Pacific Strategies – Won’t Someone Please Think of The Children?

Using kids as a front to support your bureaucratic empire is almost something of a cliche. The educrats and teachers unions have been doing it for years. And so naturally the OC Children and Families Commission sings from the same sheet music.

Check out these billing entries from Matthew Cunningham to the Commission.

Okay, on January 15th, 2010 Mr. Republican is ghost writing an op-ed piece for a Democratic politician – the former State Superintendent of Schools, Delaine Eastin. A dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do do it, right? Besides the money is great.

The inability to write is not a partisan political issue...

Then we notice that about five weeks later the beaver-like Cunningham is hard at work disseminating the “Eastin op-ed” to literally dozens of readers via “social media tools”

A little digging and we uncovered this Sacramento Bee op-ed “by” Delaine Eastin dated 2/24/2010. Delaine is fighting hard for the dough that fuels the kiducrat machine, and that, parenthetically pays Cunningham $200 an hour. Is this the very same piece he wrote for the otherwise mute Eastin? Check it out and see if the style isn’t 100% Cunningham schmaltz – including the obligatory quotation from Abraham Lincoln. Be sure to read the comments as a reminder of Eastin’s troubled regime as Superintendent of Schools.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. The OC Children and Families Commission is paying hundreds of thousands a year in PR and lobbying expenses that are handed out to the politically well connected like Cunningham, who is good buddies with Commissioner Chair Bill Campbell and Hugh Hewitt. What is the procurement process for these contracts, and what quantifiable metrics are applied to judge the success and ultimately the renewal of these contracts?

It’s time to open the window on this Commission and let some fresh air into the room.

16 Replies to “Pacific Strategies – Won’t Someone Please Think of The Children?”

  1. This is rich. Maybe he’ll start writing some stuff for Barbara Boxer or Jerry Brown. Hey it’s for the kids right?

  2. I wonder if Jerbal publicly praised Eastin’s op/ed piece after it was published?

    That was his standard operating procedure before folks found out that Matt Cunningham = Jubal.

    Jubal would write something and then Matt Cunningham would come on and praise it, then Matt Cunningham would write something and Jubal would praise it. It would be a great big circle jerk of one.

  3. Eastin, by the way, lacks a credential and yet she wanted to prosecute parents who taught their own kids if they lacked a credential. I wouldn’t call her an educator, but rather a union activist.

  4. Cunningham should build a bridge to the Orange county Human Relations commission whose tax dollar supported purpose is to retell their version of history to school-age kids, have kids walk in someone elses shoes and predict all out destruction from OC race wars extrapolated from rare incidents of ethnic slurs. cause ya know, all these agencies(oops,I forgot the Fullerton Collaborative) are for da kidz

  5. suite c is the private room at Pacific Strategies where Jerbie the rodent discussess the affairs of orange county catholics with John Urell….twin commodes in the room

  6. The silence is deafening over at Meg County, the OCR and the LOC.

    Clearly none of those folks care about kids either. We know Matt does’nt based on his actions with the molesting priests.

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