Hide-n-Seek Harry Has Trouble Within; You Can’t Buy Loyalty

The grass is always greener over there...

I received this email Saturday from our Friend Chris Thompson, and I would have posted it yesterday, but I was called upon to attend a bloggers party to be the master of the barbecue and ended up staying for dinner and drinkies, enjoy:

This morning at the Tea Party Rally in Fullerton, Harry Sidhu’s Deputy Campaign Manager actually told me that he knows that Sidhu will probably lose and after a half-hearted defense, essentially acknowledged that the Carpetbagger assertion wasn’t unreasonable.

I saw this overdressed guy dramatically shaking his head in reaction to Villa Park Councilwoman Deborah Pauly’s characterization of Sidhu as a Carpetbagger.  I asked Admin who he was and he told me that he worked for the Sidhu campaign.  I decided to approach him and ask him why he was supporting a guy that didn’t live in the 4th.  After kindly asking him to dispense with the crap about the specially rented domicile, he said…and I’m paraphrasing, but I’m very close…”Can I be honest?” “By all means.” I say.

He said, “I really need a job.  I called every candidate and the Sidhu campaign was the only one that would hire me.”

After telling me that he was a PoliSci grad from CSULB, I told him that in this Tea Party era, he might want to consider hooking his train to somebody that was conservative AND honest.  He said, “I know we’ll probably lose, but maybe afterwards I’ll earn the reputation of being an effective campaign manager.”  I asked him why he thought Nelson never called him back and he said, “It might have something to do with the fact that I did calling for the Linda Ackerman campaign.”  I told him that may have something to do with it.  He said, “I was the Orange County Republican Party Volunteer of the Year.”  I was impressed.  I said, “You know, I want to know why Nelson didn’t call you back.  Give me your name and number.”  He wrote it down for me on the back of a Sidhu flyer.

Hey you kids, get out of my aviary!

I called Nelson and he informed me that this individual never called his campaign to ask for a job.  Now here’s the part of the story where it becomes very clear that Shawn is smarter than me.  I said, “Call him.  He’d probably jump ship.  He acknowledged they were probably going to lose and that Sidhu was running a charade with this rented home.”  Nelson says, “Why would I want to hire a guy that just said all of this stuff to you?”  Ummmm…..good point Shawn.

I’ve been fighting (mostly losing with a couple of great wins) political battles in Fullerton for 10 or 12 years.  It’s only cost me money and time to do this.  I have little sympathy for a guy wanting to get paid to work for a candidate who is violating a principle of mine, much less opposing a guy I know to be an enemy of big government.  Probably time to move on, Mr. Deputy Campaign Manager.

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  1. Think of it this way, if we rule out Harry’s immediate family, who is going to help the campaign out of loyalty to the cause? This young guy sounds pretty typical of anyone Harry is going to pay.

    Run a campaign that is built on a lie and you aren’t likely to get honest people to believe in the effort.

  2. I know the kid in question, he is incredibly talented and will be a major factor in local republican causes for years to come. U guys are makin a mistake just to judge someone for taking a well paying job, last time a checked they just werent handing good jobs out to college grads

    1. He doesn’t seem to be able to keep his mouth shut.
      Maybe Harry can put his incredible talents to work cleaning out the aviary.

      Would it B asking 2 much 4 U to write like a real grownup? Are you one of those fake college kids for Sidhu? Of course we’ll be checking.

    2. “I know the kid in question, he is incredibly talented”

      Further proof that the word ‘talent” is grossly overused and misundertsood.

      Standing around passing out campaign nonsense literature requires no talent; making phone calls for scumbags requires gall and hypocrisy – but no talent.

      Enough with the “talent,” already. Let’s reserve that for people who really have it.

  3. I’m sure this has been a very painful lesson to this young man. If he can’t defend his boss, he isn’t doing his job. You can work for a dope and still not spill the beans. I’m sure he will be a little more tight-lipped if he can ever shake the stigma and find a job.

    1. The kid is ruining his own future by working for a zero like Sidhu. We don’t need anymore baby gerbils dropping their pellets around Orange County.

  4. So how do we know who is telling the truth in this story?? And if it is ‘paraphrased’ to quote the article, why have you made it seem like these are his exact words? What a dirty game you all play.

      1. It’s dirty because you both were playing him in order to say that he was doing the same thing…..you practically admitted to bribing him.

