Little Billy Jumps SS Sidhu, Swims For His Life

You can run, but you can't hide

Hide and Seek Sidhu’s campaign groundhog and sign thief, “little” Billy Turner, has abandoned the S.S. Sidhu and landed safely on the Tom Tait for Mayor bandwagon.

While I happen to like Tom Tait, I am suspicious of the real reason why he’s running for mayor of Anaheim. But I digress.

I have a few suggestions for you, little Billy: First off, a rich old wise man (and Friend) once told me that it’s better to be poor and happy than rich and sad. Second, keep your trap shut. And finally, leave other people’s campaign signs alone.

9 Replies to “Little Billy Jumps SS Sidhu, Swims For His Life”

  1. Billy’s problem was picking a candidate to work for. He chose the wrong guy for that particular fight when he signed up with Harry. I don’t know Tait but I’m sure in the coming months we will find out a lot about him. I hope Billy has learned to trust nobody. In politics there are no friends.

  2. I hear everyone is jumping off the sinking Sidhu. Everyone (but his non-political Indian friends) are out of the next round. Suicide to go against a sitting Sup and anyone who has any biz inside it knows that.

  3. Tait is running so Pringle can still control Anaheim.
    It was Tait that was behind Pringle running so it’s Tait’s turn now. Anaheim needs a change, Pringle has done nothing good for the people of Anaheim.

    1. Is all he’s done is deepen his pockets. 8 years and done absolutely nothing but set himself up for the future.

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