11 Replies to “Photo Fun: Two Is Better Than One”

  1. Who was the inspector that signed off on that??? We each paid twice as mush as we needed too… Now we will need to spend at least three times as much to correct someone’s mistake. Oh, the city is in much worse shape than I previously thought.

  2. My Dad is an Electrical Technician that works for a company that is often contracted by local cities to do stuff like fix lights that have been knocked over by cars and stuff like that. He saids that many cities are currently lowering their cross-walk buttons to accommodate their wheel-chair bound citizenry. Also said that it’s probable that only the lower button works and that the electrician that worked on that probably had difficulties removing the now useless upper button. Also saids that that’s obviously very rare and that the only time you’ll see double buttons normally is when one of them is a horse accommodating button.
    But great job using an image to portray government as inadequate! I’m sure 50 new people want the government to die now.

    1. lighten up Luke, it’s “Photo Fun” for gosh sakes.

      And FYI Fullerton could cut 50 staffers and no one would miss a beat.

  3. I thought about the handicap accessibility issue but they are so close together I don’t see why two would be necessary in the same manner as double buttons for bicyclists and recreational equestrianism.

  4. You guys are wasting too much brain power trying to make sense of this. It’s just another city screw up, plain and simple.

  5. I notice the Christian fish etched into the curb. Is this significant?

    “Christian” did you do that?

  6. I think the second button is a symptom of a separate bonehead decision.

    See that curb on the left side? I’ve been to that intersection. The traffic signal is mounted on top of a strange second tier of sidewalk, which sits atop the normal sidewalk. For no reason at all.

    As someone mentioned above, the ludicrous extra curb prevents the wheelchair-bound from pushing the button to cross the street safely.

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