        1. #11, you are not only a fool, you are a goddamn idiot. Nobody did anything but talk to this person. And he couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

          And why do I think Mary and Richard are the same person?

          And speaking of Mary – if being a lackey for carpetbagging assclowns is your future, you’d be better off doing almost anything else.

  5. Actually, this is a great lesson to us all.

    This person’s character was learnt at the knee of a party that has failed to vette its own. For years we have suffered the RINO’s getting endorsements from the GOP. This kid is just a by-product of a compromised system that is epitomized by the Ackermans, Lewis’s, Cunningham’s et. al.

    This person will rebound and know that those in power may not be what they purport to be and as such, younger people should heed Ronald Reagan’s words “Trust but Verify.”

    It serves us all well to judge those by their deeds, actions and words. Then we can be assured of those who we wish to foist the mantle of leadership onto, are ready and deserving of the honor.

    Democracy is a messing thing and it should be. If it were not, then we would not be living where a blog such as this could even exist.

    I wish the person well and if he/she has the intestinal fortitude, they will pick themselves up and get back into the fray, on the right side this time.

  6. My advice for this college grad is to seek legal recourse immediately. If this is indeed libel
    there are various non-profits in the surrounding Anaheim area that can assist you in seeking justice.

    1. Couple of thoughts. I doubt the young man’s career path has been practically altered. Maybe he’s a strategic genius, but I’m very comfortable that I did not damage his future as a guy that will be out front for a good candidate. He literally wears his feelings all over his body and it took all of 40 seconds for him to start telling me everything on his mind. He’s just a guy who took a job for a dishonest candidate and this rally caused him to recognize his error. Not sure how anybody bribed him. Somebody would have to explain that to me.

      1. Frankly Sippy, speaking as a young person who has been the “recipient” of that drivel you call “advice”. It would be better kept to yourself. Frankly I don’t think you have 2 cents to spare in that coin jar called your head.

        This was a pretty shitty thing to do to an up and comer, if it’s true. Hard to believe he would be all that good if he has such loose lips. Nice to hear that my counter-parts don’t know their game.

        1. And you my little friend are a first class hypocrite and a sniveling whiner. You post as Steve Perez and Luke Skywalker. You use the latter anonymous name to talk shit about people you don’t like.

          “Up and comer?” Your trajectory, just like that Sidhu tool is down and leaving. Evidently you are just as sloppy as he is. Maybe you can form a partnership.

          P.S. Have you ever held a job or are you still living in Mom’s house?

          1. Hahaha, Sippy, I was just pulling your chain about the two cents thing.
            Clearly your statement regarding my posting habits is completely false, seeing as how I just criticized your “advice giving” under my own name. I can post and comment under whatever handle I please, and often do. If I felt the need to keep my handles secret I’d hide my IP.

            Seems like using quotes in the appropriate place here on FFFF is a re-occurring problem, I didn’t call myself an up and comer. I didn’t mean to compare myself to the tool, but I now see that it came out that way. Frankly, Sippy, I totally agree. I was foolish enough to run for Council at 20, and now my trajectory is actually pointing “down”, good job getting something right.

            Not that my living situation is any of your business, but I go to school and work locally. I work in Fullerton, at a nice restaurant, you should come by, I’ll comp you. I had a nice chat with Royce just the other day, he’s a regular. If your nicer I’ll tell you when he comes by, maybe you can beg him for an interview? Kiss his ass in person?

  7. Is anyone taking this author seriously? Let’s consider the source…..clearly the adversary campaign is leaking either 1. a lie or 2. a personal conversation taken extremely out of context. I’m shocked that people would give this blogger credibility. We can only hope that Sidhu will stand up for his own………….

    1. We’ll see about assclown Harry “standing up for his own”.

      You must be joking about that “private conversation” bullshit. It’s politics; did anybody torture him to get a confession?

      Two different people said the same thing. He was clearly ashamed or apprehensive about working for Sidhu. He must have known how badly Walters destroyed him in 2008. Just in it for a check.

  8. How do you take “I know we’ll probably lose” out of context? Sidhu’s damage control task force is laughable.

  9. Now that I think about, I wonder if that guy wasn’t also the Sidhu Spammer who popped up here under a bunch of different aliases, including both male and female students.

