24 Replies to “Pam Keller’s Big Announcement”

  1. I’ve never been happier with Pam’s performance on the dais! Seriously though…Pam will be permanently ensconced as a Fullerton Political Legend. She was elected in the most impressive grass roots city council campaign I think Fullerton has ever seen and she goes out on top. I didn’t like her politics, but she raises some great kids and I wouldn’t have wanted to bet against her in November. Congratulations Pam and thanks to Chris, Dakota and Alex for doing what all the bloggers could not.

  2. I believe that Pam is unique in that she truly has stayed true to her desire to do what is best for Fullerton now and in the future. I am disappointed with her vote against the Coyote Hills project but that will not keep me from thanking her and her family for the sacrifice they have made these past four years. Pam’s efforts are appreciated. She will be missed on the council but I am confident that she will continue to advocate for what is right for our community. I wish Pam, John and the boys all the best as they enjoy more family time together.

  3. Hey Pam! You forgot to mention you invented the internet as councilwoman … oh wait, that was another self-congratulatory politician who did that.

    I take exception to your farewell speech because it embodies precisely what is wrong with politicians. How you feel, what you’re proud of, how it’s affected your life – that’s completely and utterly IRRELEVANT.

    You were not elected to improve your own life or feel good about yourself. You were elected as a public servant to the residents of Fullerton, and in my opinion, you’ve done a piss-poor job.

    In this vein, you are no different than Harry Sidhu or Lorri Galloway. They want to be elected for the same reasons you cited, to be able to pat themselves on the back when it’s all over.

    The world is not impressed.

  4. good riddance to bad rubbish. Grassroots? what fertilizer nurtured her political growth? thanks to the efforts of FFFF, keller was exposed to be nothing more than a dull woman who with help of other public trough feeders managed to pull down $100,00 for working as a teacher who was never in the classroom and running the fullerton collaborative that only staged public displays of good works.

    1. Van,
      If the colaborative was the display of “good” works, then the council schtick was a display of “bad” works.

      It begs the question: Who will take her place? Marty Burbank? Who else is running? Travis Kiger?

  5. Happy day, it’s about time! But JD brings up a good point, as to who’s going to snatch the empty seat… Harry Sidhu?


  6. What I take exception to is the use of her children as political props, first in the campaign, then throughout her tenure, then as the excuse to retire from politics..

    What about the women who don’t have children? No cute ones to trot out for campaign photos, use throughout one’s political life to show what a “good”, “valuable”, “quality” person one is..

    One’s viablity, success as a “politican” has nothing to do w/being a mother…

  7. I think that Pam Keller’s term on the City Council was in fact a “children’s campaign.”

    She always impressed me as a childish person, the constant Feminist, as though that “philosophy” has relevance to anything other than creating a false case for “injuries” never sustained.

    Very childish, girly and cute, as in a high school competition for Prom Queen, bringing the same sort of unthinking bias and favoritism into civil government which now mainly involves and “deliberates” the illegal taking of private property.

    The Feminists raise children (and students) smitten with government “power” and “action” much like the mob rule bullying which our Teachers Union “teachers” demonstrate daily in taxpayer-financed government schools.

    Good riddance. Will the phony Feminist formula succeed in replacing her in kind?

  8. JD, what is your definition of good works? Labeling private property blight to exercise government sanctioned eminent domain, Getting Schmoozed by developers on yachts, double-dipping a teacher’ssalary while not teaching and getting paid for putting on civic performances called “Fullerton collaborative”?
    As for her feminist rhetoric, her cutesy demeanor insults women.

  9. Now that Pam is not running for re-election, what is going to happen to this blog? I enjoy the blog, but who will be the next victim that you will write about?

    I mean think, Nelson wins super so you wont be writing about the Anaheim baggers any more, Pam is gone, so who next? Will you go back to Dr. Jones?

    Oh well. It was nice reading while it lasted.
    Thanks for the entertainment.

  10. I move that we shut down the blog for a month and go to Costa Rica….on Bushala and Nelson. I don’t know how, but they’re obviously making tons of cash on all of this blogging.

  11. How rude of Dick Jones to get up and walk away while she was going on and on about all the wonderful things she has done for our city.

  12. We should thank Councilwoman Keller for her service to the Fullerton community regardless of whether we like her politics or not.

    It is time to take pause and applause.

    FFFF and other blogs will keep a watchful eye on Fullerton and other communities in Orange County.

  13. Anon, do you also thank people who punch you in the face?

    Many of us believe that the majority of Pam’s more important votes have done long-term harm to this city. There is no “service” to thank, and I will not join you in pretend happy land.

  14. Let’s just hope she doesn’t have second thoughts, although I can tell you the Fullerton Shadow was dearly looking forward to the fall campaign, blogging-wise.

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