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It appears that Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly has mastered two skills in his eight years as head of the Clerk-Recorder Department. First, he has become a top-notch spender and waster of our dough. Second, he has mastered the art of creating jobs at tax-payer’s expense while receiving campaign contributions from the relatives of people he has employed.

Last week Daly hired Bruce Matthias, here. We learned from his campaign financial statements that Matthias’s wife Sonja Matthias had contributed to Daly’s now defunct campaign for Supervisor 2010.

Well, we looked deeper into his statements and found even more good old jobs for the boys (and girls) featherbedding. Look at this list.

In 2006, The Oftelie Company, run by former transportation bureaucrat Stan Oftelie, contributed to Tom Daly’s campaign. Could it be a coincidence that Stan’s son was hired shortly after this contribution and while the County was losing jobs. Stan’s son works in the Archives and was brought in as an “extra-help” employee which means that no competitive hiring process was conducted to bring him on board. I wonder what qualifies Stan’s son to work in the Archives.

The Walt Disney Company has been quite generous in its giving to Tom Daly’s campaigns. Since 2002, Disney and people connected to Disney have contributed more than $4000 to Tom. That’s just as much as the OCEA. Chris Lowe is the Government Affairs Manager for Disney in Anaheim. Well, Lo and Behold, Daly hired Chris Lowe’s wife to work in the Archives as an extra-help employee which, again, means that no competitive hiring process was conducted. And again the hiring was done when the County could least afford it.

In 2003 and 2005, James A. Liberio Realty made contributions to Tom Daly. Not surprisingly, Mr. Liberio’s daughter was also hired as an extra-help employee. So no competitive process was conducted to hire her. I’m unsure of her duties or qualifications.

Even during these tough times at the County, Daly has been budgeting at least $200,000 per year for extra-help hires. Despite revenues and workloads being at their lowest levels ever, Daly feels it is more important to keep his friends employed than to protect the interests of the public. Extra-help employees are basically at-will-employees and can be let go at anytime. I think that time has come now!

And I’d like to know why these these campaign contributors don’t hire their own relatives. Perhaps these people are not employable. Who knows?

Somebody needs to flush out this swamp of cronyism. Isn’t that why we have County Supervisors?


  1. $1000 today and ajob for Junior tomorrow. My god, you can’t make this stuff up! You could write one heck of a novel just from these FFFF blog posts!

  2. connect the dots, Red County’s editor was shilling for Daly when Daly was running for Supervisor; Lewis was working for “free” for Daly just like he’s working for “free” for Sidhu; Red County & Lewis both know that if Nelson gets elected the party’s over, now I get it.

  3. Stan “OftenLie” was a county shill for the stillborn El Toro airport, a.k.a. the bullet we dodged only to step into the path of another bullet.

    Total piece of work, OftenLie the younger must be a chip off the old block.

  4. OftenLie is/was also involved with Big Lucy Dunn’s OC Business Council, which made him very valuable when the OCBC was hired to audit the OCTA’s vendor and procurement practices. Stan was with the OCTA for a number of years (Kris Murray’s part of this little cabal also). Naturally, they found nothing wrong considering most large OC engineering companies (and few others) get their compete share of the projects.

    Seems there are a lot of people all sleeping in the same comfortable bed. And that includes OC GOP head Scott Baugh too — his office is shared at the OCBC’s at the very high-rent Park Place in Irvine.

  5. My daddy told me to follow the money given to candidates and I will understand the decisions they make. Wow he wasn’t lying. Look at this guy! If he could he would hire grandmother and his mom for a small fee of course.

  6. I don’t understand are the Board of SUpervisors sleeping on the job? Are the newspaper afraid of Tom Daly? What the hell is this world coming to. We let these career politician do whatever they want.

    Tom Daly continues to spends taxpayers money. He is abusing the hiring practice and he continues to do whatever he wants to do.

    Someone please call the grand jury. We need to remove this guy from office immediately.

    Tom Daly is a CROOK!

  7. Quid Pro Quo has it right, you couldn’t make this stuff up and unfortunately you dont have to. I am outraged that Mr. Daly has accepted the responsibility of elected office by acting like Marion Berry of Washington D.C.. I am almost as outraged that no one (until now) has cared enough to bother looking in to what is going on at the Clerk/Recorder’s office.

    I understand that Daly is elected and the Board of Supes has only so much control but they sure as hell set the budget and have one powerful bully pulpit.

    Maybe we can at least get Steve greenhut to write a critical piece looking at the facts. Brian Calle at the Register could build some credibility by taking a run at this as well. Until then, thank you from a concerned citizen that is proud of you guys for refusing to look the other way!

  8. The people of Orange County elected this IDIOT. He works for the us not the other way around.
    I’m sick and tired politician like TOM DALY who is just wasting taxpayers money and doing favors for friends.

    We need to VOTE this IDIOT out of office.

    Friends of Fullerton you should email everyone and let them know NOT TO VOTE FOR TOM DALY come election day.

    We need to start a chain mail. I will start by emailing all my families and friends today and asking them not to vote for TOM DALY and ask them to email there friends.

  9. I dont understand why the county allows this kind of stuff to go on. Wasn’t there a hiring freeze at the County? How is it that this FFFF can sniff this stuff out but the County cant see what’s going on right under their noses. And why doesn’t the Register or Red County ever uncover genuine tax payer waste.

  10. What about all the other family friends Daly hire over the past 8 eight years. This is only a small part of the list. And don’t forget he also hired his chiropractor’s wife.

  11. Isabella what do you think? Why do you think disney hired Anaheim’s Government Affairs Manager. This was their connection to the Board of Supervisors….well until Daly wimped out.

  12. Who’s the leader of the club that’s made for two or three. T-O-M-M-I-E D-A-L-L-Y

    Johnny Lewis, Stanley Oftelie
    and all who give ME.

    So come along and sing a song
    and join the conspiracy
    T-O-M-M-I-E D-A-L-L-Y

    Hi everybody! I just want everyone to know that Tom is a wonderful co-worker! …but he gets paid better than the rest of us!!

  13. “#15 by nipsey on April 30, 2010”


    Will whoever posted this please stop using my nom de plume and pick one of the other 10^13 names that aren’t being used by someone already. Thank you.

  14. Yes he does, but Im sure its because she is so productive (and reproductive).

    #4 – thats my real name, maybe you could use you real name.

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