    Actually somebody needs to jerk this guy out of the slime he’s wallowing around in; A Repuglican is a terrrible thing to create.

  10. I agree with Peabody – this kid was wandering down the slimy path of Repuglicanism. Perhaps the FFFF beat down has altered his life for the better.

  11. Has anyone considered the possibility that these are all lies?

    What moron would divulge that type of information so freely, this early in an election? Who would admit probable defeit? I refuse to believe this story is anywhere close to accurate.

    Seems like one big paraphrased web of lies to me. Someone is getting dragged through the mud here.

    I smell a coverup.

    1. Yes, I smell a cover up too – by assclown Harry’s stoogeboy.

      What moron would divulge that sort of information? The same sort of moron that would give Chris Thompson his name and phone number. if Thompson can produce that document I think we will have our answer about what kind of a moron we are dealing with!


        1. I find myself not judging Mr. Turner’s “actions”, but yours. What are you attaining by making someone’s personal information public? How can you make such atrocious accusations about his character when clearly you know nothing about him? I find it very difficult to believe you have even met Billy Turner. I emailed the campaign to ask if he was fired, I was not surprised to find that he is still with them. Clearly Harry Sidhu sees things differently. In response to this episode I am also now offering my time to volunteer for the campaign.

          1. I’m calling BS on this but just to give you a fair chance lets start with an actual name and maybe this idea that you will “volunteer” can actually be verified.

          2. If a San Francisco Republican is willing to volunteer to serve an Orange County carpetbagger, you might want to recalibrate that moral compass. THAT is what is wrong with the Republican Party. (and a few other things…)

  12. I think it’s difficult to separate the bullshit from the truth, particularly when the only side of this story is being portrayed in an article written by an author with a particular agenda. If it is the intent of this author to demolish Sidhu’s chances of winning an election, of course the interpretation of what was said in that interview conversation is going to be skewed in favor of this authors agenda. Of course this is all ‘he said’, ‘she said’ hyperbole, however; real people’s lives are at stake. Before people jump to conclusions about the statement of this honest young man, I would first question the intent of the person doing the interview.

    I’ll be upfront: I know this young man personally. He is one of the most caring, honest, and accountable man that I know, and I don’t believe, for a second, that he would undermine the integrity of the person he’s campaigning for. I think it is a lot more likely that his words were taken completely out of context and then manipulated to achieve a political goal. Period.

    In fact, if I had to put my money on it, I would be more likely to bet that this is a romanticized interpretation of words taken out of context. I don’t think any DEPUTY CAMPAIGN MANAGER, let alone this particular person, would say the quoted statements above word for word. It’s a lot more probable that a slimy journalist with an agenda took the words of a politician and manipulated them to portray a carefully constructed message.

    In the end, I think there are a couple lessons to be learned here,

    First and foremost, politics is ugly, shady, and corrupted. When you start talking about Republicans, that sentiment quadruples.

    Secondly, reactionary articles by journalists with pre-established agenda’s should be taken with a BIG grain of salt. I’m not challenging the integrity of the author, rather, simply pointing out that reactionary journalism (assuming there was little to no investigative process involved in the quoting of this individual) is flawed and manipulative.

  13. Nice of this kid to send all of his college buddies over with all of these vague defenses. If his stupid remarks were indeed taken out of context, perhaps someone can tell us what he really meant when he said “I know we’ll probably lose” or “I really need a job”.

    What was the context? How were they misconstrued? Obviously his friends have heard his side of the story. Details, please.

  14. Uh oh. Admin went out of his way to keep the kid’s name off of this site. But then Billy’s stupid friends forced the issue by accusing admin of lying. Now we know his name.

    It’s 2010. You’d think that poly sci profs would start teaching these kids about blogs.

  15. 1. K the kids info is public
    2. I thought this kid was fired
    3. We should just leave this kid alone
    I am sure everyone told him he shouldn’t have said anything to a biased media source .

    So you have his name and number, this doesn’t prove anything

    1. “So you have his name and number, this doesn’t prove anything”

      I agree. He’s just a friendly kid. I know lots of people who hand out their names and numbers to total strangers.

