High Speed Bullshit

Tracy Woods at The Voice of OC has written a post about the slick salesmen of the Cal High Speed Rail Authority, and a supposedly meaningful poll that shows 77% of Californians supporting their massive boondoggle. Apparently Anaheim’s Mayor-for-Hire and HSR Authority Chairman Curt Pringle is going to use the poll on a trip to Washington today to grease up some of the DC skids.

Most telling is the fact that the CHSRA didn’t release the poll questions so we’ll never know how hard the respondents were pushed. My guess is very hard.

Meanwhile, the City of Orange has passed a resolution opposing the HSR morass.

Where, or where is Fullerton?

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  1. Curt Pringle should be locked up! He is done robbing Anaheim and now he has moved on the state and transportation funds.

    Thank god Orange stood up to him and his cronies. Once they found out Cure was going to stick the 50 acre construction staging area in Orange and use imminent domain, they did the right thing.

    I hope the Fullerton lame duck council does the same…

  2. Mr. P, do you mean Fullerton the Staffers who will have more paper to push and charettes to play or Fullerton the People who will have more taxes to pay and private property to have confiscated?

  3. We need desperately to build our aging infrastructure. We can afford that and healthcare-for-all if we stop our insane wars costing us trillions of dollars! We have lots of money if we spend it at home.

    Why do we have 50,000 troops in Germany for the last 60 yrs??? Are the Nazi’s threatening to uprise? Why do we have thousands of troops stationed in Japan for the last 50 yrs??? Are the Samurai getting ready to come back??? Why do we station Judas Goats (triggers) troops in ther rich nation of S Korea????? We have a fleet over there if N Korea tries to invade the S. Why are we in Afganistan supporting a corrupt govt over small independent tribes — the ultimate in democracy which we dont even have! And it is costing us $17 B/yr!!!

    The new high speed rail is chump change compared to our foreign “adventures” Lets get the high speed rail like Europe and Japan and improve our outdated infrastructure.

    Arnold avagts@gmail.com

  4. In my life I never waste money on anything. Actually, I never waste anything. It is one of the simple foundational elements of my religious Faith (i.e. the opposite from the Atheism of Obama-Communism).

    All of this phony environmentalism – pretense of concern for “scarce” resources and fuels is entirely and exclusively the most colossal WASTE and misallocation of money and all other resources as a means of theft of private property, by the Communist Totalitarians, from those people who earned and own it through their freedom and effort.

    The all-in cost of a trip to San Francisco is $100 by several alternative modes of transportation. The stupid “high speed” rail all-in cost is $50,000 per trip, for stupid forty year old technology and massive disruption of existing systems, lives, properties, communities over five hundred miles of coastal property which is owned and used and enjoyed by millions of people, exactly as it is, or as they individually dedicated their own lives to fashion it.

    Arnold needs the Obama-Communists to distort and upend all that exists so that he can have a government salary for a stupid government job that nobody would hire in a free market transaction. But he thinks he can be paid from the “plenty of money” which he perceives that “We have” to waste on him.

  5. Uh, Rain, are you saying that Curt Pringle is an Obama-Communist?

    Not that I disagree, If by that you mean that self-enriching government leech repuglicans are Obama-Communists!

    1. Is all Curt Pringle has done is squeeze every Anaheim business for money every year for all of his programs. Basically to line his pockets.

      Now he will leave Anaheim and go do the same thing on the HS Rail Commission. Biggest crook in OC hands down.

      Hope they find something on him soon.

      1. i hear they already have some good stuff on curt and his firm, pringle & assoc. doh! when you grease that many people (campbell, octa) then you are going to eventually piss someone off.

  6. Back to the original post, I have friends who have requested the wording on the push-poll, as it was paid for with public money and therefore subject to public review. I will let y’all know when i get those questions. I have heard from some who were subject of the calls, and they said the questions were extremely slanted. Also, the poll was done by a company known for push-polling.

  7. Sorry to indulge the distraction, but why would anyone think Obama is a Communist, or even a Socialist? He represents the same bipartisan unprincipled political class who make sure that government works for a permanent war economy and a disconnected Wall St. casino capitalism. Just like his predesseasors, his job is to either squash genuine progressive movements or funnel them into a scheme to enrich corporate power with taxpayer money. If this was real Socialism people would at least have decent healthcare and education would be free. Obama a Socialist? Only for the ultra rich.

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