to stop California from being able to fire Bad teachers. A Los Angeles assistant principle was transferred to another school while being investigated for child rape. He raped again at the new school. Thank you CTA.

    LAUSD has only fired 8 teachers in as many years because it is so expensive to do so, thanks to California teachers unions. By pension reform you are protecting employees pensions from those with new unfunded “sweetheart pension deals”.

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