  16. If billys number is on here then the person who is in charge of site and wrote this should be too. So admin 😉

    it’s only fair-

    Tony Bushala

  17. Joe Sipowicz :
    We’ll see about assclown Harry “standing up for his own”.
    You must be joking about that “private conversation” bullshit. It’s politics; did anybody torture him to get a confession?
    Two different people said the same thing. He was clearly ashamed or apprehensive about working for Sidhu. He must have known how badly Walters destroyed him in 2008. Just in it for a check.

    This is an effective way to get less and less people to talk to you. Which you might benefit from. You might be able to hear the voices in your head clearer…

    1. Ah, brave Luke Skywalker appears again! What’s the matter, boy, can’t figure out which name to use?

      I didn’t “out” this cretin. He did.

      1. Cretin? What has he done to you that lets you feel ok about calling him that? I’m not a softie, just academically inquiring about how that mind of yours works, seems kinda harsh.

        1. Oh, I don’t know. Handing out your name and number to complete stranger; bad-mouthing your candidate; then trying to pretend that you were being bribed.

          Certainly not the work of a genius, is it?

  18. The kid is not the issue and should be left out of this. My take on this whole thing is in the title. Can you buy loyalty?

    Lori Galloway will have some true believers, they are crazy left wing koo koos but I believe she will have a core group of loyalists.

    Rosie, ditto to a much smaller degree in La Habra.

    Nelson has the conservatives and the fight the government largess crowd.

    Daly has the establishment lobbyist crowd.

    Harry has Pringle and the Sikh community.

    To me at least the point to be taken is when your core supporters do not consist of much in the way of volunteer types you are left taking your chances with the for hire crowd.

  19. Steve Perez :
    Hahaha, Sippy, I was just pulling your chain about the two cents thing.
    Clearly your statement regarding my posting habits is completely false, seeing as how I just criticized your “advice giving” under my own name. I can post and comment under whatever handle I please, and often do. If I felt the need to keep my handles secret I’d hide my IP.
    Seems like using quotes in the appropriate place here on FFFF is a re-occurring problem, I didn’t call myself an up and comer. I didn’t mean to compare myself to the tool, but I now see that it came out that way. Frankly, Sippy, I totally agree. I was foolish enough to run for Council at 20, and now my trajectory is actually pointing “down”, good job getting something right.
    Not that my living situation is any of your business, but I go to school and work locally. I work in Fullerton, at a nice restaurant, you should come by, I’ll comp you. I had a nice chat with Royce just the other day, he’s a regular. If your nicer I’ll tell you when he comes by, maybe you can beg him for an interview? Kiss his ass in person?

    Read your own trash. Luke. You called him an “up and comer” and then you called him your “counterpart.” So presumably you think of yourself as an up and comer too. It’s called a syllogism, but maybe They haven’t gotten that far wherever it is you go to school.

    It must be gratifying to be able to serve Ed Royce his ante pasto. At least you have a job; my guess is that it will turn out to be a career move. Let’s hope Ed is a good tipper.

  20. Shadow, all this “kid” talk is starting to bother me a little bit. These “kids” are grown men – adults responsible for their words and actions.

    Nobody made that Sidhu worker start spilling his guts.

  21. Why would anyone brag about serving food to Ed Royce? Geez, the politico-worship from these party lackeys makes me ill.

  22. I think this is shameful, not out of Bushala’s usual behavior, but still pretty appaling. My only regret about this worthless blog is that it’s taken on such an ugly purpose and given so many ugly people something to waste their time on.

    I know this guy, I worked with him before and have found that he is a strong Republican and could do wonders for the party if we’d stop eating our own, especially the promising young. Posting his number on the website? Really? The day Bushala and his angry, bored cronies can debate on any political issue with some sort of integrity and intelligence, I may start to give these things credit, but attacking staffers is pretty low.

    I’ve always thought Bushala was a slime ball. This is just proof.

    1. Shameful? Stef, really?

      I think it’s shameful for a punk to take somebody’s money and then badmouth him. I think it’s shameful (f-ing retarded, really) to hand out your name and number to a complete stranger. And come to think about it I think its shameful to “work” for a worthless carpetbagging assclown, if you can call handing out flyers work.

      If this is an example of “promising young” then everybody’s in big trouble.

  23. Stephanie,

    I would agree that attacking staffers is pretty low because the candidates are the focus. This situation was not typical because a staffer, at a political rally no less (as opposed to a guy having a beer in a restaurant when he is just chillin on his own time), goes up to complete strangers and tells them for no good reason his employer is going to loose and then justifies his association by claiming he just needed the money.

