Conflict of Interest?

Smilin' all the way to the bank

Have you ever wondered how we got ourselves into this financial crisis? In California and in Fullerton we have an out of control public employee pension crisis – a crisis where thousands of retired public employee end up receiving mammoth retirement payouts, in some cases tens of thousands more than they ever made while they were actually working.

Well, one candidate for Fullerton City Council is a posterboy for this system run amok, and his name is Patrick McKinley.  Before the next time you cast your ballot, check to see that the person your are voting for is not a retired government worker that would be making any decisions affecting out of control public employee retirement pensions.

16 Replies to “Conflict of Interest?”

  1. Has anyone bothered to ask Pat his opinion and stand on the pension problem or are you just assuming he is all for it.

  2. If McKinley does come out in favor of pension reform it’s going to be pretty awkward for him to explain why it’s Ok for him to collect over 100K from the City of Fullerton, but not for others to do so. But what does it matter? Does anyone really think he will do or say anything to risk losing the Police Assoc. endorsement? The question is, what would we really expect him to do if he is elected? We’ve already seen what one pension spiking ex-cop can do. Why would we expect anything different from an ex-chief, and what does he know about anything but police work anyway?

  3. Sure he will want to beats us working cops down now. He knows the future pensions will have to be reduced if the system has any chance of maintaining the gravy train for past retirees. Talk about conflict of interest, I don’t see why the FPOA would support him, they would be better off supporting a school teacher.

    1. Good point. And maybe a reason to support him. Unfortunately his support from the Bluehairs and repugs makes him completely repulsive.

  4. #7 Its is unfortunate that you would dismiss Pat because of your dislike of “bluehairs and repugs” rather than letting your “Common Sense” be the deciding factor.

    1. Jack, thanks. Your’re right. It’s his pension-sucking and his willingness to affiliate himself with bluehairs and repuglicans that make him repulsive.

      He got on the disgusting carpetbagging scampaign of Ackerwoman to further his own ambitions. And that speaks volumes.

  5. Jack, I am willing to listen to any candidate with an open mind, but McKinley’s website doesn’t even have an Issues page. To me that means he stands for nothing. Why would I support someone who won’t tell me where he stands on the issues?

  6. Here we go…. Who on city council voted for these “crazy” pension spikes and raises… your idols Chris Norby and Shawn Nelson, don’t even start with your bull S***.

    1. Norby did it in 2001. He said he was sorry. Is that enough? Decide for yourself.

      Nelson blew the whistle on the proposed spike in 2008 and caught hell from Heehaw, Keller, and all you other little boohoolings.

  7. so, uh if a person heads an oc do-gooder public agency who happens to live in our city and pushes municipal gov’t to create a government funded position within our city and then uses his or her influence to install a crony who then gets a decent paycheck so to pay the rent on the house the head of the do-gooder agency owns, is this conflict of interest and if it is why did fullerton allow it to happen?

  8. The fact that McKinley hasn’t said a word on pension reform tells the whole story. Nobody here needs to ask him anything. The writing is on the wall and McKinley hasn’t bothered to even pretend to erase it.

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