Levinson Wallops Bankhead

The latest Mickadiet column gave Fullerton candidate Barry Levinson a chance to tell us what he really thinks of mayor Don Bankhead, and Barry did not disappoint.

See, Barry contacted the mayor when he learned that a sex offender was about to move into his neighborhood, which should have been protected by Jessica’s Law due to it’s proximity to Laguna Lake park.

Barry Levinson

The way Barry tells it, Bankhead did nothing to solve the neighborhood’s sex offender problem. Well actually, it’s worse than that. Bankhead launched a typical delay and distract strategy to avoid facing the issue, doing nothing while telling Barry that he was working on it. In Levinson’s own words:

He said Bankhead “assured us he was ‘on our side’ and would get back to us within a few days with more information.” Ten days went by, “no call from Mayor Bankhead.” When they finally talked, he says, Bankhead “had no answers for us but assured us he was still working the problem. That was the last time the mayor ever spoke to us … He did absolutely nothing. This mayor always touts his police background … What a total disappointment.”


City staff told Bankhead that Jessica’s Law had no teeth, so there was nothing that the police could do about it. Great. Responsibility absolved, right? Rather than pursue the issue by pushing for a new ordinance (a task that Levinson ended up taking on himself), Bankhead opted for the do-nothing-and-hope-Barry-the-citizen-goes-away approach.

Major backfire. Now Barry is challenging the Burger King’s 22-year rule.

18 Replies to “Levinson Wallops Bankhead”

      1. The other watcher is tool! Barry is no RINO and actually holds to the same policies as Whitaker! He’s a really good candidate one for the people!

  1. True to form Mickadeit remembers the story along with Bankhead. Bankhead, the poster boy for senility who gets lost trying to run a meeting.

    1. Now that’s funny. Hey admin, how about a post on Mickey D’s. I noticed they’re rebuilding their store – right where it was before.

  2. Well, since all the cops are a bunch of loser 6 JC unit buffoons, what can you expect them to do?

    …and let’s see how successful Levinson was. He got the attention of the DA and the DA told him…let’s see…oh yea, there is no teeth to Jessica’s Law.

    Wow…amazing. Another amazing news nugget from the F’ers. Good job.

  3. Jo-Jo the Dancing Pony…Levinson didn’t do anything but get attention drawn to himself. Clearly, you’re not informed, but surprise surprise!

    Should I get a crayon for you? I know that’s your grade level.

    1. I’ve said it before: you can take Remedial Composition over again and if you pass this time you’ll boost your FJC units all the way up to nine.

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