    You say “if we’d stop eating our own…” how much more eating your own can there be than telling people at a political rally your candidate is going to loose? Seriously, that is a fair question?

    I dont think under this set of facts that the staffer in question should go without some heat. What the staffer did is pretty surprising and not the work of a pro or anyone that is going to move the ball forward for the republican party.

    Finally, after reading all the comments and the post here, the staffers name was not in the post. Only after numerous comments questioning whether the staffer really said this stuff did his name appear in what appears to be his own writing.

  24. Employees should not badmouth their employer. That’s a given!

    I don’t know much about political science (is it really a science or more of an art?) but my gut tells me that the Republican Party is in trouble because of guys like Sihdu and this campaign manager. Sihdu is bad because he is a carpetbagger and chose an incompetent and/or immature campaign manager. The campaign manager is bad (for Sihdu and the Party) because he (1st) took the job without scrutinizing his future employer and (2nd) he badmouth the employer while “on the clock”.

    As stated previously, I hope the subject of all of this attention (the campaign manager) can grow from this, learn ethics and integrity, and will cause positive change in the Party.
    He can’t just put on a tie, say he is conservative and be done. If he is a conservative and believes in his Party’s policies and politics, he needs to walk the walk in mind, body, and spirit. That goes for any of us who claim a party affiliation. If you don’t agree with any party, that’s fine too, but don’t be a hypocritical party member.

    But what do I know…

  25. First – Who is Joe Sipowicz, who has so much time to comment on this post based solely on the “facts” given by the administrator?
    Oh, I know, the flyer with the guys name on it. So tragic right? Yawn. Go ahead and speculate about nothing, how this kid’s an idiot for giving his name and number to a stranger. Even though his info was public beforehand for anyone who wanted to find it. And all those great quotes that the administrator is claiming is the truth… Everyone on this post is commenting on quotes clearly posted by the opposition!?! A flyer with a ph# on it doesn’t prove a single one of those quotes true. It proves there was a conversation, by two republicans, and one exchanged contact info. Congratulations, you painted a very convincing picture. Wait, not convincing, entertaining.

    Second – No one cares about carpetbagging. Get over it. If the next political genius is born in Nowhereville USA, should he live there the rest of his life and only run for offices in that town to avoid being called a carpetbagger? That’d be absurd.

    Hillary Clinton is a carpetbagger and no one cared enough to keep her out of NY. So get over it; it’s a local race. If one candidate is better than the other, then they should be elected. Carpetbagging is a useless term, taught by the liberal teachers in schools and used with bad connotation. Unless of course, they’re supporting a Dem from out of state, then its ok.

    Third – So Finally – stop taking the ‘facts’ of this article so seriously, the story died and you all are gullible losers.

    Congratulations to the Harry Sidhu campaign for the endorsement from the California Republican Party, The Republican Party of OC, Mayor Pringle, Chris Norby, and so many others (see http://www.joinharry.com/content/endorsements)

    I’m sure that all of you planning on voting against Harry Sidhu are much smarter than those who endorsed him.

    1. Money buys you a lot of things Smarter(not). In this case, it bought Harry those endorsements. They mean practically nothing.

    2. Ok Smart Ass Repug… Why does carpetbagging matter??? I’ve said this several times and if you have read this before, I apologize but let us see if we can’t educate Mr. Smart Ass:

      “When the sign showed up on our front lawn, my wife was deeply disturbed. It read “Ackerman Irvine Carpetbagger” and pointed out quite effectively that Linda Ackerman was “carpetbagging”. If you confuse “tea-bagging” and “douche-bagging”, you might think carpetbagging is some gross and offensive adjective. The latter term, however, is much less innocuous than either of the former…if you are a carpetbagger. For the rest of us, carpetbaggers are offensive.

      The following is “Carpetbagger” from Wikipedia:

      “In United States history, carpetbagger(s) was a negative term Southerners (Americans living in the southern half of the United States also known as Rebels) adopted and gave to opportunistic and speculative Northerners (Americans living in the northern half of the United States also known as Yankees) who moved to the South during the Reconstruction era, between 1865 and 1877. They often formed alliances with freedmen (freed slaves), and scalawags (southern whites who were Republicans) in the Republican Party. Together they are said to politically manipulate and control former Confederate states for varying periods for their own financial and power gains, 1867–1877. In sum, Carpetbaggers were seen as insidious northern new comer outsiders with questionable objectives meddling in local politics, buying up plantations at fire sale prices, taking advantage of poor southerners and pushing their alien northern ways on southern politics. The term carpetbagger is not to be confused with the term copperhead which is a term given to person from the North who sympathizes with the Southern right to Secession, self-determination and independence.

