Not From Around Here: 96% of Chi Donations Come from Outside of Fullerton

People usually donate to local campaigns because they have a vested interest in the future of that city. Most would say that they are hoping to contribute to good governance. A few of them might have a monetary gain in mind. Either way, the majority of funding for Fullerton campaigns comes from Fullerton residents and businesses themselves.

Hey, Fullerton ain't cheap.

Roland Chi is the exception. His first campaign statement was turned in yesterday, and it shows that 96.5% of his campaign donations came from businesses and residents who don’t have much to do with Fullerton at all. Here’s the breakout:

Of course, every candidate has a few friends living elsewhere who are eager to help out, but the disparity of Chi’s campaign funding should raise a few eyebrows.

Why are these donors suddenly interested in what happens to Fullerton? Do they really care about our city? Probably not.

10 Replies to “Not From Around Here: 96% of Chi Donations Come from Outside of Fullerton”

  1. Many who own Fullerton businesses do not live in the City, but have a vested interest. Being an out-of-towner didn’t keep Norby, Sebourn, Thompson and Whitaker from begging me for money.

    1. Right. It means he has almost zero support inside Fullerton – except from our friends in the public safety unions.

  2. That’s quite a chunk of change from Garden Grove – where he tried to get himself appointed to the City Council just a few years ago.

  3. You are right admin, and isn’t it hard to have a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!
    Chi and his fundraising reminds me of Clesceri….how successful was he on the Council and how good did he treat citizens?

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