Nelson Zings Sidhu

Over at the Red County blog Cynthia Ward shares a fun hit piece on the 4th District claim jumping assclown from the 3rd District – Harry Sidhu. It basically sums up all we’ve been saying about Hide ‘N Seek Sidhu with regard to fake addresses, crazy ambition all out of proportion to any real ability, and only a passing familiarity with the truth. They were too nice to mention the perjury deal and the DA investigation, but that’s okay.

The best part, as Ms. Ward points out, is the map with the push pins showing offices that office hound Sidhu has been whoring around for in the past few years. The pattern sort of looks like a flock of geese flying south – which is where Sidhu’s campaign is heading. The piece archly notes that space precludes them from going back more than 3 years!

And then of course, there’s the giant, disembodied Sidhu head floating over OC, signifying massive ego and inflation with lighter-than-air gas. The voters never get tired of this:

Geez, I really love that pic. Almost as much as this one:

6 Replies to “Nelson Zings Sidhu”

  1. Sadly, people like Sidhu love politics because they see the public trust as an easy mark to personally rob.
    We have too many sidhu’s already feeding at the public trough evidenced by cunningham’s commission.
    I wish Shawn Nelson would post on FFFF how he will man-up and get rid of tax funded county commissions that serve only themselves.

    1. Harry has really blown his credibility on the Anaheim Dias with this embarrassing run–he’s come across like an idiot, the complete moron.

      I suspect all of the Elected’s who supported him in this blunder will just end up shunning him completely now that people are seeing what a joke he is.

  2. “The pattern sort of looks like a flock of geese flying south – which is where Sidhu’s campaign is heading.”

    Damn, that’s just b-u-t-ful!

  3. I saw him speak at the OCPAA lunch on Wednesday in a debate vs the other candidates. OMG, it was embarrassing to watch.

    All of the others did well, but even Faher did better then Harry–and he is a real idiot.

    What an ass.

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