      The term carpetbaggers was also used to describe the white northern Republican politicians who came South, arriving with their travel carpetbags. Southerners considered them ready to loot and plunder the defeated South.[1]

      In modern usage in the United States, the term is sometimes used derisively to refer to a politician who runs for public office in an area in which he or she is not originally from and/or has only lived for a very short time.”

      Merriam-Webster’s online definition is quite simple:
      “Main Entry: car•pet•bag•ger
      Pronunciation: \-ˌba-gər\
      Function: noun
      Etymology: from their carrying all their belongings in carpetbags
      Date: 1868
      1 : a Northerner in the South after the American Civil War usually seeking private gain under the reconstruction governments
      2 : outsider; especially : a nonresident or new resident who seeks private gain from an area often by meddling in its business or politics”

      It is a simple term that is poignantly appropriate for Orange County politics. The 2009/2010 special election in California’s 72nd Assembly District had a candidate, Linda Ackerman, who registered in the 72nd AD within days of the early resignation of Mike Duval. The fact that she physically lived in a gated Irvine community but was “renting” a room in Fullerton from some old friends was made public and I believe was a significant factor in her loss of the election to long-time resident Chris Norby. At the time of the special election, Norby was an Orange County Supervisor. With his election to the State Assembly, a void was created in the 4th District office. To fill the void, a myriad of candidates have appeared, two with their carpetbags in hand.

      What is it that happens in a person’s mind that causes them to think that it is acceptable to run for an office for which they shouldn’t? The practice of carpetbagging is wrong on many levels.

      It is wrong and unethical for, as Merriam-Webster states, a non-resident or new resident to seek private gain from an area by meddling in its business or politics. It is not as though there are no qualified candidates, although some may argue my use of the word qualified. In the case of the 4th District election, there are at least four candidates who meet the voting requirements and two others who have changed their place of residency within days of announcing their intentions to run for office.

      “But the candidate really understands our needs and local issues. Why shouldn’t I vote for them?” To understand why constituents should not get your vote and why it is unethical and wrong for you to give them your vote, let us look at history.

      First, let’s dig into the Old Testament. Proverbs 22:28 states “Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.” What does that statement have to do with carpetbagging? Proverbs points out the sanctity and importance of boundaries. Deuteronomy re-states this in 19:14 with “Do not move your neighbor’s boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess.” And just what can a trespasser expect? Deuteronomy 27:17, “‘Cursed is the man who moves his neighbor’s boundary stone.’ Then all the people shall say, ‘Amen!’” These are ancient precepts that are literally the bounds of a civilized society.
      Boundaries are an ancient concept in deed. As many land surveyors know, the Greeks had a goddess, Terminus, for overseeing boundaries. The Roman poet, Ovid, wrote the following in Fasti (Book 2), translated by James G. Frazer:

      ‘When the night had passed, see to it that the god who marks the boundaries of the tilled lands receives his wonted honour. O Terminus, whether thou art a stone or stump buried in the field, thou too hast been deified from days of yore. Thou art crowned by two owners on opposite sides; they bring thee two garlands and two cakes. An altar is built. Hither the husbandman’s rustic wife brings with her own hands on a potsherd the fire which she has taken from the warm hearth. The old man chops wood, and deftly piles up the billets, and strives to fix the branches in the solid earth: then he nurses the kindling flames with dry bark, the boy stands by and holds the broad basket in his hands. When from the basket he had thrice thrown corn into the midst of the fire, the little daughter presents the cut honeycombs. Others hold vessels of wine. A portion of each is cast into the flames. The company dressed in white look on and hold their peace. Terminus himself, at the meeting of the bounds, is sprinkled with the blood of a slaughtered lamb, and grumbles not when a suckling pig is given him. The simple neighbours meet and hold a feast, and sing thy praises, holy Terminus: “Thou dost set bounds to peoples and cities and vast kingdoms; without thee every field would be a root of wrangling. Thou courtest no favour thou art bribed by no gold: the lands entrusted to thee thou dost guard in loyal good faith. If thou of old hadst marked the bounds of the Thyrean land, three hundred men had not been done to death, nor had the name of Othryades been read on the piled arms. O how he made his fatherland to bleed! What happened when the new Capitol was being built? Why, the whole company of gods withdrew before Jupiter and made room for him; but Terminus, as the ancients relate, remained where he was found in the shrine, and shares the temple with great Jupiter. Even to this day there is a small hole in the roof of the temple, that he may see naught above him but the stars. From that abide in that station in which thou hast been placed. Yield not an inch to a neighbour, though he ask thee, lest thou shouldst seem to value man above Jupiter. And whether they beat thee with ploughshares or with rakes, cry out, ‘This is thy land, and that is his.’” There is a way that leads folk to the Laurentine fields, the kingdom once sought by the Dardanian chief: on that way the sixth milestone from the City witnesses the sacrifice of the woolly sheep’s guts to thee, Terminus. The land of other nations has a fixed boundary: the circuit of Rome is the circuit of the world.’

