Jack Dean on the Growing Wave of Public Pension Debt

Here’s a clip that might be helpful to those who are still unaware of just how much public employee entitlements are costing us. Fullerton resident Jack Dean discusses bounteous union pensions and the careless drive towards financial ruin.

3 Replies to “Jack Dean on the Growing Wave of Public Pension Debt”

  1. Why don’t you people talk about the enormous amounts of our tax money going to employees of Citibank, Bank of America, and all those leeches feeding at the public trough?

    And the bloated Pentagon budget which benefits Haliburton, and the State Department’s payments to mercenaries like Xe, formerly Blackwater?

    Why pick on working people who offer us some service, while the real robbers get off scot free?

  2. Judy,

    The pervasion of state corporatism in our federal government is normally outside the scope of this Fullerton blog, although it is certainly something to fight against.

    It’s certainly not prudent to ignore a massive local problem (unfunded pension obligations) just because there are others.

  3. Judith,

    Are you suggesting that once corporate welfare is dealt with there will be no more problems with the unfunded liabilities related to our public employee pensions? If not, then what the hell is the relevance?

    What is wrong with people that think you can not talk about any problem unless you first address one they find more important?

    Public employees are paid well and provide a service in return. The problem is we have agreed to continually increase their benefits for life along with lowering the age at which the people commence taking the benefits. It is not sustainable mathematically and even CALPERS acknowledges this.

    Working hard and being good people has nothing to do with the fact that in order to pay for these lifetime promises cities are now shutting libraries, limiting park funds, allowing infrastructure to languish and laying people off. Soon the round of municipal bankruptcies will begin and the reason is all a result of people like Ms. Kaluzny believing that you can pay the bills with good intentions.

    In order for working class people that dont work for the government to have a sustainable, they just have to be willing to give all their money over to the government so the good people that work for government can retire like millionaires at an early enough age to enjoy it.

    Wake up Ms. Kaluzny!

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