‘Ol Doc Jones Working Hard Behind The Scene

A hard rain's gonna fall...

Just when we thought Doc Hee Haw was on the verge of institutionalization, we get word that the good ‘ol boy is working his fellow councilmembers to appoint a replacement for Shawn Nelson. He’ll need two other votes so either Sharon Quirk or Pam keller would have to go along with the inevtable Ed Royce/Dick Ackerman hand-picked idiot.

Not too likely. Still…

Still, my suggestion is get in touch with both these two worthy ladies and insist that no backroom deals be cut, and that the replacement be made by the voters in the November General Election.

This was what was done in 2002 when Norby left. Let’s do ‘er again.

This is not the old West. This is the new West.

And now for the fun part. Who do you suppose Jonsey might be pitching to replace Nelson? Please share your guesses in the space provided below.

20 Replies to “‘Ol Doc Jones Working Hard Behind The Scene”

  1. Ed Royce has been pimping ex-chief/vest inventor & salesman, Pat McKinley, for years. There’s your boy.

  2. McKinley, no doubt. Something in the hopper that needs three votes and/or they want to give him the advatage of incumbancy.

    1. Good point. But there are no big issues – unless Heehaw wants to breathe life into West Coyote Hills!

      Yee Ha!

  3. Here’s a scary thought: Bankhead, Quirk, and Keller appoint my old broomstick-wielding mistress. Yikes. I’m already cringing up here behind the Pearly Gates.

  4. This needs to be stopped NOW! Start calling and emailing the city council now to tell them that you don’t want anyone appointed to fill a seat for only six months!

    [email protected]

    This is nothing but a ploy to get McKinley in to office. It could be a unanimous vote. McKinley appeared at Quirk’s Women’s Leadership thing, so don’t count on her voting against him. Keller may just want to stick it to the Frends here for driving her out of office.

    Better be there to say no to this thing, and better bring your friends and neighbors!

    1. #9 it’s not a six month term. It runs until 2012. Who ever were to be appointed would be incumbent then.

    1. I don’t think Keller is consistently a devoted anything, hopefully without the pressure of having to appease anyone to be reelected she can tell ol’ Doc and Don Quixote to pound sand and wait for an election.

      1. “I don’t think Keller is consistently a devoted anything”

        Just in case I was unclear, I don’t think ^this^ is a good thing

  5. Joe,

    Even worse to think that they would actually try to keep the remainder of Nelson’s term off of the Nov. ballot, but they may try to “compromise” by calling it an interim appointment until then.

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