      In Medieval England (and even currently in some regions) a “beating of the bounds” was performed wherein a young person, often a child, was held upside down and their head hit against the boundary markers. (Brown’s Boundary Control and Legal Principles, fourth edition, John-Wiley & Sons, Inc.) The idea being that the child would never forget what happened and where the boundary marker was located. The event was carried out throughout England almost as a holiday festival.

      So, why is it so hard for those with political ambitions to realize the physical limitations of their ambitions? If I were to walk into my neighbor’s home and tell him or her how to run their home and then hold my hand out for a paycheck, I wouldn’t be greeted with open arms. Isn’t that what these carpetbaggers of late are doing?
      Hillary Clinton’s ambition for a senate seat took her to New York where she was somehow able to win election. It may have been the novelty of having this former First Lady representing them, the fact that she would be the first female senator to represent New York, or just a general lack of understanding by the constituents. Either way, they got what they elected. She was first elected in 2000 and was re-elected in 2006. In 2008, she quit being a senator four years early to run for President (ok, she might not have resigned but she wasn’t exactly representing New York at that point).

      A carpetbagger’s interests are never for the people whose vote they seek. Carpetbaggers are after power and pleasuring their ego. For that matter, all elected people seek power and acceptance. If they just wanted to help people in their community, they could be vastly more effective actually working, volunteering in the trenches of humanity, rather than sitting in office exercising governance for the sake of governance. But this is the nature of the politician. Most of us can admit honestly that we have egos and might enjoy having the power to change inequities around us. For the select few of us that have the gift of oratory gab and a sense of civic duty, elected office doesn’t seem so strange. Of those few who have the ambition, many will consider the limits of their ability to achieve their ambitions. Those limits might include time commitments, financial/fiscal considerations, and the availability of a vacant seat.

      So who are these select few that will choose to ignore the lack of an available seat in their respective jurisdiction and run for an office for which they are not qualified (legally, ethically, morally) to seek? These are the worst of politicians. These are power-hungry egocentric individuals who will as quickly take money from a lobbyist as they will cross a district boundary for they have no scruples! With their moral compass in desperate need of calibration, if not repair, why would anyone give a vote to a carpetbagger?”

      I suggest you call upon the Claremont Institute or some other moral/ethical/conservative think-tank and find some ethics.

  26. Why is it Sidhu’s lone spammer keeps commenting with names that are all run together? Jeez this guy is dumb.

    Also, Sudhu is not only a carpetbagger – he’s a liar. He lied about living with the cockroaches at the Calabria Apartments.

    This assclown’s got nothing!

  27. Joe, if you go to that MagicCarpetBaggers web site using the link from #56, you will need to click on the “endorsements” tab at the top of the page. Up will come Harry Sidu’s endorsements………..Tell me, in your own words and hold back nothing, what you think of those endorsements?

    Hint to everyone: look at the banner header, it says it all.

    After that, lets hear what the AssHat’er has to say about the equal application of their version of the “truth”, using their defininition.

  28. The link takes you to Assclown’s city council campaign website, not the Supervisor one. Just a casual lie by one of Assclown’s supporters. But then that’s just par for the course, and why not? Sidhu started his campaign with a flagrant lie – living at the Calabria – the cockroaches choice!

