Pacific Strategies: January, 2010 – The Kiducrat Bonanza

The largest monthly tax-payer funded haul for local Kiducrat spokesman Matthew Cunningham seems to be January 2010, when he racked up an impressive $10,840 to wordsmith and social network as a PR shill for the big-government OC Children and Families Commission. Click on the document below to see what a “conservative” Republican wordsmith does for a living – apart from writing op-ed pieces for liberal Democrats.

My favorite line item is the last one – a blanket $800 charged for “account management” for the month, whatever that may entail. Say what? You mean the folks in charge bought into that baloney? Oh that’s right – nobody seems to be in charge at all.

But hey! It’s all about the kids, right?

It's all about making people feel good about themselves.

With every passing second it become more and more obvious that the Children and Families Commission is in dire need of some outside oversight to stop this exorbitant waste of money on overpriced PR efforts doled out to political operatives.

6 Replies to “Pacific Strategies: January, 2010 – The Kiducrat Bonanza”

  1. You don’t understand… Matt is systematically sucking First 5 dry just to keep that money out of the hands of those scum sucking liberals. We should be thanking him!

  2. Matt,
    Stop embarrassing yourself and just terminate the contract. Chip has been protecting you from the onslaught of emails and blog comments from righteously pissed off Orange County tax payers, many of which used to trust you before FFFF brought your tax payer bilking scheme to the forefront of your beloved blogosphere. If you aren’t having fun blogging, then stop blogging and give up your welfare check.

  3. Someone needs to look at Ross and Associates….they are skimming off the top ofthis contract. no doubt because jerbalito cannot leave the precious jerbie cave and move to sacramento where he has no name recognition except as a wingnut ideologue. So the scam is that Ross acts as a cover for this fool…get the arrangement with Ross….Is OCCFC in a contract relationship with Ross in Sacramento?

  4. Is Ross handling other work for Orange County and its Board of Supervisors in Sacramento?

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