Pacific Strategies Critical Task #1 – “Daily Media Review”

I never charge for reading the comics or the sports section.

One of the critical tasks assigned to Matthew Cunningham by the PR fixated and obviously rudderless OC Children and Families Commission is to “review” media, i.e. read newspapers and blogs, which is convenient for Cunningham because that’s what he does anyway – for free. Now he’s a pro at 200 bucks an hour.

Yes, Friends, you read rightly. He’s paid to read blogs.

This is exactly what I had in mind...only they were supposed to be Democrats!

January 25, 2010 was another banner day for Pacific Strategies. $700 for a few hours noodling around on the computer. Plus time for 18 holes in the afternoon after the siesta!

Oh, and look. A phone call to newly minted Assemblyman Chris Norby made from Suite C. Probably to assure Chris that Cunningham really wanted him to win all along and how much he really, really hates carpetbaggers and perjurers.

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  1. When will folks like Marty Wisckol or the FibOC boys start reporting about this? They fancy themselves as real life journalists and not just small time citizen bloggers like the rest of us.

    Keep the facts coming FFFF. Lets put the Familia de Jerbal out of business.

    We need to get together and draft a strategy for the Childrens and Family Commission meeting on May 5th. Operation Rodent Extermination needs to be put in full effect.

  2. Really you guys should back off the personal aspect and focus on the abuse of government here. Sure Matt “Jerbal” Cunningham is sapping taxpayers something fierce here but I wouldn’t be any happier if they cut him loose and let the next guy do the same.

    You guys have done a great job exposing what a horribly mismanaged group this commission is. What a complete insult to any right thinking person. We should be focused on demanding ALL lobbying and public relations contracts be canceled for this commission.

    Time to make those on the board accountable for this embarrassment.

    1. Colony read the post: “the PR fixated and obviously rudderless OC Children and Families Commission.”

      The Commission is unaccountable and irresponsible. They don’t need lobbyists and they don’t need a PR spinner @ $200 an hour – whoever it is.

      The fun part of this otherwise outrageous story is that it is Mr. Self-righteous Conservative Opinion who is doing the gravy slurping.

    2. I agree that it is disgusting that anyone gets paid for such ridiculous bs, however I disagree about backing off Jerbal.

      Jerbal has painted himself as the conservative voice of OC and yet he is part of the very problem that he rails against. His hypocrisy is a huge part of the story.

      Keep playing whack-a-jerbal guys. Don’t stop until the rodent has been exterminated.

  3. Oh, and as far as reiner is concerned, that is exactly what he had in mind. The state commission was busted in 2006 for diverting contracts to Reiner’s pals.

  4. I agree with Inquiring Mind. There are two parts to this story — I just can’t decide which is more disturbing.

  5. I’m a little surprised MC hasn’t come FFFF by to offer his spin and justify what he does and how it is a service to OC. Unlike his Mauve County/Red Commi site, FFFF allows everyone an unfettered voice.

  6. Slurp, slurp, slurp Cunningham. Going postal on FFFF .3, Replying to some asinine comment on RC .2, Telling Chip Allan refuses to cooperate .2, Reviewing Liberal OC for positive media on Daly .5, explaining to C&FC that the outing stuff is all a hoax .1, Call to Campbell to advise that they are on to us like white on rice .3 Total: 1.5 @ $200hr=$350.00

  7. Isn’t part of his job tracking things like this blog post? Isn’t he supposed to come out and say how great the commission is and offer money to support “programs”??? Typical hypocrite. FFFF set up a great opportunity for him to cash in on defending what the do and what he does for them and we get nothing. He should come out and defend First 5 and the others. That is what WE pay him to do. The one time we want him to spend our tax dollars and he doesn’t; what is the world coming to?

    1. Greg,

      You know something, you’re right. It is his job to put a positive spin on the commission and the could sure use it right about now.

      Why isn’t the little rodent putting his well funded wordsmithing skills to work?

  8. Wait a minute. No one told Tom Daly about this gravy train commission because if he had he would have tried to get on it already. Come on Tommy boy! We are missing out on this gravy. Check your black book and see how we can get on this train.

  9. It looks like Kenlay somehow got Jerbal and company to take the bait.


    These guys are were set up like a bowling pin on that one.

    But back on point. Sean is right, this should not go away. We should ask some questions of the commsiison next Wednesday and we should invite KFI, KABC, Dave Lopez, OCWEEKLY and the TEA PARTIERS. Let them see how the “Voice of the GOP” in OC operates!

    1. Jerbal simply launched into a personal attack on “kenylay” and did not give one single answer to the questions posed to him.

      He is part of a “consulting team”. Is that another term for La Familia de Jerbal?

  10. I for one challenge Cunningham’s hypocrisy almost daily from MY “Suite C”. Too bad he is being sheltered by Chip. For that matter, it’s too bad that many of these sites block unfavorable comments. I know my comments aren’t vulgar or socially unacceptable except perhaps to Cunningham and still they end up on Chip’s floor. Thankfully, FFFF doesn’t moderate against challenging rhetoric.

  11. A Chipmunk and a Gerbil. Chipmunk: A small North American squirrel having striped markings on the head and back and living mainly on the ground. Gerbil: A burrowing rodent with long hind legs and a hairy tail, native to Africa and Asia: often kept as pets. I understand now why Chip is Gerb’s boss. Gerb is his pet but they are both rodents.

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