    Norby has endorsed Shawn Nelson.

  29. Bingo, we have winner! Give the man a cigar.

    However, take a look at all the endorsements. Siduh has many people on there that endorsed his City Council run but NOT HIS SUPERVISOR RUN. Liar and Deceiver too boot!

  30. How about a post on all the groups and or people Harry tries to pretend endorse him by his slight of hand trick with the web site. You think you are looking at his supervisor web site but its really his council site. Harry doesn’t want you to know because he is not endorsed by any of these people in the Sup bid.

  31. OC-CRA actually endorsed Harry! I am appalled. I want a refund of my CRA dues. I get regular emails about CRA activities and this endorsement event was not one of them.
    I specifically joined CRA and have become active with OCGOP for the purpose of getting rid of carpetbaggers and RINOs.

    1. Greg, I hate to say this but you were naive. The CRA, just like the GOP Central Committee, is loaded with lackeys, stooges, employees and relatives of candidates, job seekers and assorted miscreants.

      The way I heard it Sidhu actually had to stop his speech part way through and re-start it from the beginning! The guy is an evident laughing stock, a buffoon, so what does that tell you about this “endorsement?”

      The ‘consultants” and their politicians use this group as a front for real accomplishment. Sidhu has done almost nothing in his five years on the Anaheim City Council – less in fact than the unspeakable Lorri Galloway – and that’s saying something.

  32. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
    Ok, I’m conservative and registered as a Republican. I didn’t think I could change it all but I did (and still do) believe that the more people with a little common sense that get involved, the better. I joined the state CRA about 2, maybe 3, years ago and I recently (within the last 6 months, or so) joined the local CRA so that I could be involved with local party politics. I want to challenge those hypocrites that say this and do that. Like Sidhu being a “family values conservative” who either moves his family for the sake of his political ambitions or never really moved. Either way you slice it, he (Galloway too) is not acting ethical and I’m not about to lend my support to a candidate who is willing to overtly and unethically run for office. Imaging the damage he could do as a Supervisor! If a carpetbagger or their supporters can rationalize this bad behavior purely for political ambition, then what else will they rationalize and at what cost? It’s a slippery-slope analogy but, when in the face of an obvious lack of ethics, is still cause for concern.

    Despite this setback, I will still be involved and plan to be a thorn in the hypocrisy demonstrated thought OC politics.

  33. This is my only screen name, don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter. Nobody knows me, I’m affiliated with no one. I’m a retired firefighter in Fullerton, that’s all you get.

    Greg – I read your post, interesting, I like The Bible passage. I still disagree, but a respectable argument. I think in this era, it’s no longer relevant. And please knock off the childish name-calling. I still hold your opinion much higher than Joe’s. Joe, you are a ranting lunatic.

    Take away Harry’s credibility, that’s fine if I’m proved wrong – trust me, I don’t care about being right in an anonymous blog. I was wrong about some of the endorsements; I should’ve put more time into that before posting it. If Harry lies, let it be known. I’m not here to defend him endlessly. But I will defend that being a carpetbagger is much less important than the platform of the candidates. I will also defend that a blog where someone is quoted should be taken as it is. This wasn’t in the news, it’s here. So consider the source.
    I’m much more interested in a quality discussion.

    IF, I vote for Harry, it will be based on the issues, not carpet bagging. I voted for Norby over Ackerman, but because of gun policy, not anything to do with carpet bagging.

    Why not put some of your time into Tea Parties, or Town Hall meetings and fight the damn Dems instead of fellow republicans? I’ll be there, let’s join together to fight real issues! Smaller Gov, fewer taxes, more freedom, no socialized health care.

    These republicans running for Supervisor are all fine with carpet bagging the only discernable difference. I only care a little more for Harry because I hate how easily influenced some can get from blog posts. But this election is far away still, who knows which candidate will emerge as worthwhile.

    I’m not interested in replying to anyone who is unnecessarily disrespectful.

    God Bless

    1. Alright, I retract “Smart Ass Repug”. Just the same, the willingness of a candidate to put their political ambitions ahead of the jurisdiction of the constituents concerned tells me more about a candidate’s ethics than their platform intentions ever will.

      We always get these candidates who talk about smaller government when they run but who go right along with expansion. What better way to see if a candidate has any scruple than to see if they actually represent their constituents?

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